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I spotted this tag ages ago on Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense’s blog, and kept the questions in a draft post, should the need ever arise to complete it. Considering my review for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child went up yesterday, I thought today was the perfect day for a tag. 

The Harry Potter Tag was originally created by Underland to Wonderland (you can leave a link to your post on the original Harry Potter Tag). *Beware* there may be spoilers ahead.

I'm Breaking Up With eBooks

I’m Breaking Up With eBooks

In this two-part discussion, I break down why I’m breaking up with eBooks today, and tomorrow I explore eBooks vs paper books – the facts.

For as long as I’ve had this book blog, I’ve wanted to weigh in on the eternal debate – eBook or physical book? There have been so many slants to this topic, so many avenues to explore. This Book Geek has been in a perpetually indecisive eBook funk for as long as I can remember, and now, I’ve finally come to a decision…

Ultimate Book Geek Glossary

The Ultimate Book Geek Glossary

Book Geeks have many phrases that are unique to us, and many that we have adopted from other communities. To help new-comers figure it out, and to give old-timers a bit of a giggle, I thought I’d compile the Ultimate Book Geek Glossary.

Is there such a thing as too much Harry Potter

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Harry Potter?

There’s no mistaking it, I’m a positively HUGE Harry Potter fan, which makes this a discussion I genuinely never thought I would be capable of writing. It’s a question I would have thought inconceivable. There have been loads of Harry-Potter-related developments in recent years, and even as a super-fan, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about all of them.

The time has finally come when I’ve had to ask myself, is there such as thing as too much Harry Potter?

Frayed Book Cover

EXCLUSIVE Excerpt of Frayed, The Book By A Book Blogger!

Have you heard of Kara Terzis? The wonderful Book Blogger behind Diary of a Teen Blogger? Well if you hadn’t heard of her before now, you’re about to see her around the blogosphere a LOT more, because she’s just published her first novel, Frayed, with Sourcebooks Fire!

Shop Online and Save Highstreet Bookshops

Shop Online and Save Highstreet Bookshops!

Online shopping has made supporting independent and local bookstores much harder for most Book Geeks. The lure of deals and discounts, the simplicity of free delivery to your door, and the perk of a huge selection of books that you can browse from the comfort of your own home (or on the go with your phone or tablet!), means accessing and purchasing books has never been easier.

But, what if you could shop online, and still support your local bookshop?

Social Media and Branding in Fiction

I Hate Branded Social Media References in Fiction!

I don’t like when real-life brands are referenced in fiction, especially social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Even though these sites have been around for quite a while, I’m only noticing them becoming present in fiction lately (particularly Contemporary YA), but it’s a trend that seems to be growing, and I just don’t like it.

Is Bigger Better Part 2 Big Books

Is Bigger Better? Part 2

Yesterday, in Is Bigger Better?, I blogged about the size of my unruly TBR pile. This was inspired by Dani @ Dani Reviews Things, who wrote a post discussing how growing up and reviewing books has changed her reading habits. I’m turning this into a mini-series, as there are a few things that have changed for me from Before Blogging to After Blogging, so I’ve split them into separate posts for your reading pleasure 🙂

Is Bigger Better Part 1 Big Books

Is Bigger Better? Part 1

Yes, my title is a little tongue-in-cheek. It’s one of those days. Pick your mind up out of the gutter, I’m talking about TBR piles.

Recently, Dani @ Dani Reviews Things wrote a post discussing how growing up and reviewing books has changed her reading habits. It’s a fab post and I highly recommend you check it out! I’d been thinking about how I read Before Blogging and After Blogging for a while, and her post inspired me to finally get my thoughts on to the screen. Here we go…


2016 Discussion Challenge

Last year, I took part in the 2015 Discussion Challenge, hosted by Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight and Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction. I really enjoyed it, so of course, I’m bringing it back this year!

How much do you spend on books 2016

How Much Do You Spend On Books? 2016 Edition

Last January, I put together a post that analysed how much I spent on books throughout the year, and I’ve decided to bring it back for a 2016 edition. I’m a great believer in hunting down deals and bargains, and I’ve always believed that while I do spend money on books, I spend a reasonable amount, and make sure I get a lot for my money. So let’s see how I did in 2016!