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End of Year Book Survey 2016!

2016-end-of-year-book-surveyI complete this survey every year (check out my End of Year Book Survey 2014 and End of Year Book Survey 2015), and think it’s a great way to round off your reading and blogging year. Thanks to Jamie @ The Perpetual Page Turner for inventing this Survey, and THANK YOU to all of you who read my blog, comment on my posts, and visit me here in my cosy corner of the Internet! I hope you had an excellent 2016, and wish you all health, happiness and love in 2017!


Number Of Books You Read: 

Every year I set my Goodreads Challenge to 52 books. In 2014 and 2015, I was able to achieve and exceed this goal, but 2016 was the first time I haven’t hit it since I started blogging. In the last week of the year I tried to squeeze a few more in (which was greatly helped by the super-easy-to-read and very addictive Selection series!). But in the end, I managed to read 48 books.

Number of Re-Reads:

Number 1This year, I reread just one book, which was The Time Traveller’s Wife. It’s still a goal of mine to reread more each year, but with my toppling TBR, I rarely manage to get around to it.

Genre You Read The Most From:


Contemporary (in all of its forms!) was definitely my most-read genre this year, followed by mystery-thrillers and fantasy, which is probably standard every year.


I’m pleased that my YA and Adult reads are about even, but this year I’m really surprised and loving the fact that my Non-Fiction reads are higher than normal. I’m really wanting to keep that up.


1. Best Book You Read In 2016?

I did a Top Ten Tuesday post highlighting my favourite ten books of 2016, but for this question I’ve narrowed it down to my absolute favourite books from those ten. The Double Life of Mistress Kit Kavanagh (Historical, based on true story), A Court of Mist and Fury (Fantasy), Me Before You (Contemporary Romance), On The Other Side (Contemporary Fantasy), It Ends With Us (New Adult Romance), Empire of Storms (Fantasy).

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Harry Potter Tag

The Harry Potter Tag

I spotted this tag ages ago on Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense‘s blog, and kept the questions in a draft post, should the need ever arise to complete it. Considering my review for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child went up yesterday (and to give you a break from book reviews now my blogging mojo has returned), I thought today was the perfect day for a tag. The Harry Potter Tag was originally created by Underland to Wonderland (you can leave a link to your post on the original Harry Potter Tag). *Beware* there may be spoilers ahead.

1. What is your favourite book?

It has actually been ages since I read them all (I NEED to fix that this year), but from memory I’ll say it’s a tie between Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter Philosopher's Stone Illustrated Edition

2. What is your favourite film?

Such difficult questions! Again, I’ll say Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, because the first one got all of the characters so spot on, and brought the world to life in the most perfect way, but this time it’s tied with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I thought the movie really did that book justice.

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End of Year Book Survey 2015!

2015-end-of-year-book-surveyI completed this survey last year (End of Year Book Survey 2014), and still think it’s the best way to round off your reading and blogging year. Thanks to Jamie @ The Perpetual Page Turner for inventing this Survey and hosting it, and THANK YOU to all of you who read my blog, comment on my posts, and visit me here in my cosy corner of the Internet! I hope you had an excellent 2015, and wish you all health, happiness and love in 2016!


Number Of Books You Read: 

Goodreads Challenge 2015I set my Goodreads Challenge at 52 books in 2014, and ultimately finished on 62. I debated increasing my Challenge target to 60 for 2015, but decided to stick with 52 because it’s much more manageable and realistic for me to aim to read 1 book per week, taking into consideration my other commitments. People who read over 100-150 books per year, I salute all of you, because I’ve no idea how you do it!

Number of Re-Reads:

Number 1Pitiful! I reread 8 books last year without even trying, and this year I aimed to reread more – I even signed up to the ReRead Challenge, yet somehow ended up rereading one measly book. It was Maybe Someday though, which is a fabulous read. I want to reread more, but it isn’t going to happen for the foreseeable future, which is probably a good thing, because based on my current reading habits and TBR pile, I currently own enough unread books to last 5 years. 6.5 years if you count unread eBooks. Eek!

Genre You Read The Most From:

Goodreads really needs to develop a method of tracking this for you, or does it already and I’ve overlooked it? Based on guesswork, I’d say my most read genre is Contemporary, but I read lots and lots of others!


