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Exclusive Book Discount Codes

I’m obsessed with getting a good deal – the whole “extreme couponing” thing hasn’t really taken off here in the UK, but if it had you could guarantee that I’d be all over it. I’m signed up to a few cash-back sites and check for deals and coupon codes for my favourite websites pretty regularly, so thought I’d share them with you here:

The Book PeopleThe Book People are a website I use pretty frequently, they are based in the UK but also deliver internationally. They’re a discount book site that already offer great prices, but occasionally will have an extra X% off, sometimes with free delivery (in the UK). Currently, they’re offering an extra 10% off (and free delivery in the UK if you spend £25) when you use the discount code AFBREEZE. Valid until 15/05/2014.

Hunger Games 3 book setTop Picks:

Check out their collections/sets as these are always great value, and keep an eye out for new releases/popular fiction at great prices.

The WorksThe Works is another UK-based company that I would use pretty regularly to find great deals and offers on books and bookish items (international delivery includes Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia). I love their 6 books for £10 promotion and they have great collections and sets too. Currently, they are offering an additional 15% off all orders in May when you use the discount code May-15 (you also get free UK delivery when you spend £20 or more). Valid until 31/05/2014.

Game of Thrones Book SetTop Picks:

The 6 Fiction Books for £10 deal is always one to look out for, the site is great for children’s books, stationary and other odds and ends too.

quidco-logo-rgbIf these discounts weren’t good enough, I’m also signed up to Quidco (a UK-based cash-back website similar to the US e-bates). So, when I’m ordering anything online I always check if there are any vouchers or cash-back offers on Quicdo first and select which retailer to purchase from based on that. The great thing is that both The Book People and The Works are on Quidco – if you’re signed up to Quidco (which is free) you click through their link to make a purchase – and voila! Instant discount. The Book People are currently offering 3% cash-back on all sales (this fluctuates regularly) and The Works are offering a massive 18% cash-back (this has stayed steady for a while).

Discount Recap

So, if you order £40 worth of books on The Works (which are already discounted from RRP) and apply the discount code above, your total is reduced to £34. If you click through Quidco to make the purchase, your order goes down further to £27.88, which is still over the £20 limit for free delivery and you’ve just saved a cool £12.12. Not bad at all, eh?

These websites may not always have the newest releases at great prices (but sometimes they do – so check!), so it’s handy that Quidco also have offers for The Book Depository, Waterstones, and Amazon. Happy Shopping 🙂

Please Note: most of the links provided in this post are affiliate links for the websites mentioned. However, I do genuinely shop with these retailers and check for discounts and offers regularly and thought I would create a feature to pass those savings on.

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      1. thebookheap

        haha I check wordpress first thing in the morning/before I get on with the rest of my day so my dash refreshed with your new post pretty quickly!
        That’s pretty nifty though! I tend to just buy all my books new and used through the amazon marketplace so I’m recycling people’s unwanted books for super cheap ;3 good to know the discounts are there though!

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  1. Who doesn’t love a good deal?! I’m gonna have to check out The Book People since they delivery internationally. There is special edition set of UK Hunger Game covers I’d love to get my hands on!


      1. The shipping is always were they get you. It looks like the cheapest shipping option to the US would be $20 making the whole series cost around $50. I realized I don’t want them that bad, haha.


  2. Great post! I go to my local Works all the time, it has so many great deals but I have never thought to buy online. I completely forgot about Book People, so will definitely be checking that one out. I use Book Depository as it has free shipping and is always cheaper than going to buy the book at my local book shop.


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