Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I Want to Meet

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Authors I Would Love To Meet

I bet a lot of people can guess who’s going to appear on my list today… OK, we’ll start with the more obvious ones (for me), and then I’ll try to shake it up a bit!

J K Rowling Books

1. J K Rowling – I’d need prior warning before this rendezvous, so I could reread all of the Harry Potter books, do some research, make notes, and then go to this lunch date fully prepared. I want all the secrets, all the history, all the inside scoop. Ah, this would be bliss!

Cassandra Clare Books

2. Cassandra Clare – I was a little surprised when I realised I wanted Clare on my list. I do adore the Shadowhunter world, and have read all of The Mortal Instruments series, and have The Infernal Devices series just waiting to be binge read. How amazing would it be to have an in-depth conversation with the author about this world?… and try to find out answers on what’s to come!

Phillipa Gregory Books

3. Phillipa Gregory – I have this woman to thank for falling completely in love with this era of history. She ignited a fascination in me for all things Tudor, which subsequently led to me delving into time periods both before and after it too. We would have such wonderful conversations about the important role of females in history! I would come away with a bigger brain, I just know it.

Colleen Hoover Books

4. Colleen Hoover – Of course my Queen would make this list! I’d invite Brandie. We’d all drink cocktails and laugh together as we tried to figure out each-others’ accents. We’d swoon over impossibly delicious men, and marvel at her originality. I’d get everything I own by her signed, and leave saying ‘y’all” for the rest of my days.

Sarah J Maas Books

5. Sarah J Maas – I would love to meet the woman that jump-started my adoration for Fantasy and Fae. Her books just suck me into another world entirely, and I don’t ever want them to end! I’d have to get her drunk and convince her that Chaolaena is clearly meant to be!

6. Dr Kevin Dutton and Andy McNab – An unusual choice, I’m sure many of you would agree, but I recently read and reviewed The Good Psychopath’s Guide To Success – not only did I take a lot away from this book, but I love everything to do with psychology (I went through a time where I really wanted to study it at University), so I think meeting these two would be amazing.

7. Roxane Gay – How insightful, educational, informative, inspirational, liberating and hilarious do I think this meet-up would be? Very, that’s how much. I read and reviewed Bad Feminist at the start of this year, and I can’t sing the praises for that book loud enough. It should be compulsory reading for the universe.

8. Veronica Roth – Both to praise her for her bravery, and to ask why? WHY?!

9. E L James – Yes, people, you are reading this correctly. I’d love to meet E L James to ask her all those questions everyone wants to know the answer to – How does she feel about her books being so controversial? Does she agree or disagree that it’s a story of mental abuse and not a romance? Does she care considering she’s laughing all the way to the bank? How does she feel about the fact her fan fiction became a best-selling phenomenon? Does she plan to ever write anything again???

10. Jacqueline Wilson – Mostly for nostalgia. I met her once when I was about 10. I read nothing but her books when I was a kid, and I found so much comfort, knowledge and safety in her words. I learned a lot about the world from her at a young age, and would love to meet her as an adult.

Who are your Top Ten Authors You’s Love To Meet? Leave me a link to your post or let me know in the comments!

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29 Responses

  1. Brandie

    I love this!! I’m cracking up at your reasoning for EL James. Just awesome. You and me getting to meet CoHo would be a dream!! I WILL meet that woman some day!! It would be even better if we got to meet her together. This living so far apart really bites.


  2. Completely agree about JK Rowling. I would LOVE to meet her. She’s my idol. Also, I really hope you get to meet Sarah J. Maas one day because she is so wonderful and way funnier than I was expecting.
    My TTT!


      1. Oh my gosh, you sound like me. I look at Crown of Midnight and say there is no way they aren’t end game. You can’t tell me that what I felt reading it wasn’t a good indication of the direction Sarah J. Maas will eventually take her story. That was not an easy book and I need this pain to pay off somehow. They’re surely end game, right? RIGHT?!


  3. Interesting choices, totally agree with you about psychology. I studied it for a while and loved it. It would be great to meet Dr Kevin Dutton. Good choice with E L James, there would certainly be good conversation.


  4. You know, I had a thought of spinning this topic around and making it as “top ten authors I want my certain book bloggers to meet” and at the top of the list “CoHo: For Rx and Brandie”

    I think James would be good company for conversation (I haven’t read anything of hers, including interviews so this is a baseless opinion). I’m sure I’d have plenty of things to ask if that time came around.

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.


  5. Hahhah! You go, Rachel! Embrace your inner Anna. I wouldn’t mind meeting EL James,too. I just want her to sign my limited edition copies of FSoG (yes, limited editions. They exist. I have them).


  6. Colleen Hoover yes! I’ve been reading her books lately and I would want to ask her HOW HOWWWWW do you even write these things. Veronica Roth too, what a great imagination, wow.


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