Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’ll NEVER Read

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Seven Books I’ll NEVER Read

“Cuz we-eeee, are never, ever, ever, getting back together” – I’m not the only one who had this stuck in their head the whole way through writing this post, right? I don’t know if I can ever say I’ll never read a book. That’s pretty extreme. There are books I ran from as a teen that I’m now finding myself wanting to read… things change, ya know? That being said, here are ten books that I can’t see myself ever getting through –

1. Worst. Person. Ever by Douglas Coupland: I won this through Goodreads First Reads. Apparently, Coupland has quite a dedicated following. This baffles me. Worst. Person. Ever is described as “razor-sharp” “side-splittingly funny” and “unforgettable”. One out of three ain’t bad. Just no.

No thank you please gif

2. The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks: This is a cult classic, a cult classic people! I should know by now that usually means I’m going to hate it. I’m going to try it one more time, before it says “hello” to the charity shop.

3. Cuckoo Song by Francis Hardinge: This was one of the first books I was approved for on NetGalley, which is probably the reason I stuck with it longer than I should have (back when I had trouble DNFing). This has an average rating of 4.15 on Goodreads, so what do I know? It was complicated and confusing, there was a lack of world-building, I couldn’t get with the characters…

i can't even gif

4. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams: I’ve heard a lot about these books and snapped up the whole series from The Book People. I delved into them full of high hopes and anticipation, and they just didn’t work for me – another cult classic – you’ll notice a pattern here. Luckily, they are going to get a loving home with Becky (I promise I will send these soon!).

5. The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka: Kafka. Hmm. I don’t know if I’ll ever go here to be honest. I have quite a literal mindset (other than when I read fantasy, go figure), but I just don’t get the premises for this. And the way people talk about Kafka? Intimidating, no?

6. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson: Guys! I still can’t get through this book. I can’t get past the first chapter! I tried, I’ve tried!!

I tried gif

7. Ulysses by James Joyce: Has anyone read this to be able to give me guidance on whether I will be able to 1) understand this book (stream of consciousness writing style and/or 2) enjoy this book? I just… ugh.

Are there any books on this list you would defend until your last breath?!? Which books have you picked today? Link me up in the comments so I can convince you otherwise! 😉



      1. Just wow, lol. I love a few of them a lot.
        I guess that what I love about books, you can love a book and another might not, that what makes writing even more fun 😀


      2. I love Douglas Adams a lot ❤
        Franz Kafka was a light read, lol. No… but it was a good read 😀
        James Joyce is hard, but I it was a good read as well 🙂


  1. But, but, but… The Wasp Factory is so good! Though, i went into that with nothing to go on other than “animal torture” so was expecting the very worst. But really, i enjoyed it a lot, then the ending was brilliant and it is a firm favourite of mine.

    I do own and want to read Hitchhiker’s, Metamorphosis and Ulysses. And i’m still undecided on Dragon Tattoo… i saw the English-language film, but am not sure i want to read about some of the things that happen :\


    1. I even get italics? It must be love. You have me intrigued with this talk of the ending… the part I didn’t get to… I might pick it up one more time, just for you 😉

      We could maybe tackle one of those three together? I have heard Dragon Tattoo has lots of violence and sexual violence, described in great detail – sexual violence is a real problem for me, even in movies sometimes, I can get a bit… queasy over it? R x


  2. It took me awhile to get past the first chapter of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo also but once I got past that and a little bit farther, it got really good! I love that series.


    1. Worst. Person. Ever was only out a year or two ago I think, so that could explain it maybe? I was expecting major dry and sarcastic humour but what I got felt… confused and awkward. A Wasp Factory lover! I think the sinister undertone was difficult for me, and a lack of caring about the characters. I will give it another go as it isn’t a very long novel (and came in a collection of three, so I’ve another two to look forward to!) but I might try to find a new home for them… Do you own a copy of it??? Lol R x


    1. Surprisingly, some of my picks have divided the crowd today, which I wasn’t expecting. I can’t see me picking these up any time soon – my TBR is overflowing with books I’m already excited for! R x


  3. I completely understand why you say you won’t read some of these books, I completely disagree with Hitchhiker’s, I read the first one and loved it, and then never got around to reading the rest (there are a lot of books and I am the worst about going to the library, thus the absolute greatness of getting this series from you, I can do attempt number 2 to get past the first book). That book’s tone works for me, it’s my kind of humour, but it isn’t for everyone.

