Top Ten Tuesday – Most Owned Authors

Top Ten Most Owned Authors

This is a tricky one – I could list my Top Ten Most Read Authors a lot more easily because firstly, as everyone who follows my blog knows by now I did a massive clear-out of my younger-self books when I hit my awkward teenage years, and as a result no longer own some of my childhood favourites (but I’m debating re-buying some!). Secondly, my physical bookshelves are currently all over the place and my Goodreads isn’t completely up-to-date with “owned” copies (I only started populating this shelf recently). So, this is my Top Ten Most Owned Authors (at a guess).

Jodi Picoult Books

1. Jodi Picoult No surprises here. I’m a massive Jodi Picoult fan, she’s basically an auto-buy author for me and I’m rarely let-down or disappointed by her books. Even the ones I don’t love are a solid 3/5. She writes what I like to call “issues” books, that focus on some form of real-life moral/ethical quandary and really make you think as a reader. The titles above are three of my favourites and I highly recommend them.

J K Rowling Books

2. J K Rowling – This one must also be pretty obvious. I own and have read all 7 of the HP series, I own and haven’t read The Casual Vacancy, and I’m half-finished (and enjoying) The Cuckoo’s Calling. I’ve yet to buy The Silkworm and I don’t own any of the HP add-on titles such as Quidditch Through The Ages, but I’m considering them. Are they worth picking up?

Cassandra Clare Books

3. Cassandra Clare – Clare is a recent edition to this list. I own and have read the six books in The Mortal Instruments series (you can check out my series overview here), and as soon as I finished it I went and bought The Infernal Devices trilogy so I could binge-read it (but haven’t yet). I’ve every intention of reading all of her books, so by the end of the five series she claims she will write in the Shadowhunter world, I’m sure she’ll over-take as my most read/owned author.

Phillipa Gregory Books

4. Phillipa Gregory – I fell in love with The White Queen BBC TV series and when I discovered it was based on books of the same name by Phillipa Gregory, I quickly purchased the entire set from The Book People. The sixth, and final, book in the series is due for release in August/September 2014, and I might have to do a reread at some point… I also own the TV show on DVD and hope to get my hands on more of her books, specifically The Tudor Court series. I was never really into historical fiction but Gregory does it so well that I fell head-over-heels for it. Highly recommended.

Cecilia Ahern Books

5. Cecelia Ahern – I read P.S I Love You when it was first released and absolutely adored it, from then I’ve basically been a Cecilia Ahern fan, and although I don’t love all of her books, I’m pretty sure I’ll always try her latest one anyways. I actually met her and got If You Could See Me Now signed when I was 15, one of the few times an author did an event where I live, and I didn’t know you could bring other books you already own to get those signed too, so I missed out!

Stephanie Meyer Books

6. Stephanie Meyer – I’m not even a little bit ashamed of this. I own the full Twilight series, including the novellas. I haven’t read these in quite some time, but I know that I really enjoyed them when I read them and I wouldn’t mind doing a reread at some point. Though when I’ll have the time to fit this in, I’m not sure. Are you pro or anti Twilight?

Sophie Kinsella Books

7. Sophie Kinsella During my teens I went through a serious addiction to all things Chick-Lit, which meant reading a lot of Sophie Kinsella, especially the Shopaholic series. Don’t let the movie put you off, these are well worth a read.

Enid Blyton Books

8. Enid BlytonI haven’t read any of the Famous Five, or the Secret Seven, which are probably the series that Blyton is most known for. I have read and own the first six-or-so books from the Malory Towers series and to be honest I’d love to get my hands on all of them and reread them. I was very pleasantly surprised that I loved these as much as I did as a young teen and I’m pretty sure I’d still like to read them now. Have you read the Famous Five or Secret Seven? Are they worth checking out?

Malorie Blackman Books

9. Malorie Blackman – The Malorie Blackman books I’ve read consist of the entire Noughts and Crosses Series. I first read Noughts and Crosses at the start of my teens and loved this book so much. At the start of this year I decided to purchase all four books in this series, including the novellas, to reread them as an adult (you can read my series overview here). Rumour has it there will be a new book released in this series sometime soon, and if that is true I’ll be first in line for my copy!

