Top Ten Tuesday: Autobuy Authors I Collect

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors I Collect

Last week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt was “Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From” – for me, this was very close to the prompt from July 2014 – Top Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From, with the additions of Colleen Hoover and Sarah J Maas (bet you never saw those coming, huh? Huh?!).

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is “Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors” – I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the authors I’ve read the most books from, the authors I own the most books from, and my auto-buy authors, are usually pretty much one and the same. But, I decided I would still participate this week, and discuss why I impulsively buy these authors.

1. J K Rowling – Although my favourite JK books are, of course, the Harry Potter series, and they’ve all been released and I own them all (twice), I still have to buy anything this woman writes. My love for HP is strong.

2. Colleen Hoover – Thanks to blogging (and Brandie) I have found BIG love for an author reminiscent of my adoration for JK. I own all of CoHo’s backlist to date and I love this woman. I’m pretty sure if I ever met her, I would either scream like Ned Flanders, faint, or go mute. (I own all physical copies except for Never Never, because I honestly can’t justify £5 for each mini-story that makes up one full story. I’m holding my breath for a bind-up).

3. Jodi Picoult – When I was younger, I went from children’s literature straight to “chick-lit” and stayed in my little bubble of comfort for quite some time before venturing outside of it. Picoult was one of my first ventures, and ever since I compulsively pick up any and all of her releases. Family dynamics, drama and excellent story-telling galore!

4. Diane Chamberlain – I stumbled upon Chamberlain because Picoult is always blurbed on her books, and vice versa. You know those, “For fans of…” blurbs? That’s the one, and in this case, it’s actually true. Chamberlain has quite the backlist, and I haven’t actually read that many just yet. But I own them, oh yes, I own them.

5. Sarah J Maas – My Fantasy Queen. The woman who has introduced me to a genre I spent a very long time avoiding for fear it would be full of names I can’t pronounce, places I can’t envision, and language I can’t understand. While this sometimes works out to be true, Maas writes kickass books, and I love them all.

6. Philippa Gregory – The woman responsible for my love of The Tudors, and 200 years either side of them, give or take. An acclaimed historian, I love that her novels are immense fictional tales with sound factual backgrounds. I gobble them up, and need to own them all. Unfortunately, as much as I love this era, I have a significant fear of reading any historical fiction set in this time by other authors. I’m afraid they won’t stack up.

7. Cassandra Clare – Will I ever tire of the vast Shadowhunter world? Currently, it looks unlikely. There are going to be SO MANY series set in the same world, and while part of me wonders if it will become played out and tedious, the other part of me is majorly excited to be able to spend so much time in the world I love.

8. Kristin Hannah – This author is very new to my auto-buy list, so new in fact, that I only own one book by her (The Nightingale), but it was a phenomenally wonderful read, and now I’m on the lookout for her titles every time I browse online, or check out my local charity shops. I need more, I need a collection, and I will start it, soon.

9. Katie McGarry – I’ve loved every book I’ve read so far in the Pushing the Limits series, and while I had a few issues with the first novel in the Thunder Road series, I will likely continue with it anyways. McGarry just gets romance, or at least the kind of romance my heart craves.

10. Gillian Flynn – Ny this point, judging from my Goodreads, I’m coming close to the end of my auto-buy authors, for now. I’ve read all three of Flynn’s releases so far, and Gone Girl is still my favourite. I will likely compulsively pick up her next book when it comes out, so I think she has earned auto-buy status.

Who are your auto-buy authors? Do we have any of the same? Who would you recommend I read based on my auto-buy list? (More male authors possibly?! Lol).

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9 Responses

      1. Brandie

        Her books are always in resale bookshops around here. I have so many favorites that she wrote I want you to try. Night Road, Firefly Lane, Winter Garden. 🙂


  1. Love your list, so many good authors. I cannot believe I forgot about Katie McGarry, I own all her books yet she isn’t an auto-buy author for me? That would be stupid. I’m with you on Hoover and Maas though, they have my complete dedication, I am willing to throw my money at them. As for Rowling, I will always look at the books she is releasing, but Hary Potter made my childhood, I’m always wary with her other books because they may never meet my expectations.


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