    And Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a book, a series even, that requires dedication. The first few chapters are hard to read, but a friend once told me you get past the technical crap at the beginning and it gets so much better and it is true. Once you get to the actual story I was hooked, but it is filled with so much useless crap that it is difficult to get there.


    1. You will have ALL of them soon! There’s like 8 in my set, six original books and two bonus books (??). I can’t wait to send them to you, it’ll be my achievement of the week/month/year!

      Hmmm. I’m going to have to try Girl With The Dragon Tattoo again, aren’t I? R x


  4. I think I’m with you on most of these. I’m more likely to read Kafka.. but I like the idea of it. Still.. I’ve had it sitting in my TBR list for a loooong time.

    Eh, I think I started a rec-war on my Top Ten.. But you know, sometimes you can feel it in your gut that you just won’t get to reading a certain book.. even if it IS the Hunger Games.. *cough*


    1. There’s a couple of them, like Kafka that I haven’t tried yet, and because of hype etc. I’ll still consider giving them a go, but in reality I have so many books I can’t wait to get to on my TBR that it isn’t likely to happen. Ohhhh… Hunger Games. Controversial pick! I did read the three of them in 4 days and it was COMPULSIVE reading, but I did feel the third book was a little… off? Unfinished? I’d read it again though. R x

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I have The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and haven’t been able to pick it up, yet. I refuse to say I’ll never read it, but in truth, the outcome looks pretty grim.


  6. I would definitely defend The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but I think when I read it, it took me some time to get into it. But I liked it because it was so different from the stuff that I usually read. And then I found that I just could not put it down. Lisbeth is a fascinating character. *whistles and slowly walks away*


  7. I forced my way through Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. Awful. I finished it only because I can’t not finish a book but I wouldn’t read the last 2 books of that series if someone gave them to me.


    1. I hear such mixed things because I know some people struggled with the start of it, and went on to love it! I will give it one more go some day, but I think I might just watch the movie… R x


  8. The Metamorphosis is a bit of an odd duck, isn’t it? Was it about a person turning into a moth? Beetle? Can’t remember, but it reminds me of that 80s Sci-Fi, The Fly. Lol.


  9. Okay, I completely understand your reasoning and there’s not judgment here, but Hitchhiker’s Guide and Metamorphosis are awesome. To me. I LOVE Hitchhiker’s Guide for it’s humor. Metamorphosis was one of those I was forced to read in college and ended up actually really enjoying.


    1. My hitchhiker series are being rehomed, but I have the first one as an ebook, so I will try it again, but the humour didn’t work for me last time I picked it up. I’m kind of raging, it’s such a cult classic, that I really wanted to love it more. Metamorphosis… I just don’t know if I can handle it, Stef! What do you think? Is it up my street?? R x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I kind of thought you’d appreciate the Hitchhiker humor. How long ago did you try to read it?

        I don’t know about Metamorphosis. It might not be your kind of book. It’s definitely a very classic-feel, and it’s strange.


      2. Hmm… about a year or slightly more ago? I have a very dry wit and am very sarcastic, so a lot of people thought it would work for me, but I think it’s the absurdity of it, I really can’t do slapstick style comedy, it was “way out there” and I usually find myself switching off. A movie example for me is Anchorman and Scary Movie, I really don’t like that kind of humour. I might attempt some Metamorphosis some day, and then you can laugh at my ridiculous outbursts when I don’t get it lol R x

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  10. I agree with you about Hitchhiker’s. I don’t think it is funny. I have not read The Girls With the Dragon Tattoo or Ullysses, and I am avoiding them for the same reasons as you.


  11. I could be mistaken but aren’t you Irish–and isn’t Ulysses like a rite of passage for your folk LOL (much like how I’m sure Anne of Green Gables or ANYTHING Atwood is for me).

    And I could might as well have made this list with books that I’ve received from Netgalley only to not read. I’m a special kind of blogger like that with my ever-decreasing ratio–so much that I’m winning if the goal was to plummet!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.


    1. LOL Joey! Yes, I am Irish. And therefore a terrible person for not being able to understand/really wanting to read Joyce’s masterpieces. I wish I could appreciate them more, but I’ve a feeling they’re not for me. Hmm. It’s a rite of passage for an English Literature major, it’s generally seen as not being that accessible, so the majority of people who’ve said they’ve read it (whether true or not) use it as a way to show their superior intellect. We have other rites of passage that are much more… friendly. R x


  12. I pretty much think I wouldn’t try any of these either!! I’ve always been slightly curious of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo..but not curious enough to actual do something about it. HAHA. I AM SO BAD. But, um, probably not, since it sounds so boring. 0-0 Life is too short for boring books.


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