The Before Now and After Then *New Cover* Reveal

Today, I’m super excited to bring you a cover reveal for the redesigned cover of The Before Now and After Then by Peter Monn.

I read this book a couple of months ago and I really enjoyed it (The Before Now and After Then review), and I also hosted a guest post by author, Peter Monn, as well as having the opportunity to interview him. During the interview, Peter mentioned that the cover had received some negative comments, so Pen Name Publishing listened to their readers and redesigned the cover!

Before the Now and After Then CoverHere is the publisher’s explanation of the old cover – “Music is a central theme to the book, which has actually been the subject of debate. Danny’s parents are ageing punk-rockers, and he grows up listening to certain types of music. He exchanges an infamous mix tape with Rusty, and they have an adorable date in a record store. The cover showed their youth, it symoblised many important moments in the story and the generation gap between Danny and his parents, that doesn’t stand in their way.  Even Danny’s best friend, Cher, is named after a musician and has lyrics painted on her floor. The green colour is also the same colour as Rusty’s backpack. Some readers loved it, and some hated it.”

Are you ready for the new cover?

*Drum roll please*


Personally, I found that the brightness of the original cover drew my eye and it was the initial reason I read the blurb of the book. However, when I looked at it more closely, I wasn’t a huge fan. I loved the title more than the cover. The newly redesigned cover is much more appealing, and looks more like a funky and Contemporary read. To find out more about this redesign process, and to check out some covers that didn’t make the cut, head over to Pen Name Publishing’s blog.

Which cover do you prefer?

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