Loony Literate Launch Tag!


The lovely Emily @ The Loony Literate is celebrating the launch of her new blog and design by hosting a giveaway and tag. I’ve followed Emily for a while now and definitely recommend checking her blog out!

1. What’s something a bit LOONY about you?

The Mask crazy gif

I struggled with this for ages and even tweeted Emily about it. I had a brilliant idea before bed at the weekend, then fell asleep, woke up and forgot it! OK, so here’s something, I’m not an introvert or an extrovert (even though most people think I’m extroverted), I’m actually an ambivert. Check out Buzzfeed’s 21 Signs You Might Be An Ambivert.

2. What’s your favourite book by an Australian author?

I haven’t read a lot of Australian authors (yet!), but there are lots on my TBR list. My current favourite would be The Rosie Project.

3. What’s your favourite kind of post to write, and why?

My favourite type of posts to write are also the hardest, and that’s discussion posts. I can be a mood blogger as much as a mood reader, so what I enjoy doing month-to-month can change.

4. Favourite genre of YA?

These questions are so hard! It’s probably a toss-up between paranormal/fantasy and contemporary, it depends what mood I’m in when you ask me.

5. Biggest blogging goal?

That’s a tough one. When I started blogging my biggest goal was to actually stick at it. I’ve nearly reached a year and I don’t plan on going anywhere, so that’s good! I think I’d like to grow my blog now. I know that’s the thing you’re not supposed to say, but Ashley’s recent post (It’s OK To Want To Grow Your Blog) made me feel better about my blogging goals.

6. Name another blogger who has been an inspiration to you.

There are literally so many – anyone I follow and comment on is an inspiration in some capacity, because that’s what motivates me to follow and comment. Top Ten Tuesday recently had a freebie week and I dedicated it to bloggers who stood out for me in the community.

7. Trivia

a) A 2014 contemporary YA release where the main character is called Emily. This author also wrote a book about a road trip.

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson.

b) Madam Rosmerta from Harry Potter makes lovely oak-matured what?


8. Look up your full name on an anagram finder. What’s the best anagram of your name?

Wow. There are 6,391 recognised anagrams of my name. The best ones are:

  • Chartered Holy
  • Treachery Hold
  • Loathed Cherry
  • Heady Chortler
  • Leathery Chord
  • Healthy Record
  • Declarer Oh Thy
  • Raced Her Hotly

9. One thing you want to see more of in YA?

Everyone is going to go Diversity for this one, right? I’d like a good dose of realism too, particularly in contemporary romances. I’d like some more characters I can actually relate to properly, as opposed to believe in because they’re fictional.

10. And finally – are you excited about Loony Literate??

Excited I'll Get To It Gif

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Avid reader & #bookblogger. Lover of all things business. A fan of drinks & dancing. Ever optimistic. Feminist.

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