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Guest Post Paranormal Fiction

Hi! My name is C.D. Gorri and I am a writer! I love being able to state that. I have always wanted to write and in the past year I have made my dream a reality by publishing two novels in my teen Werewolf series.

The idea of writing about Werewolves is not a new one. It is a centuries old concept and can be traced farther back than medieval times, Greek mythology and even Native American myth. Almost every group of people has some history or folklore on the Werewolf or Were-animal. There is so much on the subject that I was able to, quite happily, read extensively about the mythic beast-men before plotting out my series. From the ancient Greek tale of King Lycaon, to the grisly tale of the murderer Peter Stubbe, all the way to Saint Christopher. That’s right, even the Catholic Church has a few Werewolves in the closet!

I think many authors draw upon their own experience to write and that is probably the best advice I have ever heard. However, when you are dealing with something supernatural, research becomes as important as first hand experience in order to produce something even mildly believable. As someone who loves not only writing, but reading paranormal fiction, let me just say I love a good spooky story. Especially with the approach of one of my favourite holidays, Halloween.

The legend of the Werewolf is probably most prevalent on Halloween for the obvious reasons. But why has it lasted so long? For thousands of years humankind has been fascinated by the idea of changing into a beast. Of having power, control, and of course, magic. When man gives into his animalistic nature by transforming magically into a beast there is romance, action, horror, and compassion. All these things go through our mind when we think of the Werewolf. It is a non-stop roller-coaster of emotion that people cannot get enough of. It is why we celebrate Halloween, why we dress up like Vampires, Witches, and of course, Werewolves. I try to provide my readers with a touch of the mythical, the scary, and the unexplained, told in the voice of a young girl as she shares with the reader her first-hand experiences as a Werewolf.

Grazi Kelly is the name of my teenage heroine. She is a high school student at Sacred Heart Preparatory School in Northern New Jersey. She soon discovers her normal life is not so normal. In book one, Wolf Moon, she discovers she is a Werewolf. A Hound of God who is bound by an ancient contract to serve the Catholic Church in its fight against Witches and Demons who want to take over the world. Book two, Hunter Moon, continues her tale. She is on the road to discovering herself and the mysterious and often dangerous world around her. For example, having been orphaned at the age of three, Grazi was unaware of the circumstances of her parents’ deaths. The first two books set her on the path to find out the truth. She will also learn about friendship, love, and loss on the way.

Wolf Moon by C D Gorri Book Cover

I am currently working on the third instalment of the series, Rebel Moon, and I am having an incredible time. Grazi’s journey is evolving and growing with every word I write. She is an amazing character who has been whispering around my head for years. I only hope I am doing her justice with my writing. I think she has a lot to offer the YA paranormal fiction fan.

Hunter Moon by C D Gorri Book Cover

As a storyteller I think it is my job to entertain, to educate, and to nurture creativity and hope. YA paranormal fiction has become the perfect outlet for my desires. Teenagers are so wonderfully complex and so malleable, because they are at a point in life where they are still growing, that they are pretty awesome to write. They give an author a lot of leeway. I chose a paranormal setting because, in all honesty, I just love a good dose of the supernatural in my stories. From Frodo Baggins, Harry Potter, Bella and Edward, and Percy Jackson to Sookie Stackhouse, Mercy Thompson, and Samantha Moon I just love reading anything fantasy-based.

If I can reach just one person out there with my work I will be happy. I think it’s all any writer hopes for really. It is completely amazing and cool that people, teens or adults, are just actually reading something that I’ve written. I am humbled and grateful for my audience and hope I am meeting expectations with my work.

I just want to say thank you for hosting me here and thank all of you for taking the time to read this! And if you are looking for something with a little fang and a little fur to read on Halloween night, give Grazi a try. I think you’ll like her.

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