Confession: I’m Being A Bad Blogger

I knew it was too good to last. I just knew it.

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2015-Discussion-ChallengeJanuary and February were both really good reading and blogging months: I was getting lots of great reading done, I was scheduling ahead of myself on the blog, I did some major housekeeping going through all of my tags and categories, I had reviews written in advance, some discussions on the go… It was all looking peachy.

March landed, and everything seemed to go down the drain. I got into a reading slump or two, the blog took a bit of a hit, and even worse – it’s rolled into April as well. I’ve been debating what I should do when it comes to scheduling and content – what content I should keep and what I should get rid of, how much time and effort I can realistically put in to blogging along with my other commitments (the ones that pay bills!)… Then, I stumbled upon Ashley’s post called Lessons Learned From A Three Year Blogger, and it really struck a chord with me.

This is just one of many posts I’ve seen over the past couple of months that talk about using filler posts on your blog, about creating original content that you’d want to read yourself, and about taking a step back to really think about what you want your blog to say. Ideally, I like posting Monday to Friday, and when things are going well it isn’t too much of an issue because I enjoy doing posts like Top Ten Tuesday and Tags – so, they’re here to stay for now (though I need to get back to posting my TTTs in the morning and not at 9pm like I did yesterday…).

But where does that leave everything else?

Well, I want my blog to have good, steady and original content. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen all by itself. Blogging really does take much more effort than I think we even give ourselves credit for. So, I’m taking the plunge. This weekend, I’m dedicating some time to my blog – I’m going to get on the ball with the collaborative features (Brandie, Stef and Joey, get ready for some emails!), I’m going to branch out a little topic-wise (brace yourselves!), and I’m going to write up the 30-odd posts that are sitting in my drafts… OK, maybe I won’t write up them all this weekend, but I am going to make a serious effort. This Book Geek is getting her mojo back!

Over to you – have you ever had a mini-blog meltdown? Ever taken a step back and completely re-jigged what you do? I feel like I’m having a blogestential crisis so any and all opinions are welcome!

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  1. I’ve definitely gone through something similar recently. I just haven’t had the time or energy to dedicate to the blog and this led to me feeling very ambivalent about blogging. Now it’s the Easter hold and I have a bit of time before school goes back, I’m trying to get ahead with blogging and get my ‘mojo’ back. Best of luck with your blogging hangover. Hoping mine shifts soon.


  2. I think you’re getting on the right track with all the changes you have planned. 🙂

    It is nice to be able to post on a schedule (like Monday through Friday) but it’s important to not FORCE it to happen. If it happens, that’s awesome. But if you worry about skipping a day, or two, or three, blogging is going to be stressful and you’re going to be disappointed in yourself. It’s good to accept that you’re not ALWAYS going to be able to post, and that’s okay. The universe will keep turning in your absence, and your readers aren’t going anywhere. 🙂


  3. jilliansbooks

    I went into a horrible reading slump last year (3 weeks, THAT’S LONG), and I felt I couldn’t post anything so I went into a 2-week hiatus, which was really refreshing 🙂 You’re not at all a bad blogger. I’ve had those times when I couldn’t post anything, but that’s okay. Because one thing I learned while blogging was to not let the blog RUN YOU. I mean, YOU RUN THE BLOG, and not the other way around. So if you can’t seem to find the time to blog and feed your readers, then it’s okay because we all understand that life gets in the way 🙂

    So take a step back and don’t stress about it. Book blogging isn’t like school where you’re obliged to do stuff. It’s about having fun! It won’t be fun if you’re always stressed right? 🙂

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books


  4. Brandie

    I HAVE MISSED YOU!!! I can definitely tell you’ve been busy lately, and I get that. It’s part of life, and I totally understand. I’m actually being a really bad blogger lately too…I haven’t done any reviews and that’s shameful. I need to catch up on that. I was in a really bad book funk and wasn’t feeling inspired to do anything. Can you send some of your blogging mojo my way?! Lol.

    Don’t stress about it! Blogging is supposed to be for fun, and when it becomes more like a job, it loses the fun! Do what you can do and know we’re all going to be here. 🙂 xx


  5. I haven’t been having a good blog lately. I intended to review the last 2 books I read, but didn’t and now it’s too late (I have to review before I start another book. Idk why, but I just can’t do it once I’ve immersed myself in a new book). I enjoy TTT and rags occasionally, but I don’t want my blog to be completely those.


