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taylor swift book tag 1989

Charnell @ Reviews From A Bookworm created this tag in celebration of her (gorgeous!) new blog design. I love a good tag, so decided to take part. Check out her original 1989 Book Tag Post to see her answers.

I always liked Taylor’s music, but I was never really a fan of her, if that makes sense? Her music is becoming more addictive than ever though, and it seems like she’s infiltrating everywhere. So surprisingly, I know most of these songs.

Welcome to New York
You can want who you want, boys and boys and girls and girls.

1. A book with LGBT themes.

I’m cheating with two answers to this one. First up, is The Before Now and After Then by Peter Monn, a book I think really needs to get more attention! Next we have Far From You by Tess Sharpe, an amazing debut with an added hit of mystery.

Blank Space
You can tell me when it’s over, if the high was worth the pain.

2. A book that hit you right in the feels, but was totally worth it.

The Nightingale Kristin Hannah Book Cover

Going with a recent read for this one, The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah came highly recommended by Brandie and Lindsey, and it didn’t disappoint. Emotional, gripping, detailed. It gave me a massive book hangover and I can’t wait to reread it.

 I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

3. A book that you hated but you loved the cover.

Cuckoo Song Book Cover

I don’t DNF that often, and when I do the books don’t generally have amazing covers. One book comes to mind though, and that’s Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge. I just couldn’t mesh with this story, or the world, at all.

I’ve got a blank space baby and I’ll write your name.

4. Your latest book boyfriend/girlfriend.

Slammed Book Cover

There are so many options for this, but my most recent one that has stayed with me, is Will Cooper from Slammed. I absolutely loved the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover, and I think Will had a part to play in that!

We never go out of style.

5. A timeless classic you love.

To Kill A Mockingbird Book Cover

I could go with Harry Potter for this, because Harry Potter can usually be the answer to everything, but I’ll shake it up a little and pick To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I haven’t read Go Set A Watchman yet, but I will. I read Mockingbird this year and completely fell in love with the story.

Out of the Woods
The rest of the world is black and white, but we were screaming colour.

6. A book that had vivid world building.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas Book Cover

Harry Potter’s world building is phenomenal, but again, I’m going to go with something else…. The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas is my new love, the world building in it is fantastic.

The monsters turned out to be just trees.

7. A book where things weren’t exactly how they seemed.

We Were Liars by E Lockhart Book Cover

I have to agree with Charnell on this one and go with We Were Liars by E Lockhart. Very little can be said about this book, as it is best to go into it pretty much blind, but it was a great book.

All You Had To Do Was Stay
You were all I wanted… but not like this.

8. A book you were eagerly anticipating, but ended up being disappointed by.

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, Be Safe I Love You bu Cara Hoffman, and Paper Towns by John Green, are all books I was really looking forward to reading, that had received some great reviews, and that I felt disappointed by.

Shake It Off
The haters gonna hate…

9. A book/series that everyone seems to love but you can’t help but hate.

Hate is a strong word – I don’t hate these books, but I was underwhelmed by them compared to the love they get from the community. The DUFF, and If I Stay come to mind for this one.

I Wish You Would
I wish you knew I’ll never forget you as long as I live.

11. A book/series you know you will always love.

New Harry Potter Covers Bloomsbury

I can finally pick Harry Potter for this one. It’s a given really, isn’t it? I’ve loved it since I was 9 years old, I’m now 25 and I’m still obsessed with it.

I wish you were right here, right now.

12. An upcoming release you wish you could have right now!

Two books I’m really excited for are Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas and November 9 by Colleen Hoover, incidentally these are also two autobuy/favourite authors for me. I ended up getting books 1-3 of the Throne of Glass series signed (I won signed copies of 1 & 2, and bought a signed edition of book 3), and I would love to be able to keep this up for the rest of the series, but it’s unlikely.

Bad Blood
Now we’ve got bad blood, you know it used to be mad love.

13. A character you once loved but grew to hate.

I don’t think this has ever really happened to me. My feelings for a character may change marginally, but I don’t think it’s ever gone from love to hate.

Did you have to do this? I was thinking that you could be trusted. Did you have to ruin what was shiny? Now it’s all rusted.

14. An author you haven’t forgiven for the things they did to your favourite characters/books.

OK, I have a couple to mention here, the first being Veronica Roth and Allegiant. I can appreciate what she did, but I didn’t like it. Secondly, is Gillian Flynn and Gone Girl. I loved that book, but equally one of her decisions makes me hate it. Finally, we have Lauren Oliver and Requiem, which is one of the most frustrating conclusions ever. Oh, oh, and Suzanne Collins pissed me right off a couple of times in Mockingjay.

Wildest Dreams
I can see the end as it begins.

15. A book that was far too predictable.

This is a hard one… I think lots of contemporaries have predictable romances, but in a guilty-pleasure way. I’m going to go with The Gift by Cecelia Ahern, it was an OK read, but felt very predictable as it read like a modern re-telling of It’s A Wonderful Life.

Nothing lasts forever but this is getting good now.

