Top Ten Tuesday – Books That’ve Recently Hit My Shelves

Top Ten Books That’ve Recently Hit My Shelves My book blogging skillz have been slacking lately – I had some time off work last week and was planning on scheduling lots for the blog, but my get up and go? It got up and went. I accidentally ended up posting next week’s Top Ten Tuesday […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Hyped Books I’ve Never Read

Top Ten Hyped Books I’ve Never Read  There are quite a few books I could include in this list, but many of them have already made appearances in other Top Ten Tuesday posts of mine (*cough* The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo *cough*), so I’m going to try and include as many new-to-my-TTT picks as […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Books Of 2015 (So Far)

Top Ten Favourite Books Of 2015 (So Far) I feel like I’m finally getting to grips with reading this year – I had a great start to 2015 with reading and blogging, but hit a slump in the Spring, but it’s beginning to feel like I’m back on track again! So, here are the top ten books […]

Top Ten Tuesday – My Ten Favorite Top Ten Topics To Date

Top Ten Favourite Top Ten Tuesday TopicsTo Date That’s a tongue-twister of a title! This week’s prompt is a celebration of 5 whole years of Top Ten Tuesday. I’ve been blogging since March 2014, so the number of topics I’ve covered is much less than some! I don’t know how anyone who has been doing […]

Top Ten Tuesday – My Summer TBR List 2015

Top Ten Books on My Summer TBR List 2015 This week’s list includes new titles and backlist titles that I’m looking forward to reading over the summer months. I’m working full-time, so I don’t get any extra time off as such, but I don’t have any studying or courses planned for the rest of the […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On

Top Ten Seven Books I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On (in the second half of 2015) 1. Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee – So, I finally read To Kill A Mockingbird this year, and the verdict is that I absolutely adored it! Even if this sequel is being published under suspicious circumstances, I’ve decided […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Books for my Beach Bag 2015

Top Ten Books That I Want In My Beach Bag Last year I did the Top Ten Books For Your Beach Bag, this year I’m unashamedly making it all about me. I’m still trying to make some time for reading and blogging after getting my dissertation out of the way last week, I’m getting there […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’d Rather Be Reading Right Now

Top Ten Books I’d Rather Be Reading Right Now Instead Of Writing This Never Ending Dissertation… Well, the post title I went with was a little catchier. Typical for me that I make a big commitment to posting more often on the blog, and have some great ideas for posts, the same month my dissertation […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I Want to Meet

Top Ten Authors I Would Love To Meet I bet a lot of people can guess who’s going to appear on my list today… OK, we’ll start with the more obvious ones (for me), and then I’ll try to shake it up a bit! 1. J K Rowling – I’d need prior warning before this […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’ll NEVER Read

Top Ten Seven Books I’ll NEVER Read “Cuz we-eeee, are never, ever, ever, getting back together” – I’m not the only one who had this stuck in their head the whole way through writing this post, right? I don’t know if I can ever say I’ll never read a book. That’s pretty extreme. There are books […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Male Characters Who Have My Heart

Top Ten Male Characters Who Have My Heart It’s a bit of a free pick this week – sometimes I feel like I haven’t read widely enough yet to be able to fill a TTT post on characters alone, but I do have a weak spot for my book boyfriends, so here’s ten of my […]

Top Ten Tuesday – My Author BFFs

Top Ten Author BFFs This week’s topic is Top Ten Favourite Authors. I’ve concluded that the girls at The Broke and The Bookish are just cruel. I’m going to try and not make this too predictable (I said try), I’m also linking up any reviews I’ve written for books by these authors, so here we go! […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Inspiring Quotes From Books

Top Ten Inspiring Quotes From Books I LOVE words. I love the power of them, the beauty of them and the emotion in them. However, while I love quotes, I don’t write them down anywhere to have a collection I can look back on. Perhaps this is something I should introduce? Do any of you […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Love To Check In With!

Top Ten Characters I’d Love To Check In With I always want to reread books, and yet I rarely do. Sometimes rereading books feels like catching up with old friends, and sometimes you wish you could get a “10 years later” peek into the lives of your favourite characters. Here are ten I’d love to […]

Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’ve Recently Added To My TBR

Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added To My TBR We add like 10 books a day to our TBRs, right? Am I right?! I’m only going to mention books I’ve added to my physical TBR, which means I now own them and therefore have a far higher chance of reading them… someday. I’m posting my […]