Diane Chamberlain Books

10. Diane Chamberlain – It’s easy to see why comparisons are regularly made between Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain, and while readers of one generally enjoy the other, that’s not to say these authors are particularly similar in writing style or story-lines, but rather they both fall into that “issues” and realism adult fiction category that I love. Another auto-buy author for me.

Who are your Top Ten Owned Authors? Leave me a link in the comments, and let me know if the HP add-on’s are worth getting, if you’re pro or anti Twilight, and if you’ve read any Enid Blyton!

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68 Responses

  1. I own Quiddith Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. They’re cute and fun, but I don’t see myself rereading them. The Tales of Beedle the Bard though, is awesome!

    I really need to check out Enid Blyton with my kids – she just isn’t popular over here so I never heard of her until I started reading book blogs!


  2. First, I love how you set up your list – it makes for a gorgeous post! I’d never heard of four of the ten authors on your list, so I’ll be checking them out. I’ve never read Jodi Picoult – I think I think of her books as crying books that I *should* read, but that I’m strangely never in the mood to read….


  3. Brandie

    Your posts are always so lovely and creative. Love them!!

    I haven’t heard of 8 or 9. I’ll have to look into those authors.

    YAY FOR TWILIGHT!!! 🙂 You know how I feel on this one. Lol.

    I am finding JK Rowling and Cassandra Clare are making the top of a lot of lists today. All except mine. heehee


      1. Brandie

        Thanks for the recs!

        I read the first two HP books and then dare I say I got bored? *ducks and runs* I hope to revisit them some day. I was distracted by sparkling vampires at the time. 😉

        I’ve read the first 3 City of Bones books and then quit after that. The long times in between book releases did me in and I lost interest.


      2. Brandie

        Yeah, I felt pretty satisfied after finishing the third book (although now I don’t remember much of any of the books except their names). Maybe someday I’ll get the urge to read more of them.

        I know HP is beloved by just about everyone and I get it. I do want to revisit the series some day but I just have to be in the right mindset. I’m such a moody reader.


  4. I still have to read a whole bunch of these. I look forward to Ahern and Gregory very much.
    I love Blyton! I read all her Famous Five books a bajillion times and have been thinking of getting them again to read them now. I always wished I had own collection as a kid. 😀
    Awesome picks!


  5. I haven’t read any of J.K. Rowling’s other books, but I do own the Harry Potter series. I’m afraid that her new books like the Casual Vacancy won’t be as good. I’m sure they’re great and I have nothing to worry about, but the fear is still there!


  6. onlybooksandhorses

    I was raised on Enid Blyton! I’ve read pretty much every series she wrote :3 I think the school ones were probably my favourites though.
    And I love Jodi Picoult, but have yet to read the three you mentioned. Will fix that soon, though 😉


  7. I read lots of Enid Blyton books when I was a kid! Every other weekend, my mum would bring me to the library, and I’d always come home with one of her books. Ahh the memories 🙂

    I wasn’t a huge fan of City of Bones when I read it. It reminded me of Buffy and Angel a bit too much. I grew up on those TV shows, so it was a little weird. I do own a copy of City of Ashes, and hopefully I’ll like it a lot better.

    I’m pro-Twilight. Twilight itself I really enjoyed back when I read it. I’m not sure if my opinions would be the same now, and that’s what keeps me from rereading it. What has caused my love of the series to drop is the amount of copy-Twilight YA books! It frustrates me when two story-lines can be put side by side and are eerily similar, just with names, locations and creature differences. That’s the price of popularity I suppose 😉 Great list!


  8. Your list is very varied. Love it. I think it is really neat to see the lists this week because, to some degree, they represent what we read as children (or to our children). So often we are busy focusing on the here and now that we forget to look back on the special books that built our literary foundation. Here is my list and you will see that I have several books that were special to my children (and me) while they were growing up. MyTTT-Anne@HeadFullofBooks


  9. I totally listed ten most read authors because I own too many trilogies and it would have been a long list with a fifty-way tie. I’ve been waiting impatiently for my library hold of Noughts & Crosses, I’ve heard such wonderful things.
    My TTT


  10. Unfortunately most of my Picoult books are technically my mom’s or I had borrowed them from the library. I actually only own about 3 of hers! J.K. Rowling topped my list though – and I only have the 7 books. There were a lot of runner-ups at 5 books though, so someone on my shelf could easily surpass that 😉


  11. Elen @ A World of Reviews

    I think Rowling’s on everybody’s list this week, and the add-ons are fun, especially The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Philippa Gregory’s historical fiction is amazing, and I really need to catch up on The White Queen books. I’ve still got a couple left to read.

