Stacking the Shelves & Wrappin’ It Up March 2016

Stacking the Shelves 2016 Book Haul Monthly Wrap Up

Hi! Remember me?! Well. My plans to blog like crazy throughout March fell a little flat. Oops? Lets try harder in April, shall we? I’ve just started a Diploma programme, and that along with working, and doing some freelance work, and fitting in normal living activities, has meant that blogging is still on the back burner for me for a while. Not to worry though, as always I’m still here, still reading and still trying to fit some posts in 🙂

March was my 2 year blogoversary, so I’ll be writing some celebratory posts and hosting some GIVEAWAYS in April to commemorate the occasion! Keep your eyes peeled!

The Books:

This month my #OTSPSecretSister spoiled me with a very lovely care package that included Mistborn! I am SO excited to finally own the first book in this series, with the beautiful UK cover. The Madagascan Vanilla candle is yum (and burning as we speak!), the socks were fabulous, the Batman vs Superman PJ bottoms are SO me, and that cute little box? It’s filled with hand-written quotes so I can pick one out per day, or when I feel like I need a little inspiration. So thoughtful!

Dani @ Dani Reviews Things (who was also my Secret Sister from the last round) sent me a little surprise this month, The Shadowhunter’s Codex! We’ve been buddy-watching the show together every week, so this was a very lovely gift! I was a little slumpy after finishing my last read, and ended up diving straight into it.

I was contacted by Hive and offered a book in exchange for an honest review. I choose I Call Myself A Feminist. I heard about this read thanks to The Feminist Orchestra Book Club, hosted by Jean @ Jean’s Bookish Thoughts. I’ll be posting all about Hive, and who they are, very soon.

 Movies and TV Shows:

Shadowhunters is almost over, and that makes me so sad! Though the show has been picked up for Season 2 already, so that’s something. To be honest, I’m finding the show pretty cheesy, and I don’t think it’s better than the movie was, but I can see it becoming a cult classic because there are elements of it that are so bad, they’re good. Know what I mean? That could just be because I’m buddy-watching it though, doing things with buddies is always better.

This month I also watched Creed, which I really enjoyed, and MasterChef is back on our screens, which makes me super happy during the week when I get to catch it after work.

Wrappin’ It Up!

In Case You Missed It:

Queen of Shadows Book CoverThis month I reviewed Go Set A Watchman (2.5/5)… and that’s it! I’ve read quite a few books, but I need to sit down and write the reviews… Le sigh.

Also this month, I posted a discussion on the controversy surrounding Go Set A Watchmanas well as a discussion on my #OTSPSecretSister ExperienceThis month I also took part in Top Ten Tuesday for my recent best and worst reads.

My most popular post in March was my #OTSPSecretSister Experience!

How was your March? Let me know what you’ve been up to!

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Avid reader & #bookblogger. Lover of all things business. A fan of drinks & dancing. Ever optimistic. Feminist.

10 Responses

  1. Amy

    I had a pretty dismal March as well! We shall do better this month! Some of the posts you’ve spot lighted sound really interesting thanks for sharing!


  2. Brandie

    I miss you, friend! I know life is busy, and it’s okay to take a break! I do that several times a year – it’s just necessary sometimes. I hope you’re doing well! xx


      1. Brandie

        Congratulations on your promotion!! That is wonderful – I can totally understand why life is busy for you right now. 🙂


  3. I love your March wrap up because your March shows you’ve done lots of none blog things and enjoyed it! Life gets in the way of blogging (which sucks) but it’s good that you can shrug it off as whatever and carry on. I find myself feeling guilty when I neglect blogging and then want to shake myself because I know how ridiculous a response is. It looks like you’ve done pretty well though considering life/blog balancing can be a logistical nightmare at times.

    I love your secret sister gift as well, it looks awesome! And some of your links are so interesting. I am definitely going to try and read all of these because some of these discussions are amazing and how did I miss them?


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