Sync – Free Audiobooks!

Sync Free Audio Books

SYNC give away two complete audio-book downloads (a current YA title paired thematically with a Classic) every week in summer for 13 weeks, starting on May 15th. I’ve never “read” an audio-book before, but since joining the book blogging community I’ve heard so many bloggers say great things about audio-books and decided I would try them. What better way than by trying them for 13 weeks for free??

The titles are delivered through the OverDrive Media Console; I have this on my smartphone and tablet and already use it to “borrow” eBooks from my local library. You can sign-up on SYNCs website to receive notifications of when the free audio-book downloads are available (each title is only available to download for 7 days), and the best bit is once it’s downloaded, it’s yours to keep!

Some titles have international restrictions and are only available in certain territories. As I’m based in the UK, I assumed this would mean there wouldn’t be much for me to choose from, but luckily most of the titles are available (including pretty much all of the ones I actually wanted to “read”), see this guide for the non-US listener.

Below is the full list of titles available, each title is linked to the download page on SYNC, and you can click here for samples of each one.

Those links took forever, so I really hope someone benefits from it! Will you be participating in the SYNC audio-book promotion? Which books would you want to download? I’m looking forward to Code Name Verity, Forgive me, Leonard Peacock and Anne of Green Gables! 

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  1. I was super excited about this when I heard about it on Twitter. I’m not sure if I’ll actually take full advantage of it though because anytime I tried to listen to audiobooks it’s never really worked out for me :/ I really want to read Code Name Verity though, so I might have to give it a try!


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