    I really want to read more Cecilia Ahern – I’ve read P.S. I Love You and cried a lot, and I reading more of her books is definitely something I want to do soon. I used to have a lot of Enid Blyton books up until a few years ago, and I loved the Secret Seven and Famous Five. The FF were really good, and they’re great children’s books.


  12. +JMJ+

    I’m pro-Twilight, thanks for asking! 😉 Stephenie Meyer didn’t make my Tenner because I’ve only read the four Twilight novels (but not The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, though I also own it) and I was basing my list on hard numbers.


      1. +JMJ+

        I went off memory, too, because I wrote my post on the spur of the moment, during a really slow day at work. (Shhh! Don’t tell my boss! LOL!) I’m sure that when I get home, I’ll see some authors who totally slipped my mind. Oh, well . . . =P


      1. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

        I actually have that set, along with the American hardcover set. I really want the U.K. versions, though!


      2. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

        I’m sure there are some changes, although soda isn’t called pop in HP. Actually only a small part of the U.S. calls soda pop (I think it’s weird, too!). I think things like jumpers are called sweaters. I’m not sure what other differences there are or aren’t, though.

        I really need to get my hand son the U.K. version. I love the hardcover designs.


      3. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

        Don’t worry, there is plenty I don’t know about how people talk in the U.K. I actually am more interested in the U.K. version of Harry Potter, because I want to read it how it was originally written, before it was adapted slightly for the U.S. publication. I don’t think there are huge differences, but I still really want to read them. I’ll have to watch out for post of the new HP covers.


  13. Jodi Picoult is probably an author I love who only the least books for. I borrow them from all over the place and then don’t keep them, and she is such a good author, how is it right I only own 2 books by her? Love that Stephanie Meyer is on here though, I am a person who borrowed the books from someone else and then promptly returned them once finished. I have read all the books she’s written though, so I suppose she has been doing something right.

    Love your list though, the variety is great, and I find the most owned authors lists by people surprising and I love it


  14. I was a huge fan of Enid Blyton as a kid. I never really got into the mystery ones but read Malory Towers, St Clare’s and the Wishing Chair/Magic Faraway Tree books voraciously.
    The Tales of Beedle the Bard is great! I loved both The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm but couldn’t get into The Casual Vacancy.


      1. I am UK based and popped in The Works the other day and saw the packs. I’m tempted to have a look myself but am worried I wouldn’t like them as much now I am older.


  15. Oh my gosh I’ve been meaning to read Philippa Gregory’s books FOREVER. I think we’ve already discussed this before but, period dramas are my thing! I watched the White Queen TV show, so clearly I MUST read the books…:) Great list!


  16. Cait

    I would really like to finish reading Twilight. x) I know it gets a hate, but it honestly wasn’t the worse book I’ve read by far! I’m curious to see the triangle too, because it’s quite infamous for it and it’s not really in the first book at all! I’M CURIOUS. XD
    Thanks for stopping by mine!


  17. Awww, Enid Blyton! I love her “The Naughtiest Girl in the School” series, and I read a bunch of the Famous Five books when I was a kid. I don’t really remember anything about them, lol, but I think I enjoyed them quite a bit at the time 🙂


  18. Brilliant list of authors up there, nice to see we have a few in common. Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain, Malorie Blackman and J.K. Rowling made my list too. I love the UK hardcovers, but half of mine are hardcovers and half are paperbacks. I am really tempted by the new hardcovers that bloomsbury are releasing, I really like those! In the loft of my parents house are so many Enid Blyton hardbacks, too many to count. My sister used to be utterly obsessed with her and so was I.


  19. […] The Most Books From” – for me, this is very close to the prompt from July 2014 – Top Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From, with the additions of Colleen Hoover and Sarah J Maas (bet you never saw those coming, huh? […]


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