2016 Discussion Challenge


Last year, I took part in the 2015 Discussion Challenge, hosted by Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight and Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction. I’ve yet to do my 12 month Challenge Check-In, but I’m pretty sure this was one I didn’t actually fail at miserably! So of course, I’m bringing it back this year!

My discussions started off with a bang last year (they’re all listed here), but then I hit a pretty bad blogging slump and my discussions were unfortunately also a casualty. I have to say though, some of the discussions I’m most proud of happened during this slump. I just had to get to a computer and vent! (#NotAskingForIt being the most obvious).

Why Did I Sign-Up?

Reviewing my performance for last year, I actually managed to fit in 24 discussions, which isn’t as bad as I thought at all! In my blogging and bookish resolutions for 2015, I aimed for 1 per month… I’m patting myself on the back right now… I’m signing up this year because I did find that being part of this challenge encouraged me to put my pen to paper, or my fingers to the keyboard. Also, I have 38 posts sitting in my drafts, so why the hell not?! This year though, I want to focus more on visiting other bloggers’ discussions, and I really want to remember to link mine up in the monthly wrap-up. I always forget that part! Same as last year, I’m going to link to posts I’ve written throughout the year below:

January Discussions
February Discussions
March Discussions
April Discussions
May Discussions
June Discussions
July Discussions
August Discussions
September Discussions

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