The Christmas Tag

25 Days of BlogmasI spotted this tag over on The Mile Long Bookshelf, and as I’m doing 25 Days of Blogmas, I thought I would take part, because it is hard to think of topics for 25 days in a row!

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

The Santa Clause is my ULTIMATE Christmas movie, with Home Alone following closely behind in joint place with Scrooged. I did do a full list of the BEST Christmas movies that you can check out, with trailers!

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

When I was a kid I saw in a movie or TV show once the tradition where you get to open one present on Christmas Eve, so I think I bombarded my parents to let me do that for a while. I was usually allowed to open my Christmas PJ’s and slippers on Christmas Eve so I could wear them that night. Am I the only one who had a annual family tradition of new PJ’s and slippers? Now though, it’s always Christmas morning #adulting.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

There’s probably so many when I stop and think about it. My mum and dad divorced when I was around 8, so I always had two Christmas Day’s – one on Christmas Day and one on Boxing Day, alternating which parent I would spend Christmas Day with each year. It could be stressful at the time, but looking back it’s nice that I got to have two Christmasses every year.

Favourite Christmas food?

SO many – prawn cocktail, the turkey, cranberry and stuffing combination (my sister’s stuffing is THE best, I should share the recipe), cheese and crackers, and Shloer (which is a drink we seem to only have at Christmas, by the bucket load, White Grape is thee best, and we used to pretend it was wine when we were kids and get “drunk” on it – welcome to Ireland). On Christmas Eve, and sometimes New Years Eve, we also do a “nibble” dinner where we make a big mix of party food like mini sausage rolls, potato wedges, onion bhaji, duck spring rolls… you get the idea.

Favourite Christmas gift?

There’s been loads over the years. As a kid some that stand out are Teddy Ruxpin (which I still have), a replica Silver Cross doll’s pram (which I still have), my first Hi-Fi system that I kept for YEARS and thought I was so cool. I could list loads, I’ve received some lovely gifts from friends and family.

Favourite Christmas scent?

I ADORE cinnamon, so come Christmas time I’m on to a winner. Anything spicy and cinnamon related and I’m sold.

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

We do the “nibble” dinners every year, and when I was younger we always watched The Santa Clause. Now we tend to watch it on the 22nd or 23rd, because Christmas Eve is the night everyone goes to the pub for a few festive drinks in Christmas jumpers, and we swap presents with our friends. Literally the whole town squeezes into one pub. It’s great craic.

What tops your tree?

Either a star or an angel. When I was younger it was an angel, as I’ve gotten older it’s become a star. We used to decorate the tree with TONS of unique decorations gathered over the years, and I think we still have them somewhere,  but in recent years we’ve just gone for a fibre optic tree. I’m looking forward to getting my own place so I can have my own, properly decorated tree again!

As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for and never received?

It wasn’t even expensive or extravagant, but I always asked for a Baby All Gone and I NEVER got one. I can still remember the words to the song for the advert. Heart broken.

What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

I love Christmas so much. The twinkly lights, the giving of gifts, the festivities, the food and drink, the time off work, the big nights out, the movies, the nostalgia. I just love it.

I’m tagging the following people, feel free to take part or not!

Cait @ Paper Fury
Belinda @ Bookarahma
Lindsey @ Bring My Books

If you’re taking part, leave your link below so I can be nosy and find out more about you!



  1. Aww, I learned a lot about you!! I am taking a blogging break, but this looks fun. No Christmas pj tradition here, but I know a lot of people who do that. I can not believe you still have your Teddy Ruxpin!! I don’t have any of my childhood toys. You crack me up!


    1. I love that you always learn things about me! Though it does make me wonder if I’m putting too much “out there” lol. Aww blogging break? For Crimbo just? It’s pretty quick and easy to do, and it’s nice to share 😀 Do it! Lol HAHA I still have some childhood stuff – books, beanie babies, an entire Pokemon card collection because I’ve convinced myself it will be worth something one day! Out of all the toys I’ve had though, Teddy Ruxpin has lasted the longest. No getting rid of him now. R xx


  2. Gah, I’m tagged in this, there are like 4 days until Christmas I am totally getting this done before Christmas (along with my post for 25 bookish things about me, that is totally written up and languishing in my drafts folder for some reason). I have a goal and I will meet that goal. Deadlines are good for my writing motivation, I am a terrible procrastinator otherwise.

    I am totally with you about Baby All Gone, I wanted one so bad because it seemed so cool. I’m actually quite glad I never got one as I am sure I would have gotten bored of it so very quickly. I always wanted one of those electric cars, you know the Barbie one? I don’t even know why I wanted it but it seemed so cool, but so expensive too. I know it would have just ended getting left outside and ruined in the rain at some point, but I wanted it so much. Looking back on some of the presents I wanted I can tell that TV adverts completely brain washed me as I child (sometime they still do) which I suppose demonstrates effective advertising.

    And I totally love Shloer, we never get it now but it was a staple of my nan’s cupboards whenever we were having family round because she could feed us that whilst everyone else had ‘grownup drinks’. I would totally love some Shloer now, I may implement it as a Christmas essential.

    I am completely excited for Christmas now, why do I still have another week of work left to suffer through?


    1. I didn’t get HALF of what I wanted to read/blog done before Christmas, or over the holidays, and now I’m back to work tomorrow 😦 on the plus side though, the new year has pushed me right out of my blogging slump, so that’s awesome.

      I’m still kind of stinging over that Baby All Gone you know lol Did you ever do the “circle the things you’d like in the Argos catalogue” thing? I did that, there were circles EVERYWHERE lol We had like 6 bottles of Shloer over Christmas, but I honestly don’t know how that business survives, I never see it in shops any other time of year, and I never buy it during the year except at Christmas! R xx


  3. You are not the only one with the tradition of new pyjamas. My family still do this. My parents still get us new pyjamas every single Christmas. We used to get them Christmas Eve, as they were the only present we could open. Now we usually just get them on Christmas day. I LOVE THAT TRADITION!!!! =D I got awesomely cute Star Wars pyjamas this year and amazing HP slippers. I think my parents will have to keep this tradition up forever, even though we are 24, 26 and 28 now haha.

    I never used to like stuffing as a kid, but now I am completely obsessed. SO OBSESSED! It has now became my favourite thing about Christmas dinner. Sorry to make you jealous, but I got a Baby All Gone 😉 haha

    I wish I had come back to blogging earlier so that I could actually do this tag. But never mind. I guess I can try next year.


    1. Mum used to get us novelty slippers, like the ones that are basically teddy bears you strap to your feet because they’re so big?! I miss that. Think I’ll get myself a pair this year lol I LOVE fandom pjs! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I HAVE to post my sister’s stuffing recipe for this year. It is honestly amazing. LOL Baby All Gone haunts me to this day.

      Welcome back 😉 R xx


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