Sharing the Bloggy Love #2

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to do a regular post highlighting the bloggers I follow and love, I started with the A’s and B’s, and luckily you guys really seemed to like it. So today, I bring you the C’s to E’s!


Caught Read Handed – I love Stefani’s blog layout, its clean structure and its sleek design. As always, I’m a fan of the Top Ten Tuesday posts, and I love that when she fangirls, she fangirls hard! I rarely miss a post, and she’s introduced me to so many new authors and genres. While I’ve yet to try manga/graphic novels, I’ve been eagerly following her reviews of the Saga series. Make sure you check out her Summer Blogger Promo Tour posts too!

Crazy Red Pen – This blog is really quite unique and different, from its design to its content, Crazy Red Pen almost reads like more of a lifestyle blog than a book blog. Many of the posts are visually stunning, some of my recent favourites include Phobias: A Book Version, a review of Just One Day by Gayle Forman, and Jessica’s Tech Meets Books feature – where she makes computer wallpapers from book quotes! Beaut!

Crushing CindersPacked with short ‘n’ sweet book reviews (that I usually agree with), the reviews range from YA to Adult to Children’s fiction. Sue occasionally participates in memes such as Top Ten Tuesday but creates her own content more often. And she’s read 85 books so far this year. WUT?!


Diary of a Teen Writer ButtonDiary of a Teen Writer – Kara covers everything from book reviews to bookish discussions, Top Ten Tuesday’s (can you tell I like these, yet?) to her journey through Camp NaNoWriMo. Her posts are usually witty and insightful, and she’s fond of a gif or three – just like this blogger. In fact, I find her writing to be really mature for a 17 year-old (assuming her information is up-to-date…). It’s also worth checking out her Sunday Wrap Up posts. I like to be nosy. 😀


Effortlessly Reading ButtonEffortlessly Reading – Can we just talk about Kelly’s blog design for a minute? I wish I could funk my design up, pretty much all the time, and seeing one as prettiful as hers… *Sigh* And yes, I did just make “prettiful” up, but I think it’s a very accurate description. I love her Stacking the Shelves posts – they’re simple and succinct but she always includes photographs, and that’s something I want to work on. I love Life of a Blogger posts (and was supposed to start doing them myself, but life happened).

Epic Reads – This is a book blog ran by the publisher HarperCollins, which is not just super smart, but it’s actually very well done. Often when a publisher (or any business involved in other industries) tries to infiltrate the user-generated media stream, the effort falls flat on its face because it feels fake. Not so with Epic Reads. While it probably is more “polished” than your average blog, the posts are down-to-earth and not overly pushy. Recent favourite posts of mine include: 17 Ominous Opening Lines in Books, Which Fictional Characters Would You Date?, 15 Most Anticipated Reads Publishing August 2014 and 15 Quotes For When You Need A Good Cry (warning – it kind of works!).

Only one button today, as far as I could tell. If I’ve somehow missed yours please let me know so I can add it. Have you discovered any great new blogs through this post?? 

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