25 Bookish Facts About ME


1. I’m a definite night-time reader. I’m a bit of a night owl in general, but when it comes to reading, I tend to only read in the evenings, and usually right before bed.

2. I read loads of different genres and can’t really pinpoint a favourite. YA, adult, contemporary, romance, fantasy, mystery, thriller, non-fiction, I read them all.

3. However, one genre I haven’t read much of is Science Fiction. I usually like Sci-Fi movies, but I haven’t tackled many Sci-Fi books. I have some very deep rooted preconceived notions, and I imagine I won’t like it

4. For #3 – I should know better. I used to be intimidated by Fantasy and stayed far away from Epics. I’ve pretty much adored any Fantasy I’ve tried so far, so maybe it’s time I gave Sci-Fi a go (and no, I still haven’t read the Game of Thrones books yet… even though I own all of them).

5. What I don’t currently own, are bookshelves. OK, so I have one, teeny tiny bookcase, that doesn’t hold even a smidgen of the books I own. They are literally in piles on my floor.

so many books gif

6. Luckily, even though my books currently live on the floor, they’re in a room that doesn’t get used much, so I’m not mistreating them in any way. As I’ve previously discussed, I can’t write in my books, but I also can’t dog-ear them, or bend their covers, or anything like that. They are precious. Do not damage my books.


7. My bookish OCD means that I really struggle with lending books out. The only person allowed to borrow my books is my sister, and she was given approval after a 6 month trial. If I really want you to read a book, I will buy you your own copy before I will lend mine to you. If I do loan you a book, it means I didn’t like it very much, and I’m probably not expecting to ever see it again.

Book Geek Problems Borrowing Books Gif

8. I’ve discovered since joining the blogging community that I am a terrible mood reader. I had to basically give up on requesting ARCs that have a set review deadline, because my reading and blogging has lost all structure in 2015. I do what I want, when I want, and I’m surprisingly OK with that.

9. I requested more ARCs when I first started blogging than I do now. When you first join the community, you get hit with a tidal wave backlog of “must reads”, on top of the new releases, on top of the “ohh, that looks like a fun read” books you find out about through following other people’s blogs.

10. I use NetGalley for ARCs and rarely request physical ones (still too afraid to!), which means pretty much all of my ARCs are eBooks. I don’t really like eBooks. I can see the benefits of eBooks (helps with long waits in reception areas and means I don’t damage my physical books by taking them with me), and when I get into one I can usually lose myself in it, but the thought of reading an eBook usually means I’ll pick up a physical book instead.

11. When it’s time to pick my next read, I usually go to my piles on the floor for inspiration, and rarely check my Amazon App… but I still use 1-click buying for those too-good-to-be-true eBook offers. Therefore, my eBook TBR is stacking up nicely but is barely being read…

12. Though I prefer to own physical copies of books, I will hunt for the best deals possible. Cheap book shopping is my retail therapy, my pick-me-up when I’m feeling low, and my reward when I’m doing good. This, plus #9, has resulted in my physical TBR growing from around 100 books in 2014, to around *whispers* 280 now.

buying all the books gif

13. I started a signed book collection last year, so now I’m on the lookout for more signed books by my favourite authors. This becomes an interesting challenge when authors never do signings where you live, but also a great present-buying opportunity for friends and loved ones, like when my sister got me this for Christmas last year:

Maybe Someday Signed US EditionYea me too, Colleen. Me too.

14. My exponential TBR growth is partly due to my new “thing” for 2015 – my love for charity shop book shopping. I love finding a sought after read (for a great price), I love finding odd reads I wouldn’t normally pick up (for a great price), I love finding new books (can you see where I’m going with this?). Also, it should essentially be guilt-free book buying because the money goes to a good cause.

15. #14 started because I successfully managed to convert my non-reader father into a complete and utter Book Geek. He reads all the time, and it started to become expensive to keep him in reading material. Luckily a lot of the genres he reads are readily available in charity shops. My charity shop sprees started out being about his TBR, and now, they’re kind of about our TBRs.

16. Because my TBR is officially never ending, and continually growing, I really don’t reread at all. I want to, I just never seem to get around to it. I used to obsessively reread my favourite childhood novels over, and over, and over again, but now there’s just not enough time, I have my own disposable income, and those damn publishers just keep on publishing! I console myself with the idea that when I retire, or win the lottery, I will be surrounded by favourite books I can read and reread at my own leisure.

17. When I was younger I used to read a lot of poetry, and also joke books. Have you ever seen those? Mammoth joke books? I read a ton of those. I definitely don’t read joke books anymore, and I haven’t read poetry in a long time. I’m not sure if I would enjoy it as much any more.