  6. In May it will be four years since I started Blogging, and I’ve seen so many bloggers come and go. My Blogroll is almost a memorial to my early days and contacts, and I here little from any of them, yet I have new followers who comment although no doubt they will find better ways to spend their time in due course. Content is always a bit of a problem as we both know, but something seems to come out of the brainwork one way and another. I’m delighted to see you still Blogging, and congratulations, because I know what that means 🙂


  7. Kathy

    Almost three years down the road, I’ve had a HUGE blog meltdown because I wasn’t producing the content that I wanted to produce. I felt like a blog clone and was no longer happy. So, I changed my blog name, changed my review policy, and changed my content to include books I want to read and subjects I would want answers to or am curious about. I changed my playground in a sense, too. I kept a few older things that I always posted, but outed a lot of things. I’ve never been happier. I no longer feel overwhelmed and have made so many more book friends. Yay to your mojo coming back home!


  8. I don’t like giving myself too strict a schedule because then I end up panicking that I don’t have a post done on time. When I first started doing discussion posts, I planned to do it every week and then quickly realized I’d be stressing out every week trying to get it done and I didn’t want my blog to be a place to stress. The same thing goes for reviews. I’m trying to let myself have more freedom if I can’t,for whatever reason, write a review for a particular book. I think a part of the stress is trying to balance your wishes with what you perceive your readers’ wishes to be. Blogging is an ongoing learning experience and I’m not sure any of us have mastered it yet, which I suppose is equally reassuring as well as disheartening for those of us who need everything figured out (Type A personality, anyone?).


  9. You can do it! I haven’t found the time to do some advance posts, but I’m at least inspired to write a review as soon as I finished a book. Looking forward to reading your posts!


  10. Liza Barrett

    My first year or so I really struggled with this. But this year, starting right after New Years, I’ve really made a commitment. I have posted daily for the last 3 months or so (which is a HUGE accomplishment for me), and I’ve been getting more creative about what I’m posting. I’ve committed to being more engaged on other people’s blogs too, and it’s been very good for me. I’d like to start getting into collaborative features more now that I’ve sorted out my own preferences & schedules.

    Great post!

    ~ Liza @ Classy Cat Books


  11. I started My blog a year ago, with my own domain name and everything, I figured if I paid for it that it would give me insentive to keep things up. However I have let things slip and don’t post as often as I should I am trying to get my own blog ball rolling once again as I really hit a slump. so here it to updating more often and making the content your veiwers want to read.


  12. I wish I could give advice but I am still going through my blog crisis and am not out the other side yet. I AM TRYING THOUGH! A new full time job as a manager is not helping though. I AM EXHAUSTED!!! But… here I am visiting other blogs and I HAVE MISSED IT! ❤ It's nice to just be back and reading other peoples blogs.


  13. I KNOW exactly how you feel, I promise.

    I had to get away for everything and I pretty much picked up and left for six months. I was in and out but never really here. So at the end of 2014, I kicked ALL my memes, expect STS and thought up a bunch of new ones. I didn’t want to post as I went, so in December, I still had no content because I was getting Jan ready to be a kickass month. So if you want to take a break to post some amazing content, I suggest that. I would rather wait and post AMAZING stuff than stuff I don’t 100% believe in.


  14. Reading slumps really hurt my blog. I never have my posts done up in advance… I’m really really bad at that. If I have something scheduled 24 hours before it’s supposed to go up, it’s a miracle. And I’ve been doing that for 3 years, so I guess it works for me?? I totally agree with the post from Nose Graze about posting what you like to read. That only makes sense. Even if it means not posting as much as you would like to. Quality > Quantity, ya know? I post on average 2-3 times a week. That’s pretty much all I can handle and still have my blog be fun 🙂


  15. Oh, I definitely get it! Sometimes, it is just so HARD. Especially with life getting in the way, and you are just too drained to go on. And I kind of need to know if you got 30 posts done because if so, you are my HERO. Scratch that, if you got THREE done, you are my hero 😉 I have spent all weekend (well, as much as I could!) working on it, and I haven’t gotten 3, OR finished commenting from the week. The struggle is real, I feel your pain. Try to give yourself a break when you need to (and I will try to take my own advice hahha).


  16. bluekaren

    I have been blogging since 2009. I know that blogger burn out is real. These days, I post when I want (which is almost daily anyways now), and I post things I want to read. I am not wining any popularity contests anymore, but I am really excited about my blog. I find it really hard to schedule posts ahead of time. Usually I am happy to have them scheduled for the next day, or in 6 hours when I wake up. The thing about reading burn out posts is that, for me, sometimes it causes burn out. I try to look for the little gem of advice buried within the post now and not take to heart how people feel in the midst of it all.
    This too shall pass.


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