Top Ten Tuesday – Characters Who Would’ve Sat At My Lunch Table

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Characters Who Would’ve Sat At My Lunch Table

I find these topics really tricky and I’m not sure why?! I went to an all girl’s school, so I guess there’s that. This list is a mix of characters who probably would have sat at my table, and characters who I wish would have sat at my table…

1. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) – Hermione definitely would have fit right in with our group – we read, we studied and we were often teacher’s pets.

2. Miles Archer (Ugly Love) – Not even gonna lie, this one’s just wishful thinking. I couldn’t even find a great match for how I think Miles looks, who would you have in your fantasy cast?

3. Sarah Sargeant (50 Ways to Find A Lover) – Sarah is sassy, witty and unlucky in love. We definitely would have swapped disastrous date stories and bonded over our single-status.

4. Simon (The Mortal Instruments) – I’m seeing a bit of a geek-chic theme with this week’s topic. Adorable, adorkable Simon, who wouldn’t have him in their friendship group?

5. America (Beautiful Disaster) – I kind of preferred America’s character to Abby’s at times throughout this book, especially when it comes to friendship, no matter what happened America had Abby’s back. Before anyone gets too excited – no, Blake Lively hasn’t been cast as America, that’s just who I pictured in my head while reading the book.

6. Sephy (Noughts and Crosses) – It took Sephy a little while to mature and realise that the real world wasn’t quite what she thought it was, but she was strong, smart, determined and not afraid to stand up for what’s right. Oodles of girl power!

7. Mia Thermopolis (The Princess Diaries) – Not that we had any secret Royalty in our group, but Mia’s clumsiness, first-love experiences and general quirkiness would have fit right in with us girls.

8. Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones’ Diary– Everyone has at least seen the movie if they haven’t read the book, right? Teenage Bridget would no doubt have been just as hilarious as adult Bridget, and being involved in her escapades would have been brilliant!

9. Jenny (Not Dressed Like That You Don’t) – I read this quite a few years ago now, but I don’t think this book gets the credit it deserves. A great teen read, a very relatable and honest teen-portrayal, and Jenny does all of the embarrassing things we did in High School…

10. Patrick (The Perks of Being a Wallflower– I really connected with this character the most when reading this book, and LOVED the casting for the film adaptation.

There’s no Have Your Say this week, so I’ll do a quick re-cap of the feature to date.

Week 1 you guys picked The Perks of Being A Wallflower, which I’ve read and reviewed. Week 2 the winner was Throne of Glass, which arrived in the post yesterday in my most recent haul. And Week 3 (last week’s winner) was Cinder! I’ll be getting to Throne of Glass very soon, and I picked up If I Stay this week too, which came second in last week’s poll, so I’ll probably be reading it before Cinder.



    1. Simon is definitely my go-to friend pick in TMI. Mia was just so goofy and dorky and had that awkward teen-ness down to perfection. I’m excited for the new book! R x


  1. Hermione is pretty popular this week! 🙂 And that’s because she would have been a great addition to anyone’s school lunch table. Thanks for sharing Rachel! 🙂


      1. Oh book-Patrick every time! I hated the movie, although I do like the actor that played him. It was definitely one of the better castings!


      2. Really? I thought the movie was a very strong adaptation. Was definitely fond of movie Patrick, I should probably take a nosy and see what else he’s been in.


  2. MILES ALL THE WAY!! 🙂 And definitely Bridget – love her. I’d also have to add Andrew Parrish from The Edge of Never. Which BTW, have you read yet?! If not, I’m pretty sure you’d love it. I’d also want Edward from Twilight, of course. And Alice, because she’s awesome.

    I just posted my August recap and mentioned you a few times. 😉 I am ready to jump into Throne of Glass with you…but I’m going to count on you to help me remember the series when we get to book 3 and the rest aren’t out yet! My memory is total shit. 😉


    1. I had to have a bit of Miles in there, he’s definitely my current book boyfriend… NO, I have not read this yet! The name sounds familiar… black and white cover with a girl looking over her shoulder?? Aw, Alice. I forgot Alice. It’s been a while since I’ve read Twilight, I’m thinking of doing a reread to see what Adult-me makes of it, but I definitely enjoyed the books much more than the movies.

      I actually lol’d at that last paragraph – going to go check out your wrap-up, and reply to that email. Yep, I’ll be ready to start Throne of Glass real soon – you’ll probably finish it before me lol I’m actually thinking of writing a spoilery review just for myself so that will trigger memories for the next ones coming out… Who am I kidding? If I love it as much as everyone else a reread will be on the cards. Book 6 in the Cousins’ War series was just released (and delivered to me) this week, and I’m fighting with myself over whether or not to reread them… Decisions, decisions… I’m reading Far From You at the minute and I’m spending a bit of time scheduling some posts, have some giveaways happening this month – excited 🙂 R x


      1. I’m not a re-reader, I wish I was! I’m going to start over with Harry Potter and have to reread the first 3 books because I don’t remember them at all. If you do a spoilery review, it’ll help me out because I’ll reference it in a few years when I have forgotten the books. LOL.

        Well, let me know when you’re going to start TOG. I’ll join you. Going to just take the plunge.


      2. I used to be big time, but with blogging rereading has taken a back seat. Have you read all of the HP books yet? I’ll definitely write up a more spoilery piece and hold on to it, I can’t cope with waiting that long for books to be released! Lol I’ll let you know when D-Day comes! R x


    1. She did make a LOT of lists, us Book Geeks have to stick together! I was surprised by how many lists Luna made it on to, she was a good character by the end of the series but for the most part I found her to be quite annoying… Patrick was fabulous, both book and movie versions! R x


  3. You have so many great characters on your list! Mia’s an amazing character and she would be so much fun to have around. Now I’m really tempted to reread The Princess Diaries. Sephy’s awesome too and she’d be a great friend. 🙂


    1. I used to own all of the princess diaries but I sadly parted with them when my mum thought I was too old for them, so sad I did that now! I’ve just rebought some Roald Dahl this month, so I might keep an eye out for TPD series, especially with the new adult book coming out. R x


  4. Oh my gosh, YES! Bridget Jones and I would have been close friends. Although she is a bit more outgoing than I was (or am) but we’re total dorks and spazzes so that would work for our friendship.


  5. I put Hermione on my list too! I knew she’d be popular. I can’t believe I forgot about Simon! I was at such a loss about half-way through my list, though, that I just went through my Good Reads “Read” bookshelf for ideas. It’s been a long day at work, and my brain was tired 😉


    1. I struggle with these lists too where we have to list characters instead of books and did exactly the same thing – scoured my GRs read shelf trying to think of young characters who would have fit in with us. I’m a bit behind on my scheduling at the minute and know if I can take a day this weekend to blast it and get a few weeks ahead I’ll feel much better!


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