18. I’ve become a book hoarder. I culled my childhood and teenage books years ago, and when I got back into reading in a big way in my early 20’s, and especially since I started blogging, I’ve regretted culling so many of those books and wish I still had them in my collection. This has resulted in me second-guessing any books I try to get rid of now.

19. Occasionally, I’ll go through a mild reading slump, but for a lot of the second half of 2015 I’ve been in a massive blogging slump. I used to try and post 5 days a week, and I never missed a Top Ten Tuesday post. Life started getting busier, I got a fitness bug, I missed a few Tuesday’s and the world didn’t end. Then I missed a few other days and the apocalypse didn’t come, and somehow I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut. I’m oddly not that stressed about it though. I feel like I’ll get my mojo back in my own good time.

20. I don’t tend to over-analyse or critique literature, especially not in my reviews. It takes a lot of energy, and extra effort to read that way, and I read for enjoyment and to de-stress. However, sometimes I really miss my A Level English Literature classes because I miss analysing texts in a structured setting for the purposes of learning. I’ve no idea what this oxymoron says about me.

21. I am a Harry Potter freak from the original generation, and it’s my current life goal to get to that damn studio tour. It keeps evading me. I was given the first book by a family friend in 1999 when I was 9 years old, because the cover had 9 3/4 on it, and they assumed that was the age of the protagonist. It’s the best error anyone ever made.

Harry Potter Friendship Gif

22. Because of my Harry Potter obsession, I can never have too much Harry Potter merchandise or fandom clothing. This has also rolled over into my other fandoms and obsessions.

23. I sniff books. A lot. I can differentiate between a novel, a text book, and a children’s book. I like new-book smell, not old-book smell. It has an oddly calming effect on me. Some people have a happy-place, I have a happy-smell.

24. Putting this post together has made me realise how much I love talking about books with a bookish community who just get it. I’m missing you guys. I think I’m ready for my come-back now.

25. Since I got back into reading in my late teens/early 20’s, and have become much more comfortable in my own skin, I have fully owned my Book Geek status. I LOVE that people see bookish things and relate them to me. Like memes, funny videos, jokes etc. I’ll be sent them on social media, or people will say things like, “Yea, you’re the girl who reads”. I gladly accept that title.

Book Geek Acceptance Gif

So, there you have it, 25 Bookish Facts About Me. If you have made it to the end of this post you deserve a cup of tea and a biscuit. This didn’t start out as a tag post, but I’m nosy, so I’m going to add a list of some bloggers below who I’m tagging to take part. Feel free to participate and leave me a link in the comments!

Cait @ Paper Fury
Belinda @ Bookarahma
Lindsey @ Bring My Books


  1. I agree with just about everything you listed on here. I refuse to lend out anymore books to anyone, I’ve lost or received books back damaged too many times. My boyfriend is always making fun of me for smelling books, I wish I had a candle of that smell! Awesome post!


  2. So I’m guessing this isn’t a good time to tell you I’m going to the Studio Tour for the third time on the 16th, just in time for the wintery makeover (snowy castle, etc.)? 😀


    1. THIRD time!? Le sigh. I would actually save a small fortune for that gift shop. I’ve seen BookTubers do hauls from the gift store, and I just drool. Are you doing the Christmas Dinner at it? My sister sent me a link to it when it was announced, and though it seemed overpriced at the time, when you broke it down, it wasn’t that bad. I think I had her half convinced to go, but it sold out so quickly! Is it really good?! R xx


      1. I’m not doing the Christmas dinner, no. The normal tickets are expensive enough! My favourite bit is the to-scale castle that cycles through day and night, and it’ll be covered in snow this time. I’m also planning on trying Butterbeer, even though it’s about £7 for a serving (of unknown volume). D: I’m trying to talk myself into buying a robe, but it’s £75. I might settle for a hoodie and maybe a hat though! I’m a Gryffinclaw, so I don’t know which house to go for…though I like red more! Maybe I’ll get a Dark Arts item instead haha.


