Guest Post Animal Stories

Author Guest Post – Animal Stories: Not Just For Kiddies

What do you first think of when someone says “talking animals”? I’ll bet you have images of fuzzy huggables like Peter Rabbit, The Jungle Book — or, if you’re thinking about more recent examples, maybe Phillip Pullman’s drunk bear Iorik Byrnison.

All these examples have one thing in common – they’re mostly for kids. None of them are characters you’d think of as catering to adults, right? Somehow talking animals easily sound like a childish device, as something we grow out of. But should we?

Guest Post Multiple Points of View

Losing It All by Marsha Cornelius Guest Post, Excerpt and Giveaway!

I’d like to welcome the author of Losing It All to the blog today – Marsha Cornelius is guest-posting on multiple POVs, which we all know I love in my books, and is also kindly offering a giveaway to Confessions of a Book Geek readers! We have three eBook copies up-for-grabs internationally, and also one signed paperback copy for US only!

Guest Post Peter Monn on Bullying

Author Spotlight: Peter Monn Guest Post

Peter Monn, author of YA novel The Before Now and After Then has stopped by Confessions of a Book Geek to share his personal experiences with bullying and the inspiration behind his debut novel. As someone who suffered from bullying in my childhood and early teens, it’s an issue I feel strongly about, so I’m looking forward to reviewing this debut, as well as interviewing Peter as part of an Author Spotlight feature.