Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Movies and TV Shows

Top Ten Tuesday Favourite Movies and TV Shows

Top Ten Movies and TV Shows

I’m not just a Book Geek, I’m a pretty well-rounded Geek. I LOVE movies and TV Shows almost as much as I love to read, and this topic really needs to be split in two as I could make Top Ten lists for both movies and TV shows ten times over. When trying to put this list together I realised I could really use a Goodreads-style archive system for movies and TV shows too… so, this is the Top Ten that came into my head first as opposed to a list in any sort of order!


1. Dirty Dancing: Probably massively stereotypical, but I really don’t care. I LOVE Dirty Dancing, I love Johnny Castle. I can quote this entire movie and I love the soundtrack. It’s a movie I can re-watch over and over and I never get bored with it.

Dirty Dancing Final Dance Gif

2. The Money Pit: An oldie but a goodie. This movie is guaranteed to make me laugh out loud and I’m a big fan of Tom Hanks in general. It’s definitely worth tracking this one down for a feel good flick.

The Money Pit Gif

3. The Matrix: This is one of my favourite movies, ever! The action, the fight scenes, the storyline. Love it!

The Matrix Movie Gif

4. Father of the Bride: Another one I love and adore! Steve Martin and Martin Short were hilarious in this movie, even the mention of “Franck” has me giggling.

Father of the Bride Gif

5. Bad Boys: I love Will Smith movies, I’ve really never been let down by one. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence together, one of the best two-somes ever, with constant laughs!

Bad Boys Gif

6. Mary Poppins: This was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid, and I still enjoy re-watching it now. The songs, the dancing, the cartoons mixed with reality. Amazing!

Mary Poppins Gif

7. The Harry Potter Movies: They weren’t perfect, but they were pretty damn good, and I got to see my beloved Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and favourite characters imagined in the flesh! Fabulous-ness!

Diagon Alley Gif

8. X-Men Movies: There are a lot of superhero/superpower movies out there, but the X-Men ones are some of my favourites, and now with the prequels there’s even more reason to swoon.

x-men gif

9. Titanic: I can’t talk about this for too long. I still cry, every time. Jack Dawson. That is all.

titanic gif

10. Pretty Woman: Probably one of thee ultimate chick-flicks of all time.

Pretty Woman Gif

TV Shows

1. One Tree Hill: A show I grew up with throughout my teens, and it’s stuck with me, I re-watch it every now and then from season 1. Naley forever!

One Tree Hill Gif

2. Friends: Classic sitcom and possibly the best-loved show at all time! I wish this was still shown on terrestrial TV!

Friends Gif

3. Charmed: Another show I loved during my teens that I re-watch occasionally. I went through a serious paranormal phase!

Charmed Gif

4. Sex and The City: Are words really necessary?! Bible.

Sex and the City Gif

5. The Big Bang Theory: Ahh, Sheldon. My love for your OCD-ways never fails to amaze me…

Big Bang Gif

6. Orange is the New Black: I binge-watched both Season 1 and Season 2, Netflix ruins me!

Orange is the New Black Gif

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Another teen-addiction, I was basically just in love with Angel.

Buffy Gif

8. The Vampire Diaries: I really need to catch-up on this… Netflix only went to Season 4… And no, I’ve never read the books. Should I?

The Vampire Diaries Gif

9. 90210: I vaguely remember watching the original when I was really young, but I got hooked into this show after a few episodes. Guilty pleasure. Oh, and I’m in love with Liam.

90210 Gif

10. House: There are quite a few other shows I love, like detective/crime/hospital dramas, but this one stands out because of the dry sense of humour and the way the show is structured around finding the cure in each episode.

House Gif

This list really could have went on for much longer, but I restricted myself! What are some of your favourite movies and TV shows?? I have quite an eclectic mix going on and this post has made me wish I had tons more time to re-watch them all!

