Top Ten Tuesday – Male Characters Who Have My Heart

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Male Characters Who Have My Heart

It’s a bit of a free pick this week – sometimes I feel like I haven’t read widely enough yet to be able to fill a TTT post on characters alone, but I do have a weak spot for my book boyfriends, so here’s ten of my recent favourites.

1. Will Cooper from Slammed: A recent addition to my list of swoon-worthy men – Hoover’s leading men are always appealing but Will is the one who currently has my heart. The minute I finished Slammed I immediately ordered Point of Retreat and This Girl, I can’t wait to see where the story goes!

“I don’t not fall in love with him. I don’t not fall in love with him a lot!”

2. Josh Mitchell from I’ll Meet You There: I’ll Meet You There was a super highly anticipated book for me this year. It didn’t disappoint, and neither did Josh. The romance in this book was just so… slow-burningly brilliant, and there was much more substance involved too.

“I don’t really know what it means to move on, but lately, with Sky, I’m starting to feel like I want to because when I look at her, I don’t see you or the war or any of the shit in my head. I just see her, and it’s like suddenly I can breathe again after holding my breath for so long.”

swoon romance gif

3. Lucas from How (Not) To Fall In Love: I read and reviewed this book as part of a blog tour, and discovered such a little gem that really does deserve more love. Check out my full review of How (Not) To Fall In Love.

4. Ethan from Between the LivesWhile this book wasn’t perfect for me, Ethan certainly was one of the major highlights. This book was a solid read, with an interesting premise and a swoony romance to boot. Check out my full review of Between the Lives.

“Being with you, loving you, making memories with you, fearing for you, wanting to show you the beauty of life instead of the terror – it was bittersweet, but more importantly Sabine, it was real.”

5. Chaol from the Throne of Glass series: My current Ship, OTP, and everything in between goes to Chaolaena full review of Throne of Glass.

“Celaena,” he breathed, his voice laced with pain–and hope. This was all she had left–his outstretched hand, and the promise of hope, of something better waiting on the other side of the line.”

marlon brando gif

6. Silas from Never NeverThis is an early guess – but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna fall hard for Silas Nash. Bring it on CoHo and Fisher, I’m ready for it! Check out my full review of Never Never Part One.

“You think you can make me like you again?” I look over at her and give my head the slightest shake. “No. I’m gonna make you fall in love with me again.” 

7. Kit from Come Back To MeI’ve been loving NA contemporaries since I first discovered them in 2014, and this is one that has stayed with me. Its main themes include military and mental health issues. Check out my full review of Come Back To Me.

“Does he make you see stars?’ he asks in a low voice. ‘Does he call you his north star? Because that’s what you are to me. You’re the reason I made it home.”

8. Noah Hutchins from Pushing the LimitsAlthough I enjoyed Dare You To, Noah is my favourite from McGarry’s leading males so far. I’ve a couple of her novels to get to yet though, so his rank may change! Check out my full review of Pushing the Limits.

“I gazed into her beautiful green eyes and her fear melted. A shy smile tugged at her lips and at my heart. Fuck me and the rest of the world, I was in love.”

glee gif

9. Nathan Everets from Boys Like YouI gush about this novel on a regular basis, I know, but Nathan Everets!! This novel came along at just the right time for me, because it hit all the high notes and left me with a big cheesy grin on my face wanting more. Check out my full review of Boys Like You.

“It had been so long since I’d let anyone touch me, let alone hold me like this. Like we were already a part of each other. “Are you done waiting?” “Yeah,” he said throatily. “I am.”

10. Callum from Noughts and Crosses: Ugh. Callum. I crushed out on Callum when I first read this book at the grand old age of 14, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I reread it last year and still crushed out on him at the slightly older age of 24. Check out my Noughts and Crosses series overview.

““I pulled him closer to me, wrapping my arms around him, kissing him just as desperately as he was kissing me. Like if we could just love long enough and hard enough and deep enough, then the world outside would never, could never hurt us.”

ariel gif

Share with me some of your favourite book boyfriends/girlfriends! Who makes you swoon?

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48 Responses

  1. Yvo

    Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 are definitely two of my favorite dystopian classics, and both books are brilliant and definitely worth reading. To Kill A Mockingbird is another favorite of mine, as well as One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. 🙂


  2. I really really need to meet Never Never and Slammed. I love Colleen Hoover so much so I really just have to read all her books. Yes yes for Chaol and Noah though! Love then both so much!


  3. Book Club Babe

    I’m not familiar with any of these, but book boyfriends are a great topic! My heart belongs to Heathcliff ❤


  4. I adore Chaol! Although I have to admit that the 3rd book gave me some new male characters to love. I’ve read some Colleen Hoover and always love her male characters but I have yet to read Slammed and Never Never -but now I can’t wait for the latter, I’ll need to read it soon. You made me want to (re)read almost every single book on your list!


  5. I haven’t read ANY of these books so unfortunately I can’t swoon with you, but I’m clicking through to all your reviews now to decide who I should consider falling in love with 😛 I have a copy of Pushing the Limits so I might start there.
    I can’t really think of any book boyfriends right now… although I kind of have a huge girl crush on Cinder.


  6. Brandie

    WILL COOPER! It makes me happy to see you loved Slammed. This was my first CoHo book, the one that started my obsession!


  7. Kathy

    I’ve only read one of the books on your list, Slammed. Will Cooper definitely has a permanent place in my heart, too.


  8. Cait

    OMG. I CANNOT RIGHT NOW. I SHIP CHAOLENEA SO HARD THAT I CANNOT. IJUST. YES. PLEASE. THEY MUST FIX THIS. **cries forever because seriously believes they won’t fix it** I mean, I would’ve felt more positive if there’d been a whiff of them in Heir of Fire BUT THERE WAS NOT. Hooooow could SJM let this happen?!!


  9. OMG, there are so many swoon-worthy men on this list, now all I want to do is read every book on this list because I need to refresh my memory on some of these swoon-worthy fellas, and some of these books I haven’t read! Is Slammed good, it’s on my kindle waiting to be read and I’ve not motivated myself to read it yet?


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