Top Ten Tuesday – My Author BFFs

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Author BFFs

This week’s topic is Top Ten Favourite Authors. I’ve concluded that the girls at The Broke and The Bookish are just cruel. I’m going to try and not make this too predictable (I said try), I’m also linking up any reviews I’ve written for books by these authors, so here we go!

1. J K Rowling – Author of Harry Potter. Did you think she wasn’t going to be on this list? Really?

2. Colleen Hoover – Author of Maybe Someday, Ugly Love, Losing Hope, Hopeless and Never Never. CoHo is my big love from 2014… I’m pretty sure I have Brandie to thank for this addiction. She does contemporary romance like no other author I’ve ever read. All hail the Queen!

3. Sarah J Maas – author of Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire. I’m so excited for this series, that I just can’t even function. I was petrified of reading it because of the hype. But I’m in love. I’m so in love!

4. Roxane Gay – author of Bad Feminist. OK, so I’ve only read one book of hers so far, but she is still a favourite. Bad Feminist was a fantastic read that I’m sure to pick up again and again. It should be compulsory reading in schools everywhere. If you’re remotely interested in feminism, racism, human rights or equality – pick it up.

5. Cassandra Clare – author of The Mortal Instruments series. I own The Infernal Devices, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. Clare is an autobuy author for me, I’ll keep devouring books set in the Shadowhunter world until I sicken myself off them, which with the number of series she has planned in that universe, is entirely possible.

6. Katie McGarry – author of Pushing the Limits and Dare You To. I own more McGarry books that I haven’t read yet either, but so far, she’s definitely one of my favourite contemporary writers. Her work is addictive and a great big guilty pleasure read for me.

7. Jodi Picoultoddly, I’ve never reviewed a Picoult book on my blog, even though I own almost all of her backlist. If you like well written stories that explore “issues” such as family dynamics, ethics and a variety of illnesses and conditions, then look no further – Picoult has you covered. Personal favourites include House Rules, The Storyteller and Handle With Care.

8. Diane Chamberlain – another favourite author I’ve yet to review on this blog, although I did get to interview her, which is a blogging highlight for me! My rule of thumb is if you like Picoult, you’ll like Chamberlain. Great, solid story-telling but with a bit more meat!

9. Philippa Gregoryauthor of The Cousins’ War series. This is thee author that sparked my interest in historical fiction and made me completely fall for the Plantagenets/Tudor era of history, if only my teachers could see me now! I gobble that stuff up.

10. Meg Cabot and Jacqueline Wilson – I couldn’t decide between these two favourite childhood authors, and they deserve a spot on this list because even though I haven’t read anything by them in quite a few years, they still regularly come up in conversations about my reading habits. Old school nostalgia at its finest.

Uhhh. My list is all females. I need to work on that. Anyone have any amazing male author recs??

Are any of the authors who made my list favourites of yours too? Do you have any recs for me based on this list? Link me up to your Top Ten Tuesday post in the comments and let me know! 



  1. Colleen Hoover is an author that I want to be my favourite. Sadly, I have yet to read the majority of her books. The same goes with Sarah J. Maas! And I think you’ll like Leigh Bardugo’s books if you’re a Maas fan. 🙂

    Here’s my TTT


    1. I think I only have the Slammed series to go and then I’m all caught up with her. I LOVE her! Oh, Oh! Get on to Maas’ books. So good. SO, SO GOOD. Like I’ll take a day off work when the next one comes out to read it – that good. Thanks for the rec, I’ve been thinking about that one, I need more fantasy after Maas made me love it! R X


  2. Jacqueline Wilson doesn’t make my list, but she was such a major author for me growing up. She’s so honest about all these difficult situations, but also really funny.


    1. I had to pay homage to two children’s authors I loved because I mention them all the time, even now. I love how she handles all these tricky situations without patronising her readers. I learned SO MUCH because of Wilson. Amazing author. R x

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  3. Nothing wrong with some girl power!! haha 🙂 My favorite male author is John Green, but I also really like Charles Dickens. (Wow those are basically opposite ends of the spectrum!) Great list!


