Blog Awards Ireland – I’ve Made The Longlist!

Littlewoods Blog Awards 2016_Judging Round Button_LonglistExciting news today, Book Geeks!

Confessions of a Book Geek has made the longlist for Blog Awards Ireland in the Books and Literature category (along with two of my excellent blogger friends Cathy @ 746 Books and Trish @ Between My Lines)! My post #NotAskingForIt (inspired by Louise O’Neill’s book, Asking For It) has also been nominated in the Best Blog Post category.

There will be a public vote as part of the judging if I make it to the short-list, so I’ll be begging, borrowing and stealing (not really!) to get your votes!

I’m all excited!:)

Top Ten Tuesday – When Books Have Made Me Want To…

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do

As much as us Book Geeks read for escapism, there are times when we wish our favourite fictional tales would become our reality (though for some of these, the reality probably doesn’t live up to expectations – but isn’t that the great thing about reading? We can quasi-live different experiences from the comfort of our own sofas!).

1. Discover I have magical powers: It can’t just be me who thinks this, right? Any time I read a Fantasy novel with magic in it, I instantly want to have those powers! (I’m specifically thinking of Harry Potter with this one, but there are other books that have made me yearn for magical powers too). We all want a bit of abracadabra in our lives.

Matilda Flying Books Gif

2. Shoot a bow and arrow, and/or use weapons in general: We’ve all read those books about kick-ass females, whether it’s Katniss Everdeen with her bow and arrow from The Hunger Games, or Celaena Sardothien with her blades and fists from Throne of Glass, there have been times I’ve read these books and wanted to be kick-ass enough to take on the world too.

Katniss Everdeen Bow and Arrow Gif

3. Fall madly in love: I love me some young-adult/new-adult feels-inducing romance novels, OK? And some of those leading males?? They get hearts racing and temperatures soaring. Sometimes it’s nice to daydream about unrealistically being swept off your feet. It he happens to be a billionaire? So be it.

ariel swoon gif


Review: The Double Life of Mistress Kit Kavanagh

The Double Life of Mistress Kit Kavanagh Book CoverThe Double Life of Mistress Kit Kavanagh by Marina Fiorato, published February 2016 by Hodder & Stoughton.

Read: April 2016
Genre: Adult/Historical/War/Romance
Source: Publisher
#Pages: 448

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Goodreads Synopsis: Of all the dangers she faced, the greatest was discovery… When Irish beauty Kit Kavanagh’s husband is taken to be a soldier, Kit enlists in the Duke of Marlborough’s regiment, disguised as a man, to follow him across war-torn Italy. Risking her life in battle, she forms a close bond with her wry and handsome commanding officer, Captain Ross.

But even when she dresses once more as a woman to evade capture, the war is not over for Kit. She catches the eye of the scheming Duke of Ormonde, who recruits her to spy upon the French. Torn between Captain Ross and her husband, and under the orders of the English Crown, Kit’s life will be in more danger now than on any battlefield.

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Review: The Crying Tree

The Crying Tree Book CoverThe Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha, published August 2010 by Pan Publishing.

Read: July 2016
Genre: Adult/Contemporary/Drama
Source: Purchased
#Pages: 353

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Goodreads Synopsis: Irene Stanley thought her world had come to an end when her son Shep was murdered during a robbery at their home. 19 years later, Shep’s killer is placed on death row, awaiting a date for execution. Irene, having reached the brink of suicide, now realizes that she needs to face the secrets that surround her son’s murder.

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The Ultimate Book Geek Glossary


Book Geeks have many phrases that are unique to us, and many that we have adopted from other communities. To help new-comers figure it out, and to give old-timers a bit of a giggle, I thought I’d compile the Ultimate Book Geek Glossary. Some of these are a little tongue-in-cheek, and no offence is intended! If you can think of any I’ve left out, or that you would like to see included, let me know in the comments!

Affiliate Links: Links many bloggers/vloggers put in their content, leading directly to a website where you can purchase a particular item, in this case usually books. Bloggers/vloggers will make a very small commission for any sales generated through these links. They are often time-consuming to add to content, and are rarely ever clicked.

ARC: Stands for Advanced Reader Copy. Usually distributed to reviewers, vloggers, and bloggers prior to a book’s official release date. Can also be referred to as a “galley”, “proof”, or “eARC” (in the case of an eBook). Can create excitement and hysteria. Can also result in stress if you still haven’t reviewed it by the release date…

Auto-Buy Author: When this author releases a book, you have to have it (if you haven’t already pre-ordered it). No matter what the topic, and no matter who blurbed it. Hell, no matter what the early reviews say, you will own it, and you will read it. Mediocre releases by auto-buy authors don’t put you off easily. Everyone has a bad day, you will wait for the next one, and it will be epic.

