Author Spotlight: Interview with Marina Fiorato & Giveaway!

The Double Life of Mistress Kit Kavanagh Book Cover

I recently read and reviewed The Double Life of Mistress Kit Kavanagh, and I LOVED it, giving it 5/5* (which everyone knows is a rating that I rarely give!). I contacted the author, Marina Fiorato, who kindly agreed to be interviewed, and her Publisher has also offered a copy of the book for me to give away (see below – open to UK & Ireland residents only)! 

The Double Life of Mistress Kit Kavanagh is currently on Amazon for £4.99 for the eBook, and the physical copy is on both Amazon and The Book Depository for £7.99. Get your hands on a copy now!

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R: Hi Marina, introduce yourself to Book Geek readers, and tell us a little about you – what do you do when you aren’t writing/blogging?

Marina Fiorato PhotoM: Hi! I’m Marina Fiorato, and I’m the author of 7 historical novels, mostly set in Renaissance Italy. When I’m not writing – and even when I am – I’m a mum of two so you’ll find me doing the school-run or cooking dinners in which I try to conceal the presence of vegetables.

R: What made you want to become a writer?

M: I wrote a lot at school – I even wrote my school’s Nativity play when I was ten years old and the school actually humored me and used my script! I wrote a kid’s novel about Vikings when I was fourteen, then at Uni I wrote another play, which went to the Edinburgh Fringe. That one wasn’t an unqualified success – once, I remember, there were more people in the cast than the audience! It was when I had my son that I really began thinking about writing seriously; I wanted to explore my heritage (my father was Venetian) a heritage that was now my child’s too. And that’s how I began what was to become The Glassblower of Murano, my first novel.

R: The Double Life of Mistress Kit Kavanagh is based on the true story of Mother Ross. How did you hear about Mother Ross, and what was it about her story that inspired you to tell it? 

M: I love watching history documentaries on iPlayer, and I think it was on one presented by Simon Scharma that I first heard about Kit. I then tracked down her biography, which was written by Daniel Defoe, and found it incredible reading. I felt like if she was a man we’d all be learning about her in school. Kit didn’t just dress as a man, but she fought as a soldier in four bitter and bloody campaigns. Even then, she didn’t just scrape by and keep her head down; she fought so well she was actually decorated by the Duke of Marlborough himself. Then when a desperate rape victim claimed Kit was the father of her child, Kit not only defended the woman’s honour, but she agreed to support the child financially. I wish every girl in every school knew about Kit.

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EXCLUSIVE Excerpt of Frayed, The Book By A Book Blogger!

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Confessions of a Book Geek Turns 2, with Giveaways!

My blog has entered the “terrible two’s”, and I couldn’t be more proud!

Book Geek Acceptance Gif

It’s hard to believe I’ve kept this little corner of the Internet alive for two years now! When I first started blogging, I used to try and post 5 times per week, and ended up feeling awful when I didn’t hit that self-imposed target. Last year I hit a reading slump, then a blogging slump, then work started getting busier than ever, I was doing extra qualifications in my spare time, I started going to the gym… Everything just got crazy busy. I knew no matter what happened, I didn’t want to stop blogging, so I adapted. I post discussions when I’m really inspired to, or if it’s a review I just fit it in when I can. I’m more active on Twitter to keep in touch with the blogging friends I’ve made, and most importantly, I’ve let go of the stress and guilt I had started to feel when it felt like I wasn’t keeping up.

Last year, for my first blogoversary, I made a list of what I considered to be my blogging “achievements” – how many blog followers I had, how many views Confessions of a Book Geek had gotten, etc. While I was and am proud of those figures, this year I’ve decided not to post updates on them. For me, and for others, the numbers only add to the pressure we feel to make our blogs a “success”. The success of a blog is measured in so many other ways. The fact that two years later, I’m still here, is one of them. The people who’ve told me they bought a book because of one of my reviews is another (bonus points if they loved the book too!). The numerous online bookish friends who I can fangirl with, and who understand my love of books, is the best one of all.