16. A book/series that you wish could have gone on forever.

Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter. I know there’s a bonus to it being left perfect and untouched, but part of me wishes there was a series about the Marauders, and the next generation following on from Harry and Co. Cassandra Clare has done this quite successfully with Shadowhunters, we have series that span multiple generations, but I wonder how long it will last before the fandom become bored of it, or before a “bad” series ruins the overall success…

How You Get The Girl
That’s how it works, that’s how you get the girl.

17. One of your favourite books where they ‘got the girl’.

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover Book Cover

Is is weird that YA fiction reads more like the girl gets the guy? I’ll go with Maybe Someday for this one, because it’s definitely a guy gets the girl scenario, and it’s so damn cute, and the music, the music!

This Love
In darkest screams, in wildest dreams, I never dreamed on this.

18. A book that completely shocked you.

We Need to Talk About Kevin Book Cover

I have to go with We Need To Talk About Kevin for this, I don’t think I’ve discovered a book that has shocked me quite like this since I read it 8 years ago.

I Know Places
Loves a fragile little flame it could burn out.

19. A book you thought you loved but quickly came to hate.

Again, I don’t really love books and then end up hating them. If I don’t like them, I know pretty soon on, and if it’s just mediocre, it’ll always be mediocre, it’ll not devolve to hate. I don’t have any for this, yet.

Something happens when everybody finds out. See the vultures circling dark clouds.

20. A book you didn’t want to be seen reading.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a given for this, right? There’s a reason it was a best-selling eBook. I also once read a non-fiction series called Conversations With God, and I equally wouldn’t have wanted to be seen reading it in public. The irony of the polar opposite topics of these books has not escaped me.

The drought was the very worst, when the flowers that we’d grown together died off first.

21. Does the wait between books made you forget everything that happened?

This never happened with Harry Potter when I was a kid, because I used to reread them so often. When I first got back into reading, loads of series were all already released, so I could binge them, but now, now I’m in the exquisite agony along with everyone else, and I usually try to squeeze a reread of a series in before the next release comes out, so the story is very fresh in my mind. Not too bad for a series, but takes some planning for a 6 book series!

By morning, gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean.

22. A book/series you wiped from your memory.

I don’t think I’ve ever done this. Um, maybe The Carrie Diaries, because that was shockingly disappointing.

Do you agree or disagree with me on any of my choices? Feel free to do the tag and leave me your link below so I can see your answers!

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19 Responses

  1. Brandie

    I am SO doing this today!! I love TSwift and this album, and I’m singing all the songs as I read this. LOL. This is so great! I love so many of your picks – and it has my mind going for what I’m going to pick later. 🙂 xo


      1. I’m glad you found something to appreciate in Allegiant. I don’t quite agree, though haha. But even if I felt the ending was the best choice, it just does not make up for the garbage that was the rest of the book haha


      1. Woo!!! I am back. And incredibly hungover!!! So the perfect time to just spend hours in front of my laptop reading blog posts!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        FAR FROM YOU: That book blew me away and was such an amazing debut. I’m going to have to go see if the author has anything new coming out. I need more from her. That book blew me away and surprised me for so many different reasons.

        Kristin Hannah, her books always seem to hit me in the feels. Haven’t read a few of her latest releases though and I really need to.

        I LOVE Will Cooper, I have a massive crush on him and definitely wish that guy was real. Why didn’t I get any remarkably attractive and lovely guys for teachers? SO DISAPPOINTING!

        Is it bad I have never read To Kill a Mockingbird, although I really want to! I picked up a free copy at YALC, so I plan to read a copy soon.

        Throne of Glass has wonderful world building! 🙂 I CAN’T WAIT FOR QUEEN OF SHADOWS!!! I NEED THAT BOOK ALREADY. I need to do a series reread before I get to it though. Must start that VERY soon.

        We Were Liars shocked me so much, I so did not see the twist coming!

        I am nervous to read Paper Towns, I feel I’m just going to be left totally disappointed by it.

        The DUFF was one that I personally loved and was so surprised by. I’d seen the movie trailer before reading the book, so was surprised by how different the book was to what I had been expecting.

        I am now very curious to see what you hated about Gone Girl. Was it how it ended??? I’m curious by the talk of her doing a movie sequel, wonder where the story would go next.

        Still need to read We Need to Talk About Kevin, which I’m sure will be a very fun read.


  2. I saw this book tag the other day and knew instantly I was going to have to do it (it’s on a list, a very long list of blog posts I need write up) and I love your picks. I am so excited for Colleen Hoover’s new book and I barely even know what it’s about, but who cares? There are some interesting book choices on here like 50 Shades of Grey and Conversations with God, how do you have 2 very different books you’re embarrassed to be seen reading? I’m with you on Allegiant, though, I understand but I so do not accept the end to that series.


  3. Will from Slammed ❤ Everytime! And you are right about YA fiction, it does more often seem to be about the girl that got the boy but I suppose that's mostly because it is from the girls pov. Fun tag!
    And I can't wait for November 9, bring it on!


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