Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Seven Books I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On (in the second half of 2015)

TTT 2015 Looking Forward 1

1. Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee – So, I finally read To Kill A Mockingbird this year, and the verdict is that I absolutely adored it! Even if this sequel is being published under suspicious circumstances, I’ve decided I am going to read it, because only having one Lee book in my life is just not enough.

2. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas – Do I really need to explain why this book is on my list? Really?! I’m madly in love with this series, and with Maas for showing me a Fantasy world (other than Harry Potter) that I can lose myself in. Le sigh. I can’t wait!

3. November Nine by Colleen Hoover – It’s NA, it’s contemporary, it’s Colleen Hoover. It’s romance. That is all any of us need to know. Now, gimmie!

4. Never Never Part 3 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher – There’s no cover yet, and I can’t wait to see this cover, because we’ve already lost one hand between Part 1 and Part 2 (which I have to read yet, but I will, this week!).

5. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon – I actually have an eARC of this one to read. The cover is what initially pulled me in, but that blurb is pretty hard to ignore – a girl who is allergic to the world? This should be good.

6. Dreamstrider by Lindsay Smith – I’m not even going to lie. It’s. All. About. The. Cover.

7. The Taming of the Queen by Philippa Gregory – So, I might have a couple of books on my TBR (*cough* four books on my TBR) by Philippa Gregory that I haven’t read yet, but this is a new one, and I love her. Reasons.

Realistically, I could only come up with 7 picks this week. My TBR overflowith, I usually pick up backlist books I want to read along the way, and I generally wait for a few reviews to come out before committing to a new read. Unless it’s a well loved author (see Hoover, Maas and Gregory above).

What are your ten picks for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday? My TBR is shaking already with all the books I’m sure to add to it today! Link me up in the comments!



    1. In a nutshell, Lee never intended to release any other works, and her sister (who I believe was a lawyer) protected her interests because she’s quite ill now. It was very soon after her sister’s death that the contract for this book was signed, and some believe she’s not of sound mind to be making the decision to release it, but she has no family left to advise her or look after her interests. Some comments I’ve seen for the individual’s responsible at the publisher have been less than ethical too. It’s all surrounded by some controversy… R x


    1. I think it does! I just don’t want the agony of the wait again for the next part. I’m debating holding off reading it until Part 3 is released… I might just binge them all in a row then… R x


  1. Of course both CoHo’s made my list, too. I can’t wait!!!! The cover for Every Thing Every Thing is calling to me. Going to Goodreads to check it out. xx B


    1. MORE COHO! Yay. I rearranged my pitiful book shelves this weekend and have all my CoHo’s together now. So, so pretty. I’ve heard good things B! It’s still on NetGalley I think, if you’re interested 😉 R x

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      1. It just dawned on me a week ago that I don’t own every CoHo book in paperback, yet. I feel like such a failure. I need Never, Never one and two in paperback asap!!

        I requested that book on Netgalley – just waiting and hoping to get approved!!


      2. Haha you’re not a failure for that! I feel like more of a failure, because I’m STILL holding out in the hopes that somehow, somewhere along the way, her publisher will wake up and realise they’re missing out on bucks here and do a bind-up. I’m DYING for a bind-up. Mostly because the novellas here are like £5 each, and I can’t justify £15 for a “book”. Maybe they’ll go on sale?? Lol Fingers crossed you get approved for it! R x

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    1. I have a Gregory collection, but really need to actually read more of them! Lol I have the 6 books in the Counsins’ War series, I’ve read them all except book 6, so that’s not too bad. But I couldn’t find a good enough deal on the Tudor Court series, but could find one on her YA series, so I went and bought three of those. Alas, they remain on my TBR pile. When this one comes out, I’ll still pick it up though. I’m nothing if not a dedicated hoarder lol R x


  2. How could i forget about Never Never part 3!? Im nuts lol
    But Go set a watchman… I’m so freaking exited for it ❤
    and November nine!
    We do have some of the same books 🙂


  3. I’m the complete opposite I have so many books it’s ridiculous I should probably attempt to control myself. I much prefer to read books blind without reading reviews which is probably why there are so many books on my list.

    I’ve only just discovered Dreamstrider and I cannot wait for it, isn’t that cover amazing?


    1. I do that sometimes (if it’s a cheap impulse buy), but if it’s an author/genre I’m not familiar with, and can’t pick up cheap (Shatter Me, Burying Water) I tend to hold off a little. The books in my list are either autobuys, or ones I’m actively keeping an eye out for, otherwise they’ll either fall in my lap or they won’t. There’s only so many I go hunting down lol How UNREAL is that cover?! I just hope the contents are as amazing! R x


  4. Go Set A Watchman is definitely going to be showing up on this list! So far it’s 2 for 2 in the #1 spot for those I’ve visited. The circumstances surrounding the manuscript and publication only heighten the draw, I think. I cannot wait to see what’s in store in this book…and draw my own conclusions. 🙂


    1. I’m really looking forward to it, there’s so much expectation though I really hope it doesn’t disappoint! Scout as an adult?! I can’t WAIT! R x


    1. Thanks for commenting! I’m a Hoover addict, I think except for Never Never P2 I’ve read her whole backlist now. You’re in for a treat, get on to those ASAP! R x


  5. Ahhhhh!!! I’m so happy you read TKaM and loved it! It is one of my favorite books, and I’m counting down for Go Set a Watchman. I have November 9 on my TBR list. I am amazed at how Colleen Hoover can pump out a unique story with no cliche storylines every single time.


    1. I’m so glad I loved it too! I’m always so hesitant when it comes to classics, but because I genuinely loved this one it has encouraged me to keep trying them to see what other gems I can find! I’m amazed at CoHo too. Some books take ten years to write, and granted she may not be literary, but for contemporary romance she’s up there as the best for me, and she is getting these unique storylines bang on every time! R x


  6. Queen of Shadows has to be one of my most anticipated books! I went to check out Dreamstrider just because of the gorgeous cover and it sounds interesting so I added it to my TBR! I’m torn on Go Set a Watchman, I’ve ALWAYS wanted more books from Harper Lee but with the controversy around the book it makes me weary to read it. I hope you enjoy all of these!

    Denise @ Dandelionn Wine


    1. I can’t wait for more Throne of Glass!!! 😀 I’m not sure how I feel about the Lee controversy either, but I know I’ll be too curious not to give the sequel a go, I loved Mockingbird so much and I’m so curious to see Scout as a woman! R x


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