9 Month Challenge Check-In!

Reading Challenge 2015My reading and blogging has been out of whack for a while now, and I’ve been rolling with it instead of stressing over it. Natural peaks and troughs, right? But I’m very much still here, and I’m feeling a blogging bug hitting, so I’m easing myself back to blogging with a (slightly overdue) Challenge Check-In!

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Goal 52 Books Achieved 53 Books
Yay! I’ve hit my goal! I’m not going to increase it, anything from here on in is a nice bonus, but I like to aim for an average of 1 book per week, and I’m really happy I’ve hit this target, and even happier I did it reading some great books this year. If only my TBR was getting smaller, but it’s not, it’s still growing (alarmingly).

Popsugar Reading Challenge

Goal 50 Books Achieved 25
I started this as a fun challenge, and a way to try and read a little more diversely, or at least with a little more variety. Now that I’ve completed my Goodreads Challenge, I kind of want to work on this one to see if I can complete it by the end of the year.

The ReRead Challenge

Goal 12 Achieved 1
HA! My desire to reread is stronger than my ability to follow through. All the new books, all the TBR piles. When I retire in 40 years I can reread my library. It’ll be fine.

2015 Discussion Challenge

I didn’t set myself a goal for the number of discussions to post, but I know I have some more great discussion ideas that I need to get out of my brain and on to the screen… Check out my discussions here.

What Challenges are you participating in for 2015 and how are you getting on with them? If anyone has any great tips on rereading, please let me know!

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9 Responses

  1. I have my A-Z title and author challenges still to finish. It’s really hard to find books and Aug or names for some letters. Still few months to go, I’ll probably go all Manga madness at the end of year and finish the hardest parts then ;-P


  2. Ksenia

    I’m totally with you on rereading. There’re a lot of books I want to reread, but new releases always win. I’m so behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge, because I don’t have much time to read lately.


  3. I’m always afraid to do too many challenges because I know I’ll feel obligated to pick a certain book up and sometimes that can be no fun. Congrats on achieving your Goodreads goal, I just completely mine about a week ago too. Yay for us! Looking forward to seeing what other discussion topics you decide to explore.


  4. Brandie

    Yay for meeting your Goodreads goal!! I always feel good when I hit it.
    I miss seeing your posts. I hope all is well in your world!!


  5. Congrats on your progress, you’re doing well. I didn’t even try to set myself loads of challenges this year, I know I’d probably fail all of them except the Goodreads one. I read my 100 books, so that challenge is completed. But I know I wouldn’t have completed my reread goal, as I wanted to reread at least 20 books and I would be lucky if I looked through my Goodreads and found 3 or 4 haha.


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