Greed Willy Wonka Gif

Bad Boy: Love them or hate them, bad boys are common features in fiction, especially in Romance. He’s independent and wilful (aka he does what he wants when he wants), and is often a little rough around the edges. He’s a heart-breaker with a 5 o’clock shadow. Indescribably irresistible to women. Some Book Geeks feel there’s a fine line between bad boy behaviour and an abusive relationship.

Damon Salvatore Gif

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Review: Jam and Roses

Jam and Roses Book CoverJam and Roses by Mary Gibson, published May 2015 by Head of Zeus.

Read: June 2016
Genre: Adult/Historical
Source: Purchased
#Pages: 437

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Goodreads Synopsis: Three sisters are growing up in 1920s Bermondsey – the larder of London – with its bustling docks, its spice mill, tannery and factories. Southwells jam factory is where many of the girls work. And Milly Colman knows she’s lucky. At Southwells she can have a laugh with her mates. She’s quick and strong and never misses a day’s work. She needs to be. Because at homes things are very different.

The Colman household is ruled by the tyrannical rages of the old man – her father. Often Milly feels she is the only thing protecting her mother and younger sisters from his murderous violence. At least autumn hop-picking in Kent gives all the Colman women a heavenly respite. But it is here, on one golden September night, that Milly makes the mistake of her life and finds her courage and strength tested as never before.

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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Harry Potter?


There’s no mistaking it, I’m a positively HUGE Harry Potter fan, which makes this a discussion I genuinely never thought I would be capable of writing. It’s a question I would have thought inconceivable. There have been loads of Harry-Potter-related developments in recent years, and even as a super-fan, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about all of them. The time has finally come when I’ve had to ask myself, is there such as thing as too much Harry Potter?

The Books:

Harry Potter BooksWe’ll start with the obvious, and work towards the obscure, shall we? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released in 1997, and I started reading the series in 1999. All of my books are the original Bloomsbury covers, and some are even First Editions (not the ones worth a small fortune, unfortunately). I’ve decided that I really want a First Edition of the first book. I’ve been keeping an eye on rare book auctions, and some of them are reasonably priced. I feel like it’s the ultimate collector’s item, and basically an investment. The perk of being an adult Harry Potter fan is that you get to spend your hard earned money on First Editions, if you want to.

New Harry Potter Covers BloomsburyHarry has had many new cover releases over the years, from really bright colours (which I hated), to adult-appropriate versions (to reduce the embarrassment of reading a “children’s book” in public), from Scholastic’s beautiful American editions (I loved these but couldn’t deal with it being “the sorcerer’s stone”), to Bloomsbury’s latest releases by illustrator, Jonny Duddle (see right). As much as I love my books with their original covers, if I wanted to preserve them as much as possible, the time came when I could really do with a new set. I eventually went for the new Bloomsbury covers. Luckily, I’m not the kind of super-fan who needs to own multiple sets of the same series. There was a logical reason for my decision to purchase a second set of Harry Potter books. But then, the illustrated edition was released…

Harry Potter Philosopher's Stone Illustrated Edition

Well. That changed everything. With an RRP of £30, there wasn’t a hope in hell I was paying that, die-hard fan or not. But of course, the book was being sold from the majority of retailers for £15. Much more palatable, and definitely worth it for this book. The quality is fantastic, and the illustrations are superb. But, this is only book one. It has been confirmed that book two, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is being released as an illustrated edition, but I can’t seem to find confirmation that the entire series is being re-released (if you know the answer, tell me in the comments!). And if it is, surely the massive tomes that are Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows, will require more than one book each for the illustrated versions?

I don’t currently own any of the spin-off books, though I have had my eye on “the Vault” series (CharacterArtefact, Creature), whether or not I’ll ever add them to my collection? At present, it doesn’t seem likely. Until recently, I also didn’t own any of the books released for Comic Relief (Quidditch Through The Ages, The Tales of Beedle the BardFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). I picked up Fantastic Beasts last week in honour of the upcoming movie release, and I’d like to have Tales of Beedle due to its significance in the original story. I could live without Quidditch, but why not go the whole hog and have the set?? Sigh.

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