Stacking the Shelves & Wrappin’ It Up June 2014

Stacking the ShelvesThis has been a good month for me book-buying wise. I’ve managed to not purchase too many, which is always a bonus, and usually means that I have an excuse to splurge next month… I’m going to try not to (unless it’s a pre-order) and that way I might actually make a teeny tiny dent in my TBR pile this month.

As well as bringing you my Stacking the Shelves post, I’ve decided to incorporate a monthly wrap-up that I’ll be including every month from now on. It seems to tie-in well with the scheduling and themes of my STS so I’m going to try it this way for a while rather than starting up a  new feature. Let me know what you think!

Books I Bought:

20140627_171207Love, Lipstick and Lies by Katie Price: This was on my TTT Summer TBR List and I actually managed to get my hands on it, and I’ve read it already. Mini blogger accomplishment! Katie Price bangs out a new autobiography installment every 3 years or so and I think I’ve read all of them to date – a little guilty pleasure of mine. This was a quick read and I thought it didn’t really give readers or fans anything  new that we didn’t already know. I’m planning to do a more in-depth review in July.

Severed Heads, Broken Hearts by Robyn Schneider: I bought this for Mental Health Awareness Month and didn’t actually get round to reading it in June. This book is about a boy called Ezra Faulkner, who believes everyone has a tragedy waiting for them, it’s a story about how difficult it is to play the part people expect, and how new beginnings can stem from abrupt and tragic endings. It’s described as having lyrical writing, nerdy humor, and realistic romance. Sounds good.

Books for Review:

Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire Book Cover

Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire: You guys!! I spotted this on NetGalley and never thought I’d get approved for it, but I did! I’m so excited to read this. Some of you may know Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster (my review) and Walking Disaster. This book follows the story-arc for Travis’ brother, Trenton, who we were introduced to in the original duology. I still have some outstanding books I need to review from NetGalley but I have exams in two weeks and I HAVE to finish my TMI reread and get to book 6 first, so they’ll just have to wait.

I’ve also been sent Here Lies Love by the author Dan Thompson, and also The Faded Trilogy by the author Chloe Miles. I’m hoping to get these read in July/August and to collaborate with the authors on an Author Spotlight feature.

Books I Won:

June 2014 STS Photo 2I won two books this month. First up, I got a copy of Popular: A Memoir from The Random House Group via My Independent Bookshop, I can’t wait to get stuck into this! It’s the true story of a 15 year old girl who finds a guide on how to be popular from the 50’s and uses the tips and advice in a modern school. I also won a copy of Pantomime from Leah at Uncorked Thoughts through a MH Awareness Month Giveaway, so thank you, Leah!

Movies and TV Shows:

This month I have been LOVING Season 2 of Orange is the New Black. I think I watched the whole season in one weekend and now I’m suffering major withdrawl symptoms. I enjoyed Season 1, but I have to say I wasn’t the world’s biggest fan, but with Season 2? I totally fell in love with this show! The supporting characters back stories were all developed, with some major surprises in store, and there were great new, “I-Love-To-Hate-You” characters introduced. This season was funny, touching, outrageous and addictive in a way I felt Season 1 just wasn’t. Movie-wise there are about 5 on my radar that I really, really want need to see including Divergent (I know, I still haven’t seen this yet), The Fault in Our Stars, Maleficent and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Basically, I need a one-day pass to the cinema.

Wrappin’ It Up!

Posts I Bookmarked:

These are just some of my favourites from June, but for the best weekly recap post you will ever find on the web check out Oh, The Books!, which features every amazing blog post out there that you can think of!

In Case You Missed It:

That’s it for this month guys, if you have read any of the books I’ve featured let me know in the comments! I’m off to do yet more revision – I can’t wait to have more free reading time!



  1. Ha, love how you link to us for the link bit! We do go a bit over the top with our links. We can’t help it though – we love to share the love! 😛

    Looks like you got a great collection of books this week! I have had my eye on both Severed Heads, Broken Hearts and Pantomime, but I don’t know if I’ll ever pick them up just because there’s always 800 other books to read and it just doesn’t stick out high enough on the wish list, you know? Still, I hope you enjoy them!!

    I haven’t watched Orange is the New Black yet but I feel like I should because EVERYONE has been talking about it! I’m always bad with TV series everyone watches. The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones… I just never get into it with everyone else. I’m so uncool 😛

    And ooh movies! I’ve seen Divergent and Maleficient, but not the other two yet. Somedayyyyy 😉


    1. It’s true though – you guys have to have the most extensive link-up ever! It’s really useful for posts I’ve missed out on or new blogs to follow.

      I don’t know when I’ll get to Pantomime, I’d need to be in the mood for it – but Leah said it’s really good. Severed Heads, Broken Hearts is quite short so it shouldn’t take long to get through and I’ve heard really good things about it. I’m currently on Book 4 in the TMI reread, so I’ve 5 and 6 to go, and I want to read Beautiful Oblivion and get the review up. Once I’ve read those I’ll re-evaluate the TBRs…

      I haven’t watched The Walking Dead or GOT either, or 24, Breaking Bad or Luther, which everyone I know talks about. I started watching OITNB before it blew up and definitely prefer season 2 to season 1. It’s really really good though, you should definitely check it out.

      I’m being super lazy this weekend, but I’m hoping to go to the cinema tomorrow night with some friends. Not sure which one out of my list I’ll be seeing though. Divergent isn’t in my local cinema anymore, TFiOS and Maleficent is though… decisions, decisions. R x


  2. I find it so weird that the UK version has a different title to the US version. It took me ages to look up “broken hearts…” on goodreads a couple of months ago when I first spotted it because it’s actually under “The beginning of everything” pft. I really want to read it though!



    1. Hmmm I really should’ve added that in… I don’t like the other name or cover. Why do that with a book?! It’s the same as the Shock of the Fall, it’s called something else too. I feel like watching season 2 from the start again simply because of withdrawal and the long wait until season 3. I think I’ll play it in the background while I’m revising today… either that or a rewatch of One Tree Hill or SATC… R x


      1. I’ve no idea why they do that sometimes, wouldn’t that hinder the popularity of the book due to people getting titles confused or simply not knowing which book they are looking for in their own country?

        oooh One Tree Hill. All my Leyton feels!


      2. I’m not sure, at first I thought it would be because the title was taken, but unlike band names and whatnot books can and do have the same names sometimes, so maybe they just assume the UK/US market prefers a different title?? We should ask someone and find this out!

        Leyton?! Leyton?!!! Naley!!!! ❤


      3. I would honestly ask that question because I just do not follow the logic at all!

        Awwwh Naley. Naley was so cute as well!


      4. We should contact someone, who would you ask?!

        Naley is my number one ship of all time, EVER. I’d happily marry Nate in a heartbeat. R x


      5. haha oh good question! I’d have no idea who to ask but it’d definitely be up there should I ever be in contact with the “big” publishers. pft.


  3. This is the first I’ve heard of Beautiful Oblivion, but I am soooo running over to Netgalley to request it. Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster were sooooo addicting.

    I like how you are incorporating your monthly wrap up post with Stacking the Shelves. Such a good idea.


    1. Hi, thanks for commenting!! I’d known about Beautiful Oblivion for a while but never thought I’d be accepted to review it. I haven’t read Walking Disaster yet but I have it literally sitting beside me at the minute, picked it up for £1.99 a few weeks ago. I LOVED Beautiful Disaster so I’m looking forward to this new story. And thanks for the feedback, I think the monthly wrap-up fits in well seeing as I only do a monthly STS, so I’ll keep it up 🙂


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