    1. I LOVE Gregory’s series. I really want to read her other historical fiction series (I’m holding out for a bundle offer on The Book People) but I recently picked up her YA series, which I think is more fantasy with some real historical elements, just to give it a go. But I need more from her! You should continue on with the TOG series, it gets better!! R x


    1. I just got approved for Nowhere But Here by McGarry and I’m excited! I need to catch up on my review books! Meg Cabot was pretty much my teen years, loved her books! R x


    1. It was definitely such a great feminist read – I know some of them can be quite old-school, man-hating and bra-burning, but Bad Feminist was a breath of fresh air! R x

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  4. Screw the males, having an all-female list is more than okay! 😉

    I just… i don’t get JKR. She is just not at all a stand-out author to me; she’s average. (Her imagination is A++, however.)


    1. I guess it’s pretty topical, but I feel I need to diversify a bit after this! Lol I should have named it Here Come The Girls…

      WUT?! 😥 Her imagination is fantastic, and maybe it’s because the books hold so many memories for me, or so much nostalgia, but I love her writing style, and I found while reading The Cuckoo’s Calling that I could still identify her style in an adult text… It could be childhood bias though… Lol R x


    1. Urgh, I’m DYING for the rest of the series and I hate that there’s still three to go. Well, I love/hate it because the anticipation is a kind of delicious agony. I’m so scared though. Like, no pressure, Maas, but PLEASE don’t mess this one up!! R x

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  5. What an excellent list! Colleen didn’t make my list, but I am certainly a fan of hers. You’ve piqued my curiosity for Phillipa Gregory, now.


    1. Ohhhhhh – she’s soo good!! I watched The White Queen BBC TV adaptation before reading the series (the TV show starts around book 2 and finishes around book 4/5, and the TV show doesn’t spoil you for the books really, it’s V well done!). Do It!!! R x


  6. Colleen Hoover! I left her out of my list but I’ve noticed I always enjoy her books and stories, always a good plot. I haven’t read anything by Cassandra Claire but now I think I have to do it. Also, Sarah J Maas, is in every post of these I’ve read but she isn’t in mine. Terrible, really. Gotta fix that. Also I had heard about Bad Feminist before but you’ve made me consider reading it really soon, thank you!

    Incase you wanna see my post!


    1. To me, she’s a very original contemporary writer, and even if it is a storyline you’ve seen somewhere before, she puts an original spin on it. I LOVE HER. I know there can be mixed reviews on Clare’s work, but I find it addictive, and she has diversity!! LGBT characters in the midst of a YA urban fantasy?? Yes, please! Bad Feminist is FAB! Next on my hit-list are Everyday Sexism and The Feminist Manifesto. Let me know what you think if you read any of the books! R x


  7. Somehow I managed to forget Philippa Gregory, who is definitely my favourite author when it comes to historical fiction! Her books are great. 🙂
    I still haven’t read Colleen Hoover… I do own Maybe Someday though so I’ll hopefully get to it eventually?


    1. I haven’t read a lot of other historical fiction… well, I’ve read bits and pieces here and there but not much, and I’m still kind of afraid too because I think I won’t like it. I usually do though. I need to get over that… lol Agh!! Elen, get on to that right away. Bump it right up your TBR pile and then come back and thank me 😉 R x


  8. I’ve come across a few lists now that don’t have J.K. Rowling and I want to smack them!! (Just kidding!! … or am I?) Anyways, great list! We would have a few in common for sure, although as I’m not a big contempt reader, your contemporary authors wouldn’t have made it on my list because I haven’t really read anything from them! You make me super curious about Bad Feminist though.


    1. LOL I know the feeling, I LOOK for the JK and when she’s not there I feel let down. My top genres seem to be contemporary and fantasy, which is surprising because I didn’t realise I read that much contemporary. Apparently, I like to swoon. Bad Feminist. Ugh. So good. Pay full price good, which is impressive for me lol R x


    1. How much do I want more CoHo in my life??? A LOT. I have the Slammed series to keep me ticking over in the meantime, and of course Never Never Part 2!!! Squeee! I really want to try a couple of the books you rave about, because when it comes down to it we love so many of the same writers! R x


  9. JK Rowling and Sarah J Maas are two of my favorite authors as well. They’ve both revolutionized what the young adult fantasy genre is; and they do it so well. Thank you so much for sharing this and, as always, fabulous post! ❤


    1. I agree, Zoe! JK Rowling is a life-long favourite of mine, but I was far too intimated to even try high fantasy until I took the plunge with Maas, and it has opened the whole genre up for me! R x


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