My #OTSPSecretSister Experience

#OTSP Secret Sister Experience

#OTSPSecretSister is the fabulous invention of Brittany @ Book Addict’s Guide, Alyssa @ Books Take You Places and Amy @ Tripping Over BooksThe project is a “cheer club”, where you are paired with a “Secret Sister” and send them letters, cards and gifts over the course of 6 months, before revealing to them who you are. While you’re doing this, you have your own Secret Sister who’s looking out for, and sending cheer, to you.

The project is currently on Round 4, I believe. It started as US only, but now there are Secret Sisters in the UK, Canada and Australia too. You can check out #OTSPSecretSister on Twitter to see what we all get up to, as most of us are super active on the hashtag. It’s become such a “thing” that businesses like BookOutlet even tweet to the group. I had such a great experience taking part (so much so that I’m doing it again!), and thought I’d put this post together to share the love for my previous sisters!

My Secret Sister – Dani @ Dani Reviews Things

Yes. I was très spoiled.

Dani was SUCH an amazing Secret Sister, and has since become a genuine friend. From the start, I knew I’d been paired with someone special – I passed my exams and she sent me the most thoughtful and HILARIOUS card. We have a similar sense of humour (actually we discovered we have quite a bit in common – females working in male dominated industries, ambition, education geeks, girlie tomboys, we had much to talk about!) and I was so excited to get to know her. At the end of our six months, Dani hinted that we may have been playing a bit of a game with each other, as she suspected that I knew she was my Secret Sister, but she didn’t say anything, it was very:

They Don't Know We Know Gif

I may have a small confession to make…

Dani, when you sent me Uprooted… Amazon may have put your name on the enclosed document… BUT I didn’t go looking for you. I just knew your name, and I had a few OTSPSecretSisters talking to me on Twitter with the same name. Eventually though? I had a feeling it was you, but playing online hide and seek was so much fun! 😀

While we haven’t kept in touch by letter (it is fun and nostalgic, but long-term? I’m mostly worried I’ve said the same thing in 5 previous letters, and want to write enough to fill 10 pages, so not that practical), we regularly chat over Twitter, watch Shadowhunters “together” every week, and *fingers crossed* I’ll be going to YALC this year and we’ll actually get to meet in person! We might even send a letter every now and then for special occasions too… Go check out Dani’s blog and follow her on Twitter, she’s FAB ❤

The Secret Sister I Sent To – Daphne @ Winged Reviews

What do you do when you’re paired with a super-talented blogger who does fabulous bookish photos, regularly chats to and meets authors, and even has their own bookish business? You panic! I positively STALKED Daphne to try and find out as much as I could about her, and to see what bookish items she already owned. I couldn’t give her my postal address to respond to my letters, as I’d previously won a giveaway held by her, and even though I’m in the UK, lets just say my address is pretty unique, and I didn’t want to give myself away. Instead, I set up an anonymous email address that she could contact me at, which seemed to work pretty well.

Receiving Secret Sister packages really perks you up (it helped that Dani was basically psychic, because her packages always arrived when I needed them most!), but spoiling someone else is very fun, though at times it can be quite daunting! I hope Daphne liked having me as her Secret Sister, she works super hard on her blog and in the community and definitely deserved it!

I would encourage everyone to take part in this project at least once (one of the hosts needs to “know” you before you can participate, so go say hello and introduce yourself!), especially all of my UK/Ireland blogging peeps, who I just KNOW would love this and make FAB sisters!

Have you taken part in OTSPSecretSister? How did you find the experience? What are your top Secret Sister tips? Share with me in the comments!

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25 Responses

  1. I can’t believe I gave myself away before it even started!!! *cries dramatically*
    It’s kinda scary to see all of the things I sent in one go, as it didn’t feel like that much while I was doing it! The box of smelly things (you understand, right?) was my favourite to send, as I maaaay have also bought stuff for myself at the same time. Who doesn’t like to spoil themselves from time to time, eh?
    Also…I almost sent you a unicorn t-shirt but then chose the Shadowhunter one instead…wouldn’t that have been funny???
    And that wand necklace you sent… I HAVE THE SAME ONE!
    It was amazing being your sister!!!!

    …Now let’s watch Shadowhunters 😀

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  2. Lauren Becker

    Thanks for sharing your experience! This is actually my first time doing this, but it’s been a lot of fun. I love getting AND giving gifts. I’ve always loved buying for other people, so I’ve had a blast trying to find the perfect gifts for my sister. I do hope she loves them, even though I’ve only sent one box so far. I know I loved my first box from my own sister.

    It looks like you got and gave some really fun gifts last round!



  3. Inge

    Ha, and Daphne was the secret sister who sent me packages last round! 🙂 She’s such an amazing and beautiful and generous person. She was a lovely secret sister.

    I love this post! This is my second round of secret sistering (yes that’s a verb now) and I love everything about it. Spreading cheer, receiving cheer, the community. It’s incredible.


  4. I’ve loved being involved in #OTSPSecretSister and I think writing a post about the experience is a great idea! Sounds like you really bonded with your sis! (Not that you don’t love your real sis or anything – I don’t want her to get mad at me! LOL!)

    By the way, happy blogoversary!! I’m not sure what year you’re on, but I’m wishing you many more years of blogging love!


  5. I see this happening every year and every year I manage to forget about it. You even reminded me on Twitter and still I missed it because I don’t check my phone regularly enough (seriously, why have I phone when I insist on leaving it upstairs on silent whilst I sit downstairs readings?). It always looks like so much fun, if insanely daunting because I am the least social person ever. I am an epic worrier when given something to think about so it always puts me off. I know the good parts outweigh any worries but God it’s so intimidating. Next year I will definitely (probably?) take part in this because you make it seem so great and being social is a good thing, right?


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