1. Best Book You Read In 2015?

I CAN’T pick just one. I’ve picked these because they were either my 5* reads for the year (Slammed – Contemporary, To Kill A Mockingbird – Classic, and The Nightingale – Historical), or they came very close to being 5* reads, and they have stayed with me, and I’d recommend them to everyone (Bad Feminist – Non-Fiction, I’ll Meet You There – Contemporary, Asking For It – Contemporary, and Heir of Fire – Fantasy).

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The Christmas Tag

25 Days of BlogmasI spotted this tag over on The Mile Long Bookshelf, and as I’m doing 25 Days of Blogmas, I thought I would take part, because it is hard to think of topics for 25 days in a row!

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

The Santa Clause is my ULTIMATE Christmas movie, with Home Alone following closely behind in joint place with Scrooged. I did do a full list of the BEST Christmas movies that you can check out, with trailers!

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

When I was a kid I saw in a movie or TV show once the tradition where you get to open one present on Christmas Eve, so I think I bombarded my parents to let me do that for a while. I was usually allowed to open my Christmas PJ’s and slippers on Christmas Eve so I could wear them that night. Am I the only one who had a annual family tradition of new PJ’s and slippers? Now though, it’s always Christmas morning #adulting.

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25 Bookish Facts About ME


1. I’m a definite night-time reader. I’m a bit of a night owl in general, but when it comes to reading, I tend to only read in the evenings, and usually right before bed.

2. I read loads of different genres and can’t really pinpoint a favourite. YA, adult, contemporary, romance, fantasy, mystery, thriller, non-fiction, I read them all.

3. However, one genre I haven’t read much of is Science Fiction. I usually like Sci-Fi movies, but I haven’t tackled many Sci-Fi books. I have some very deep rooted preconceived notions, and I imagine I won’t like it

4. For #3 – I should know better. I used to be intimidated by Fantasy and stayed far away from Epics. I’ve pretty much adored any Fantasy I’ve tried so far, so maybe it’s time I gave Sci-Fi a go (and no, I still haven’t read the Game of Thrones books yet… even though I own all of them).

5. What I don’t currently own, are bookshelves. OK, so I have one, teeny tiny bookcase, that doesn’t hold even a smidgen of the books I own. They are literally in piles on my floor.

so many books gif

6. Luckily, even though my books currently live on the floor, they’re in a room that doesn’t get used much, so I’m not mistreating them in any way. As I’ve previously discussed, I can’t write in my books, but I also can’t dog-ear them, or bend their covers, or anything like that. They are precious. Do not damage my books.

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The Random Questions Tag

I’ve been tagged SO MUCH over the past while, and I really need to sit down and do a lot of scheduling at some point. All the reviews, tags and discussion ideas are floating around my brain cells and they’re going to cause a migraine. I was tagged to do this by Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts. Thanks, J!

Do you like blue cheese?

disgusted gif

Uh, no. You know what blue cheese is? It’s off. Throw it out already. Continue Reading…

Mean Girls Book Tag!

The fabulous BookTuber and Book Blogger, Sarah-Jane (BookTube Channel / Book Blog), created the Mean Girls Book Tag, and I couldn’t not participate in it. I love Mean Girls, can practically quote the whole movie, and used to watch it on repeat when I was younger. It’s basically a classic now, right? Be prepared, there are some cuss words in the following post, and plenty of gifs 😉

It’s Pronounced Like “Cady”.

Which fictional characters’ names did you get completely wrong?

Jambo Mean Girls Gif

When I first read the Harry Potter books at around nine or ten years old, I always pronounced Hermione, Her-my-own. Apparently, lots of people pronounced it wrong, which prompted Rowling to include the proper pronunciation when Viktor Krum enters the series. Recently, I was pronouncing Chaol wrong from Throne of Glass (I was saying “Cole”), and Feyre wrong from A Court of Thorns and Roses (“Faire”). Damn you, S J Maas.

She Doesn’t Even Go Here!

Pick a fictional character that you would like to place in another fictional character’s world.

She doesn't even go here gif

I always find these kinds of questions so tricky! I guess an obvious choice is to drop Katniss into Divergent and Tris into The Hunger Games? Or is that a complete cop-out?

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink.

Repetition, repetition. Which book gave you déja vu of another book while reading it?

On wednesdays we wear pink gif

Thankfully, I don’t come across this too often. Dystopian novels will usually have some form of similarity due to the nature of them, but one in particular that I reviewed last year, Torn True Love, was definitely too similar to The Hunger Games for my liking. There are districts, and each specialises in a commodity for the rest of the population.

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