So in celebration of my blog turning two, and to thank you all for sticking with me, here come the giveaways! 😀

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Push Me, Pull Me by Vanessa Garden – Excerpt, Interview & Giveaway!

push me pull me blitz bannerpush me pull mePush Me, Pull Me by Vanessa Garden.

Release Date: 25/08/15 by Limitless Publishing.

Goodreads Synopsis: Since Ruby Milton’s mother committed suicide, she’s forgotten what it’s like to be 17. Saddled with taking care of her toddler brother and alcoholic father, Ruby has no time for fun. She also can’t shake the growing resentment she feels for her mother’s decision, which left her unable to grieve without anger and regret.

Then she meets blue-eyed musician Byron Black, who challenges everything she believes. Byron refuses to let anyone control his life – or his death. When he left the city behind, he was in search of somewhere where nobody knew his secret. What he didn’t expect was to meet a beautiful redhead whose views conflict so completely with his own. But as their romance deepens, he begins to doubt his choices and decides to return to the city… for one last chance.

When Byron disappears, Ruby will stop at nothing to track him down. Upon finding Byron, Ruby discovers his devastating secret, and a battle of wills begins. Byron doesn’t want her to know this part of him. He has to deal with it by himself, even though the idea of losing her tears him apart. Will they be able to see each other through the darkness? Or should they save their hearts and just let go?

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Author Spotlight: Interview with Catherine Linka and Giveaway!

A Girl Called Fearless by Catherine Linka Book CoverOne of the first ARCs I received when I started blogging was A Girl Called Fearless by Catherine Linka. I really enjoyed the first novel, and was super excited for the sequel, A Girl Undone (you should definitely check out my review, I basically reviewed it with  the author!). I ended up corresponding with Catherine, and invited her to be interviewed on Confessions of a Book Geek. To celebrate the release of A Girl Undone, the first novel in eBook – A Girl Called Fearless – is currently on offer on Amazon US / UK.

Click here to enter to win an eBook of A Girl Called Fearless! 

R: Hi Catherine, introduce yourself to Book Geek readers, and tell us a little about you – what do you do when you aren’t writing/blogging?

C: Right now my life is dedicated to keeping our Labrador puppy, Carter from destroying the house, but when I’m not saving carpets and table legs, I love to travel. The places I love the most are Svalbard, Iceland and Antarctica. The landscapes are stark and dramatic, the light is constantly changing, and seeing killer whales and polar bears in the wild is amazing.

R: Sounds pretty magical! So, what made you want to become a writer?

C: I’m not sure I had a choice. For me, writing is like a compulsion, and if I don’t write, I’m miserable. Words and stories have been part of my life since I was little, and every job I’ve had was connected to some form of writing (publishing, advertising, book-selling).

A Girl Undone Book CoverR: A Girl Called Fearless and A Girl Undone are YA dystopian novels set in a patriarchal society, where did you get the inspiration for your story, and what were you hoping to explore?

C: I was a big fan of speculative fiction when I read a book that so stupidly portrayed how Americans would behave after a population catastrophe that I got really annoyed that the author had wasted such a good idea. So I started thinking about what would really happen if millions of adult women died suddenly in the US. There were two forces I imagined would wreck havoc in the country: politicians who would exploit men’s fears to capture political power, and American consumerism which would treat teenage girls as if they were the next luxury good.

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Sync – Free Audiobooks for 2015!

audio books syncSYNC was super successful in 2014, so they are back with a *bang* for another year! Starting May 7th 2015, SYNC will give away two complete audiobook downloads for free each week – a current young adult title along with a thematically paired classic. Sign up for email or text alerts and be the first to know when new titles are available to download! Each title is only available to download for 7 days, but the best bit is once it’s downloaded, it’s yours to keep!

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Confessions of a Book Geek turns 1!

Guys and gals, I can’t believe I’m writing this post… but Confessions of a Book Geek has turned 1!

harry-potter celebrate gif

Where has the year gone?!

