Bookish Deals and Discounts #3 Huge Summer Savings

Exclusive Book Discount Codes

I’m not sure how useful these codes are for you guys, but some of these are too good not to write about! I try to spread the word through Twitter too, but me and Twitter mostly have a hate/hate relationship… I’m double-posting today :-/ but some of these deals are available this weekend only! (Friday 18th – Monday 21st July).

The Works: based in the UK but deliver internationally, The Works are brilliant for their “6 fiction books for £10” deal and you’re sure to snap up a book or crafty bargain.

They currently have a sale on selected items on their site, but as well as that they are offering 30% off (excluding promotional deals like the one mentioned above – though sometimes this works anyways, so worth checking) with promotional code “SUMMER30”.

Deals and Discounts July 14Worth Checking Out: 

Bonus Saving: Make your purchase through Quidco for an additional (huge) 21% cashback on all sales (including all promotions). So if you get 6 books for £10 you’ll save 21%. If you get something like the Wicked 2 Book Set, you’ll save 30% off the full price of £5.99, making it £4.20, and get an additional 21% cashback on that price, bringing it down to just £3.30. That’s £1.65 per book! You can see where I’m going with this, massive savings are to be had, and spend over £20 for free UK delivery. *Phew*

The Book People: based in the UK but deliver internationally, The Book People have great collections and if you dig around a little you’re likely to find some great reads at rock bottom prices. They currently have a July Jubilee Sale on, as well as offering 10% discount with the promotional code “AFFANCY”.

Deals and Discounts July 14 #2Worth Checking Out:

Bonus Saving: Make your purchase through Quidco for an additional 5% off your order (in cashback). Quidco is free to sign up to, and when I make a purchase online I always check if the company is listed on Quidco first. The Book People rarely offer a discount on their website and a decent Quidco offer together, so might be worth picking up that book you’ve had your eye on (normal Quidco cashback rate is around 2%).

The Book Depository are offering 5% off new customer sales and 1.5% off current customer sales through Quidco.

Waterstones are offering 4% cashback on orders under £25 and 6% cashback on orders over £30 through Quidco.

Please note: Some links provided in this post are affiliate links.

Do you know of any other deals happening this month? Do you plan to take advantage of these offers? Let me know if you purchase anything in the comments!

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