      2. Le Sigh… one day… That’s crazy money for a robe! I’m thinking a Gryffindor scarf (maybe – depends how wearable it is, as I’d like to be able to use whatever I buy), and definitely a wand to display on my bookcase. My friend got me a time-turner keychain, but I’ve seen other small bits and bobs in the store that look lovely. I’m straight up Gryffindor, and luckily I’m good with red! Lol R xx


      3. Eep. I actually thought the store was a little disappointing once I saw the things up close. I think you can get nicer things online that also happen to be cheaper. I did get myself a Hogwarts hoodie though, as the house hoodies were a bit garish, and I couldn’t decide which house to get. They also had a new area at the studio that I hadn’t seen before – the train! AND THE SNOWY CASTLE! Amazing! So worth going to see, even if it’s a little pricey. x


      4. Top tip that I’ll be remembering!! I’m terrible for online browsing… I need to organise it well because for me it includes flights and hotel costs too, so I’d need to save for a little while, and find someone to go with me, and probably try to fit in more things too, like a westend show. I have high hopes lol R xx


  3. I miss you. Have I told you that lately? I know you’re busy being all fit and stuff (which I love, btw), but I miss your posts too. This was wonderful to read! I learned some new things about you. HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE BOOKSHELVES?! My OCD is going batty right now having read that!!! I can’t even, Rachel. lol

    I also regret getting rid of my books from childhood. I would give anything to have those books back. Now I’m on a mission never to let Sunnie get rid of her books.

    I need to stop requesting from Netgalley because I don’t have the time. I’m so back logged. And I’ve stopped caring. I just read whatever whenever. And right now I can’t even decide what I’m in the mood to read. It’s terrible! And re-reading is simply out of the question. No time for that. Too many new books to read!



    1. Awww, B! I miss you too. I NEED to make more effort with my blogging.

      I have to say, I’m struggling with going to the gym when it is pitch black outside. I had a week off because I wasn’t well, and I only got once last week, so I’m determined to go all three days this week, but it is HARD in winter to be motivated! Work life has been super busy too and I need some balance. I also need a detox from my social life for the next while! Lol

      I love that you learned new things, my goal was accomplished! Haha – I’m going to take a photo and send it to you. It’s AWFUL not having bookshelves. My inner OCD hates me too. I keep threatening my dad that I’m going to go to Ikea and just buy some, but he wants to make me them, and I want him to make me them too, but I need to kick his ass into gear because I can’t cope with floor-books any more.

      I miss SO many of my childhood books. I don’t even know if I would reread them loads now, but I wish I had them in my collection. Especially when the author goes and releases and adult sequel and I’m like, dude, I don’t have the first 10 books any more! (Looking at you, Meg Cabot!). Does Sunnie have lots of books?? Silly question?? Lol

      I have about 15 or so NetGalley books to get to. I keep saying I’m going to clear them up and get on the requesting bandwagon again to get some new releases, but then life happens, and it doesn’t work out. Do you think you’ll ever reread?! It was never a question I used to ask myself, but now it’s like, when?! When am I going to reread!? R xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I want to reread SO BAD. But, I have too many new books waiting for me that I never make the time to reread anything. I keep saying I will, and then I don’t. Ugh, I need more time to read!!
        Sunnie has so many books it’s getting out of hand. Her bookshelves have run out of room, in fact, her bookshelves are falling apart and I need to invest in some sturdier ones. I LOVE that she loves books!!
        Get your dad on it!! I can’t even think about your books being on the floor without cringing! Lol.
        I hope you’re feeling better now. I didn’t get to run for a whole week when I was fighting the plague a few weeks back, and it sucked. It was really hard getting back into it once I was feeling better. I pretty much had to force myself to run that day, and I’m normally never like that. It’s definitely a struggle when you get out of your routine. The time change is helping me be more awake in the morning, but makes me not want to do anything in the evenings when it’s so dark! I totally understand what you’re saying. I run in the morning so I don’t find myself coming up with excuses not to run at night, when I don’t really feel like it.
        I definitely can’t hang like I used to. A few glasses of wine and I’m toast. Getting too old for it. Lol.


      2. I STILL haven’t reread anything I wanted to. I keep telling myself I’ll make time for it someday, and I probably will, it’s just not in the foreseeable! If I won the lottery, I’d so open a bookstore and read all the time… livin the dream. It’s AMAZING that she loves books! When she’s about 9 or so, PERFECT time for Harry Potter. I have an addiction to addicting the next generation to HP. A girl in work, her son loves reading but he’d never read them, I bought him the first book for Christmas two years ago and he LOVES it now. They went to Universal Studios to HP world this year, and I was so jealous!!

        Can you believe he STILL hasn’t built me those bookcases yet? Though we have picked the wood (walnut), and we’ve finished the design. So that’s something. We may be moving house in the near future, so no doubt that will delay them even more. My books are now stacked on the floor against a wall, AND piled high on our “dining” table, which we never eat at. I’ll take a picture for you soon and put it up on Twitter.

        I’m still doing the gym, but my eating went off track for a while there. Not badly, just a little, but enough for me to not feel good about myself again, so back on it with a vengeance. I enjoyed being fitter, but also trimmer! Lol Spin and weights tomorrow 🙂 R xx

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I am sort of the original Harry Potter generation, too, although I was older. I read the first book around 2000, but I was 16 at the time. And then I was sucked in and there were only 3 books out at the time. And at that time (at least in my school) teens did not read kids books. But I loved them.


