Annual Book Spend 2018

How Much Do You Spend On Books? 2018 Edition

We’re back with my annual analysis of what I’ve spent on books! It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s pretty close.

This has become a really popular post, and an annual tradition for me, which is actually very useful in attempting to help me control my spending and prevent my bookcases from overflowing entirely.

How much do you spend on books 2017

How Much Do You Spend On Books? 2017 Edition

This is a bit of an annual tradition on Confessions of a Book Geek. I prefer physical books to eBooks, and I prefer owning books as opposed to borrowing them from the library. This has resulted in a substantial TBR pile (based on my current rate of reading, it would take around 5 years to get through the books I currently own… eek!), and while I’m not a believer of Book Buying Bans, I think it’s a great idea to be mindful of what I’m spending my money on. So let’s see how much I spent in 2016…

Wordery Discount Code

Exclusive Wordery Discount Code!

This week, I posted my annual Bookish Gift Guide, with 22 amazing and exclusive discount codes. Now, I’m bringing you an exclusive discount code from online bookstore, Wordery.


2016 Bookish Gift Guide with Exclusive Discounts!

For the past two years I’ve brought you a Bookish Gift Guide with Exclusive Discount codes. It’s a post I love to put together because I get to give my loyal readers something that I adore… a bargain!

Each year the guide has gotten bigger and better, and this year is no exception!

Exclusive Book Discount Codes

Exclusive Discount Codes

I’m always on the look-out for a great deal on books, and bookish related items, and every Christmas I put together a Gift Guide with Discount Codes from selected Etsy sellers, and other stores. I’m working with some sellers to provide permanent discount codes to Confessions of a Book Geek readers, which will be posted here for you to browse.

How much do you spend on books 2016

How Much Do You Spend On Books? 2016 Edition

Last January, I put together a post that analysed how much I spent on books throughout the year, and I’ve decided to bring it back for a 2016 edition. I’m a great believer in hunting down deals and bargains, and I’ve always believed that while I do spend money on books, I spend a reasonable amount, and make sure I get a lot for my money. So let’s see how I did in 2016!

Bookish Gift Guide with Exclusive Discounts!

I love some retail therapy, and I really love Christmas shopping – I work on a “two for you, one for me” ratio, and always hunt out the BEST deals. Last year, I put my deal-hunting skills to good use and put together a post offering exclusive discounts for Confessions of a Book Geek readers. It proved […]

Sync – Free Audiobooks for 2015!

SYNC was super successful in 2014, so they are back with a *bang* for another year! Starting May 7th 2015, SYNC will give away two complete audiobook downloads for free each week – a current young adult title along with a thematically paired classic. Sign up for email or text alerts and be the first to know when […]

How Much Do You Spend On Books?

As book bloggers, we’re obsessed with many bookish things, the most obvious being books. Some of us loan from libraries, some of us receive ARCs, and some of us just like to buy and own them. This results in all sorts of justifications for our hobby, and some interesting side-effects – book buying bans when […]

Exclusive Bookish Gift Discounts!

You all know how much I love my bookish deals and discounts – I scour high and low to make sure I get the best deals on my books, so I thought I would put my bargain-hunting skills to good use and team-up with some amazing Etsy sellers to bring you EXCLUSIVE discount codes to […]

Exclusive Book Discount Codes

Bookish Deals and Discounts #3 Huge Summer Savings

I’m not sure how useful these codes are for you guys, but some of these are too good not to write about! I try to spread the word through Twitter too, but me and Twitter mostly have a hate/hate relationship… I’m double-posting today but some of these deals are available this weekend only! (Friday 18th – […]

Exclusive Book Discount Codes

Bookish Deals and Discounts #2 Massive Bank Holiday Savings

I’ve previously written for my love of Bookish Deals and Discounts here, and I’m going to stick with sharing discount codes and offers for the online stores I use most frequently (though if you know of any other codes and promos for other stores please include them in the comments!). I know I’m double-posting but […]

Sync Free Audio Books

Sync – Free Audiobooks!

SYNC give away two complete audio-book downloads (a current YA title paired thematically with a Classic) every week in summer for 13 weeks, starting on May 15th. I’ve never “read” an audio-book before, but since joining the book blogging community I’ve heard so many bloggers say great things about audio-books and decided I would try them. What better way than by trying them for 13 weeks for free??

Exclusive Book Discount Codes

Bookish Deals and Discounts!

I’m obsessed with getting a good deal – the whole “extreme couponing” thing hasn’t really taken off here in the UK, but if it had you could guarantee that I’d be all over it. I’m signed up to a few cash-back sites and check for deals and coupon codes for my favourite websites pretty regularly, so thought I’d share them with you here.