Top Ten Tuesday – Books To Read With A Book Club

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Books To Read With A Book Club

I’ve never been in an official Book Club – the English Literature Department started one when I was at school, but it sadly only lasted for the duration of one book… Recently though, Stefani, Brandie and I accidentally started an on-line Book Club of sorts for when we do joint-reads and reviews, more on this to follow! 😀 To me, books to read with a Book Club should be engaging, possibly controversial and should encourage debate, so these are my top ten picks!

Top Ten Books for Book Club 1

1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: This book is full of twists and turns, and has two very unlike-able main characters, which I think would make for some seriously interesting discussions. It’s a book I adore-to-hate, it evoked strong feelings in me, and it’s my favourite Flynn book to-date.

2. We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver: I don’t think it’s possible to create a Book Club list and not include this read. It’s dark. It’s disturbing. It will make you question nature vs. nurture like you never have before.

3. Room by Emma Donoghue: A book that deals with a dark subject (kidnapping and sexual abuse) from the point-of-view of an innocent 5-year-old child. A very brave, different and unique take that will open the floor to all sorts of conversations.

4. Before I Go by Colleen Oakley: A 2015 debut that would make for a very emotional and difficult Book Club read, I think, but one that would be very worthwhile. It will make you think about mortality, about the frailty of the human condition, and about love. Bring wine. Bring Kleenex. (Check out my interview with the author and enter to win a hardback copy! 😉 )

5. Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas: I could be cheating with this one. Slightly. But if a Book Club were open to Fantasy reads I think this could be so interesting – the detail in these stories, the world-building and the relationships, would all lend themselves to some seriously in-depth conversations and speculations!

Top Ten Books for Book Club 2

6. The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer: Book Club reads work well when they focus on a particular issue of significance. This mental health read should provoke some very interesting conversations, and may offer an insight into schizophrenia from the sufferer’s point of view (also, written by a mental health nurse, so we’re assuming there’s some factual relevance here).

7. Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman: A fantastic YA read that I reread and adored as an adult. This book flips the tables of racism and explores a world where white people are persecuted and people of colour are in power. A very powerful book that is sure to stay with you. 

8. Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson: I LOVED this book when I first read it – I think this would make a fantastic Book Club read as there is just so much to discuss and explore! The mystery, the thrills, the psychological mind-meld!!

9. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover: I can’t write a list and not include a CoHo book. It just isn’t possible. I haven’t read enough of her back catalogue to know yet if another book would be better suited to a Book Club (perhaps the Never Never series because of the suspense and mystery element?), but with Maybe Someday having its own soundtrack, this read could be a lighter alternative to the dark and heavy books on my list!

10. Anything by Jodi PicoultJodi Picoult books are what I refer to as “issues” books – she is one of my top authors and my go-to for a read that will revolve around a moral/ethical dilemma, dealing with an illness, or an emotional/relationship-based social commentary read.

Have you read any of my picks? Do you think they’d make great reads for a Book Club? What have you picked today? Link me up or let me know in the comments!

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32 Responses

  1. I loved Room, it’s such a great book. I got Slammerkin by Emma Donoghue the other day, which was pretty funny… It was a Blind Date With a Book, so it was wrapped up in brown paper with just key points about it written on it. I picked it up, and was wandering around the shop with it, looking for Slammerkin and said to my friend how I would have bought it if they had it…. lo and behold, got home and there it is!
    I thought about adding Gone Girl to my list too, I’m not sure why I didn’t! It’s definitely a great book for discussions.


      1. They are, I’ve been really lucky with mine!
        I picked Slammerkin up ages ago and thought it sounded really interesting… I can’t exactly remember what it was about but it looks to be right up my alley!


  2. Brandie

    LOVE this list. My work book club read Gone Girl and it makes for a very interesting discussion! I agree that Before I Go and Maybe Someday would be good books to discuss.

    I loved Before I Go to Sleep!


  3. We Need to Talk About Kevin would definitely be a good one to discuss. I think we’d all leave a little more disturbed than we already are, but I’d love to read that with a group. Also, Throne of Glass – yes!
    My TTT!


      1. I’ve got The Assassin’s Blade checked out from the library. I was going to read SO much this weekend (that, Maybe Someday, Crown of Midnight, The Darkest Part of the Forest…) but then I had an allergic reaction to a cat one day and a horrible headache the next (which returned yesterday) so I couldn’t read. :(( Hopefully I’ll finish Maybe Someday at work today. 🙂 Pros of working in a library. Lol.


      2. I am feeling better. Raced through half of Maybe Someday last night. Decided to put it down (a REALLY tough decision) because if I didn’t, I would’ve stayed up until I finished it and I can’t do that during the week!


  4. I haven’t read Noughts and Crosses yet but I’m eager to see how the flipped race dynamics work. I almost put this on my book club wish list but I decided to stick with books I’ve already read. Gone Girl would be a great pick too!


  5. Some good choices for your book club here, if you’re going for books that will generate discussion and are at times controversial Gone Girl, Room and We Need to Talk About Kevin are definitely going to do that. I like how you have a slight mix of books on here as well.

    I love your choices, there are a couple on here I’m definitely going to have to get reading.


  6. Debate sparking books are a big hit today and I agree they are great for the purpose of a book club – it’s always good when people get heated over a book, it always becomes a great conversation. We had a few of those in school but rarely, usually those reads were too boring. But when a debate blossomed, we never managed to wrap it up in an hour and I always enjoyed those 🙂
    Good picks!


  7. Rachael at The End of the Chapter

    Gone Girl is on a couple of different lists! I still need to read it and Throne of Glass. I own both of them, but they’ve been buried in my TBR for a while.


  8. booksoverpeople

    The Throne of Glass series is fab. For some reason I just didn’t enjoy Maybe Someday as much as CoHo’s other books


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