Is there such a thing as too much Harry Potter

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Harry Potter?

There’s no mistaking it, I’m a positively HUGE Harry Potter fan, which makes this a discussion I genuinely never thought I would be capable of writing. It’s a question I would have thought inconceivable. There have been loads of Harry-Potter-related developments in recent years, and even as a super-fan, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about all of them.

The time has finally come when I’ve had to ask myself, is there such as thing as too much Harry Potter?

Bloomsbury New Harry Potter Covers and Artist Interview!

Bloomsbury Children’s Books are set to reinvent the children’s hardback and paperback editions of my beloved Harry Potter series! I own the original Bloomsbury covers (see right) and they have always been my favourite, but I wanted to re-purchase the series to preserve my original copies (and, OK, because my original set doesn’t match either, it’s […]

The Harry Potter Sequel!

I’m pretty sure the blogosphere is fully aware of this by now – but I haven’t seen very many people post about it – so in case you’re not… Good oul JK has released a 1,500 word sequel to Harry Potter styled as a Rita Skeeter Daily Prophet article in which our Harry is 34 […]

The Joy of Jacqueline Wilson

While updating my never-ending Goodreads to-read list yesterday I decided to back-date the books I read when I was younger, one thing led to another, and a few minutes (ahem… OK, hours.. am I the only person who has to make sure the book cover is the actual version of the book I read?) later […]