    1. I love being part of the originals, I kind of feel like we were there during it all, and that time will never happen again. HP has to be a modern classic, it will be loved for YEARS! R xx


  5. I love this tag and of course being your ratings twin I can identify with nearly everything you said. I do read during the day whenever I get a chance though, it’s just the chance doesn’t often happen so I’m a night reader mostly. I’ll save most of my other facts for my tag! But a lot of them will match up with yours (too many books, less arcs, a love of secondhand books).

    I love your last point as that happens me all the time on Facebook. Friends and family see a bookish post and automatically tag me in it. I love that they encourage me even if they don’t get me!

    And finally I want to recommend a SciFi book to you that I think you might really enjoy. It’s Parallel by Lauren Miller, my review started off like this “I am always slow to read science-fiction books” which I think you’ll identify with and I ended up adoring it! So chances are you will too as we so often rate the same.


    1. I’m writing a post this month about how we are rating twins. I was going through some older comments and spotted this, and that’s it, I’m doing it! R xx


  6. AHHHH I LOVE THIS AND I CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT!! 😀 I love your facts too…ahhh, yay for Harry Potter obsessions! I’m (shamefully!!) only reading it this year and am up to book 6. Then I get to watch all the movies. hehehhh.
    And that’s awesome that reading and blogging have made you happy to be you. ME TOO. I’m still working on owning the fact that I’m a writer (why do I hide it!?? I have no idea) but blogging makes me more confident to say I’m a writer and a book lover. IT IS GOOD.


    1. Yay!!! Lol yours will be hilarious, I can tell already.

      Are you enjoying HP so far? I love talking to people who read it for the first time, it makes me nostalgic for all the feels, but I do wonder how it must be to read it now with SO much hype. I wish I had more time for blogging at the minute, considering how much it has meant to me, but I’ll get there, the work-life-blogging balance needs to right itself again! Own your writing self!!! R xx


  7. Thank you for the tag, I now have to think of 25 bookish facts about me… 25! That’s a lot of bookish facts. I may have thought of them all in about a months time.

    I am completely with you on #18, I never used to buy this many books, but this year I’ve just gone crazy with the physical book buying. It’s partly remembering my disposable income should be enjoyed, but I don’t know how it got quite so crazy. I also completely understand #14 too, I actually don’t allow myself in charity shops unless I am prepared to carry the books home because I know there will be a lot of them. Charity shops are killer, but also awesome because it’s guilt-free shopping. I love that you’ve started a signed book collection, I have a bit of an unintentional one, but I would love to get more books signed but I never go to any author events so it’s difficult.


    1. It did take a little while! But I ordered mine like a story, kind of, because it was easier to think of them if they flowed on from one another. Looking forward to your post 😉

      The TBR will drown me one day, guaranteed! Same for charity shops! Like I avoid the town sometimes because if I go in, I’m not leaving empty handed! My signed books started unintentionally too, but it’s become an active thing. An active thing I can’t add to as much as I’d like to either because there are NO signings here, but I spot the odd signed edition online, and keep my eye out for giveaways and whatnot. R xx


  8. I love this! Even though you didn’t tag me, I’m going to do it too =) I love how you ended up with the first Harry Potter book — what a serendipitous mistake! I used to be bad about culling books, but I’m getting better. Space is an issue in my current place, and I want to be surrounded by books that I loved, rather than books that were just meh. Also, I’m totally the same when it comes to fantasy — I’m so nervous going in, but I usually end up loving the book in the end! I’ve read the first three Game of Thrones, but I’d highly recommend watching the show first, because they’re hella confusing and intricate.


    1. Yay! You should! And leave me a link so I can check your post out.

      I know, it was only when I was putting this post together that I remembered how the book got into my hands in the first place. Fate!
      I should be better at culling, because there are some books I enjoyed but can’t see myself rereading them, and I used to be good at just keeping favourites… but now I’m all about the “collection” and I have some sort of irrational fear of letting go of books lol

      Is the show really similar to the books? I was putting off watching it until I’d read them, but watching it might help… I did that with Pride and Prejudice. I found it easier to read once I’d watched the BBC adaptation. Though granted, I still haven’t made it the whole way to the end yet! Lol R xx


  9. Wonderful post, Rachel! It’s so great to get to know a person behind a blog a little better. I relate to many of your points. Actually first ten is totally about me (except I don’t have bookshelves because I read e-books ), I’m a terrible mood reader too, and I don’t read ARCs because I can’t deal with reading schedule at all.


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