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56 Responses

  1. I love your lists, both the films and TV. I used to be such a TV/movie geek, I’ve definitely slowed down on my binge watching of TV series. I keep trying to watch Orange is the New Black and it’s just not happening. I enjoy it, but I’ve not been hooked enough to binge watch. Also, I miss House, it was such a good TV show, especially when it started.


      1. I know what you mean, I used to be terrible at just sitting for days watching seasons of TV shows, but ever since I started my current job I’m out of the house for 11 hours of the day and I just can’t find the motivation to commit my few hours at home to TV. And I think that’s why I loved House the humour was excellent and Hugh Laurie is just so good. And the great thing is with shows like that you don’t need to see them order, it helps, but it isn’t a necessity


  2. Everyone keeps recommending The Matrix to me, but I haven’t yet gotten around to watching that one (yet!). I think I”m up to season 5-ish of The Vampire Diaries… but then I just gave up. I lost all my interest in it for some reason — and I personally wouldn’t recommend the books; I didn’t think they were very good.


    1. Critics often have a lot to say against ‘Matrix’ and I find their arguments correct. However, during the movie I never once noticed them and in general I have very nice memories of the movie – hence I really enjoyed it! I really recommend you give it a shot as it is one of the more iconic movies of its generation.


  3. Great picks! I love The Father of the Bride movies. And you’re absolutely right. Steve Martin and Martin Short were amazing and super funny in these movies. Yes to Friends, Charmed, and the Big Bang Theory. I love these shows. 🙂

    My TTT


  4. Oh, I haven’t watched Father of the Bride in yeeeears! I feel like I need to re-watch that now!
    Yay for Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman. Fantastic movies. And Mary Poppins brings back such lovely memories.


  5. Brandie

    I love your list!! Mary Poppins, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman – all favorites of mine. FRIENDS and Big Bang made my list. Love those shows. I used to love Vampire Diaries, but just not enough time for me to keep up with it. Still a great show.

    My TTT


  6. Elen @ A World of Reviews

    The X-Men films are awesome! And I’ll always love the Harry Potter films. Mary Poppins is great too. 🙂


  7. I with you on most of these. Dirty Dancing is my number one movie of all time! By far! So corny and so perfect. And I’m ashamed to admit I love Sex in the CIty but I don’t know why. I’ve barely stepped foot in a city, don’t have any fashion sense, and really don’t like anyone in the show but Samantha and still love it 🙂


  8. Ooh, Dirty Dancing – that’s a great one!
    I used to be obsessed with The Big Bang Theory and I do still watch it even though I feel like I’ve kind of grown tired of the humor sometimes (I think it’s the laugh track at the background). But I do love Sheldon and I always will 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog earlier!


  9. So many great choices on here! X-Men, Harry Potter, Pretty Woman, Father of the Bride – loooooove! It’s funny that you mention Dirty Dancing because that is a movie I haven’t seen in forever and have been thinking about watching again. It must be a sign. 😀

    Big Bang Theory is a good one, and I was beyond obsessed with One Tree Hill in high school. Team Lucas and Brooke. 😀


  10. Isa

    I just rewatched Dirty Dancing last week! I loved that film as a kid and I still adore it. Haters to the left. I also really miss Charmed. I caught the end of a rerun today while ironing clothes and ughhhh I miss this show so much.


      1. Isa

        Yeah I wish, we have no such thing here in Germany. :((((( Ughhh Netflix, why must you be so elusive still.

        Lol, when I rewatch, it usually ends with me swearing I will rewatch all the things but then I just pick my favourite season and cry over that one and ignore everything else.


  11. Cait

    OMG I can’t believe I left XMen off my list. HOW COULD I??! But I’m just hoping it squeezes under every-marvel-movie-ever because it IS Marvel. (I want the Xmen and the Avengers to do a movie together. Hehe. Now THAT would be epic.) I love your list!! YAY for Mary Poppins too! It’s seriously underrated in awesomeness. HAve you seen Saving Mr Banks? I nearly cried!
    Thanks for stopping by mine.


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