When I first started blogging, I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing (sometimes I feel like I still don’t) but I went with it, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve renewed my love for reading, enjoyed some really great books I’d not have known about otherwise, got to interview some fantastic authors, host some amazing giveaways and best of all I got to join an amazing, friendly and supportive online community!

I've Found My People Gif

Before I get to the good part, which is lots of giveaway MADNESS, I want to share some stats from my 12 months of being a book blogger.

  • I’ve published 238 posts since I started blogging (I didn’t know I had it in me!)
  • There are currently 55 book reviews on Confessions of a Book Geek.
  • Confessions of a Book Geek has 550 followers (<3 to you all!).
  • My blog received 25, 360 views and 4,541 comments in one year! That’s insane.
  • There’s 746 followers on Twitter and 353 likes on Facebook.
  • I’ve interviewed 6 authors, launched 4 features and done Top Ten Tuesday 51 times!

Most importantly, I’ve “met” some seriously amazing people who’ve made the reading slumps, blog slumps, and slumpy frustrations worthwhile! There are FAR too many to list, but if you check out my Bloglovin’ profile, you will find these amazing people in the list of blogs I follow.

The Giveaways!

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1 x Hardback Copy of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight 1 x Hardback Copy of Love Virtually 1 x Copy of Mad Men – The Illustrated World

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All of the normal giveaway rules apply, but in this case following my blog is a mandatory entry for both giveaways as I am hosting these as a way to thank my followers! Of course, new followers are also welcome to enter!

Good Luck! 🙂

Last List Blog Hop: Interview with Bree Despain & Giveaway!

Last List Blog Hop BadgeCuddlebuggery have created a Last List Blog Hop to help authors who were previously signed with Egmont find new homes and promote their books. As soon as I spotted their post I signed up, hoping to help. I was paired with Bree Despain, author of The Dark Divine series and the Into The Dark series, and I got to ask her some questions –

1. What inspired you to become a writer?

I always enjoyed writing but my big “Ahah, I want to be a writer!” moment came when I was a junior in college. I was pre-law at the time, but I realized that I wasn’t very happy with this decision. I took a semester off from school to work for a summer program that served at-risk kids from Philadelphia and New York. There, I wrote and directed a series of plays based on fractured fairytales (like a Cinderella murder mystery). I had so much fun that by the end of the summer I had come to the realization that I wanted to be a writer, and I wanted to write fun things for kids and teens.

2. For those who aren’t familiar with your series, Into The Dark, explain it in one sentence.

Haden Lord, the disgraced prince of the underworld, must undertake a quest to our mortal world to convince a certain girl to return with him to the land of the dead–if he succeeds, he’ll have his honor restored, but if he fails, all hell will literally break loose on our world. (Heheh. I totally cheated with that em dash.)

3. What are some of your favourite books, or who are some of your favourite authors, and why?

I love Meg Cabot because her books were my first real introduction into modern YA writing. All American Girl and Pants on Fire are two of my all time favorites of hers. The Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters was probably the first series I ever became obsessed with. The Harry Potter series will always be my favorite series. One of my newer favorite authors is Rainbow Rowell.

4. Do you think any of your real life experiences have influenced your work, and how?

I think everything I write is influenced by my real life experiences. I believe it is a writer’s job to be a sponge. We soak up as much input from the world around us as possible, and then wring it through the filter of who we are as a person, and what comes out is our writing. That’s why no two writers could ever write the exact same story.

5. What’s next for you?

I’m working on proposals for a couple of new projects (one contemporary and one fantasy) while waiting to find out the future of Book 3 in the Into the Dark series. Book 3 was canceled when Egmont closed, but now that Lerner has picked up the rest of my books, I hope that there will be good news for Book 3 in the near future. Even if a publisher doesn’t pick it up, I promised my readers that I will make Book 3 available to them in some form. I love these characters too much to let their story go unfinished.

Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway to win a signed copy of Shadow Prince! (INT).

Have you read any Bree Despain books? The Dark Divine is on my TBR and I’m really looking forward to reading it!