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Here’s something no one really tells you (and even if they do, you kind of don’t believe them) – blogging takes time. And book blogging takes even more time, because you have to actually read the book before you can write the review. I really want to be able to contribute to discussions that do the rounds on my favourite book blogs; about gendered reading, the importance of covers and my bookish confessions (super appropriate considering the name of my blog!) but I’ve not been able to due to a lack of time and the pressure I feel to be reading and reviewing. Add this to my already busy schedule and it makes for one stressed out Book Geek (who has only been blogging for around 3 months – how do you guys do it?!).

So – my solution:

1. I’m going to continue with Top Ten Tuesday, because it is immense, and I love seeing a large part of the community come together to cover the same topics.

2. I’m also going to start doing something like Thoughtful Thursday (as seen on Reading is Fun Again) as an outlet for all of these opinions and discussions I want to be having! I may follow the meme topics or go off on a tangent, who knows?? This feature will be called The Book Geek Rants.

3. You might have noticed that I’ve started doing Book Blitz posts and Book Tour posts. I will only participate in a Blitz or Tour if it is for a book I am genuinely interested in myself, and in most cases if it offers my readers the chance to take part in a giveaway. I don’t want this blog to become inundated with sponsored posts. So you can hopefully expect to see some more sporadic author interviews, giveaways and interesting content on Book Blitz, Tours and Giveaways.

4. I will continue with my monthly Stacking the Shelves posts. I can’t do these weekly, partly because I just haven’t got the time (see rant above), but also because a weekly post encourages weekly purchasing. If you could see my current TBR pile you’d understand. So monthly it is, and I am perfectly OK with that.

5. Before I started blogging I set my Goodreads Challenge at 52 books for the year (which was a big step up from the past few years when I’d hit a reading slump), I’m currently around 4 books ahead of schedule (at one point I was 8 books ahead!) and I think due to blogging the amount of reading I was doing went up a gear. That’s great. Except I haven’t got time for it with work, and studies, and maintaining a social life and this blog. So I’m sticking with 52 books and I’m aiming to post one review per week. If I do more, that’s great too, but I’m aiming for one.

6. I used to participate regularly in Five Friday Favourites and I haven’t been able to in a while. This is both a time issue, and also because the topics over the past few weeks haven’t been ones I’ve instantly been able to think, “Yes! I have so many opinions on this topic!” So, if a future FFF topic grabs me, I’ll be all over it, maybe in a different format (rant post etc.) but it will be suitably linked to Amanda for providing the inspiration and archived in my Features drop-down.

This is my bookish-OCD attempt to schedule and plan this blog better and to ease the blogging-pressure. How do you guys manage your blogs and your reading? Do you schedule posts in advance?

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  1. thebookheap

    Learning how to balance it is such a pain in the backside, purely because it feels like it shouldn’t have to be balanced! But you’re right, keeping up with everything that goes on is physically draining, even if you feel you’ve not got very much going on compared to other people. Having a routine definitley helps!.

    My routine is: 2 reviews a week, 3 memes a week and weekends off. So I post reviews on Mondays and Thursdays, On tues/weds/fridays I do memes (TTT/WWWWednesday/friday fairytales) and I take a breather at the weekend. It’s taken me 6 months to establish this routine because it just got so overwhelming!

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  2. thebookheap

    Basically yeah, I write my posts up at the weekends when I get an hour or two to myself and post them first thing in the morning when I can. I used to work in an airport so I rarely sleep past 7am anymore ( that is a lie in for me)

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  3. I’ve been blogging for about the same time as you and I feel like I attacked it too hard to start with and have had to drop back. I’m keep the skeletons going at the moment, but I’m starting uni again next semester so I’m going to drop other projects, and schedule my time much better. I think my schedule will be my Monday Musing (like an ‘article’ I write on reading), Teaser Tuesdays, and maybe Friday reviews? I’d like another meme but I haven’t found anything that grabs me, yet. On occasional Saturdays I’ll post some fiction I’ve written (That is after all what my blog was named for). Luckily I don’t have many followers yet, so a dramatic change in my posting doesn’t affect too many people. I want it perfect before I start mass-marketing haha.

    But honestly, the hardest part for me is finding time to read other blogs. I can’t expect people to read mine if I don’t read others but it takes so much time!

    You’re doing awesome, though! Don’t stress if you miss a post one day. Everyone has busy lives and you can’t be expected to blog like a robot 🙂

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  4. You are so right about doing weekly book haul posts! It does encourage weekly shopping. I need to curb that, stat. I don’t do any memes regularly, myself; I tend to pick the topics that I participate in. This week’s Top Ten was the first in months (maybe even in years) since I started blogging three years ago. Lately, I’ve just been focusing on reading (I’m 17 books ahead of my Goodreads goal of 150), so yay! And I really need to concentrate on reading because my TBR pile is ridiculous.

    Anyway, thanks for the update, Rachel! Good luck with everything. 🙂

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  5. I LOVE THIS POST! Book blogging takes so much time, especially when you need to take time to read the book. I have only one or two posts scheduled. As soon as something comes up in your social life then blogging takes a hit. I’m supposed to be doing this week Five Fri Favs too, but couldn’t schedule it last night as I was visiting family. So it will be done now, at 9pm instead. I never realised how time consuming it would be. I have pushed myself. I do Top Ten Tuesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Films for Thoughts on Thursday, Five Friday Favs and weekly STS posts. WHY?!!? I feel I need to do what you do and cut back but I love all of those 😥


  6. I have themed days, that are basically the same every week. I only post 4 days per week, with Wednesdays & weekends off). I have my posts planned out for the next month or so (topics chosen, Top Ten Tuesday lists started), and I have my posts for next week written and scheduled (except for my Weekly Recap, which I write a bit at a time over the week and schedule on Thursday evening to go up Friday morning). I write my book reviews as I finish a book, but I don’t post them right away – I have 1-2 in reserve, in case I’m a slow reader one week. 🙂 I’ve also cut WAY back on my television viewing, in favor of blogging & reading.


  7. I think blogging is like a monster that eats up all your time! I do love it though but for my sanity I take little breaks now and again so that when I come back I’m refreshed and full of love for it again. Scheduling is my friend and I couldn’t manage without it. I read daily (doh!), write my reviews as I go and schedule and comment at the weekends when I have my more time and it works for me.
    Your plan sounds good, hope it all works for you 🙂


  8. Hi!
    I’m just starting a book blog and writing posts really does take a lot of time, but I enjoy doing it so much! So it’s good to hear that there are people who find strategies to cope with the demands on their time. Thanks for sharing yours, it helps 🙂
    I think that perhaps even more time goes into keeping up with the new and the community. That’s a huge drain on my time, anyway. Do you have any ideas for coping with that?


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