Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Items I Own or Want to Own

Top Ten Bookish Items I Own

Top Ten Bookish Items I Own or Want to Own

When it comes to bookish items there are so many I would love to have and if I had an infinite supply of money and space to keep them… it’ll be tricky to choose just ten but I’m going to kick this off with three items I own, then the rest are on my wishlist/radar:

bookish swag

1. Harry Potter Bracelet: This little beauty is handmade from Etsy. They ship worldwide and from memory the price was really reasonable. I love this. Anyone who is a HP fan knows the meaning of the symbols and if you’re not (well, you should be!) it just looks like a nice piece of jewelry.

2. Harry Potter Key-ring: There will likely be a theme in this list, I wonder if anyone can guess what it is?? Next up I recently bought a HP key-ring, because again it’s subtle but pretty meaningful…

3. The Hunger Games Key-ring: I went through a key-ring phase I think, but I couldn’t pass up this Mockingjay replica.

4. This completely adorable HP bookmarkThere are a variety of different clay characters in this Etsy store, and apparently if you send photos of say you, your pet and your coffee mug, this store will turn you into a personalised mini clay bookmark. Amaze.

5. Geek Clothing: I’m cheating a little with this one as I’m throwing geek-related clothing into one (this probably also includes TV show and movie related clothing). I would just like more of this please and thanks. (HP Hoody and HG Vest).

book swag 2

6. Literary or bookish related prints: I’d never have enough wall-space, this is why I must pin all my bookish and geeky related quotes on Pinterest to satisfy the urge to own all the prints. I really love the idea of the last print – Spineless Classics are images made up of the entire book. I think they should branch out and do a more modern and popular series too though. (Book Drunkard, Spineless Classics)


7. Bookish related mugs: I love to drink coffee when I’m reading, the smell of books and coffee just go so well together, and I just love a good quote. (Pride and Prejudice Mug and Harry Potter Mug – I couldn’t find exactly the same one as the image).

book mugs

8. Bookshelf Decor: I want to brighten up my new bookcase (when I actually get it) and love this large and heavy metal ampersand and letter cushion. (Update: I eventually purchased both of these – yay!).

9. Bookish Swag: I see people getting signed bookmarks, badges, buttons, knick-knacks etc. and think, “Where?? Where are they coming from?” You could even throw signed books into this category, just signed stuff. 

bookish swag

10. Lord of the Rings NecklaceI haven’t read LOTR (yet), I haven’t even watched the LOTR movies, but this is pretty amazing. When I stumbled upon it I “ohhh’d” and “ahhh’d” over its prettiness. Want.


Link me up to your Top Ten lists so I can oogle at more things I’d like to own! 🙂

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24 Responses

  1. For a non-reader of HP, I’m probably disallowed from ever owning the bracelet amiright? (even though I do know the references — somewhat?) Geek-chic apparel is totally not a cop out for this theme since it’s apparent to me (IMO) that more and more people appreciate these hipster/bibliophile/geek clothes. Now I must throw more cash at random items. Thanks?

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts


      1. That is quite the proposition! But I still don’t see myself finishing the books.

        Book buying bans don’t exist — don’t kid yourself, the temptation to checkout is always there. I’d be surprised if even 1% of all TTT posters are able to purchase anything they listed (in relation to Etsy) considering that new books are always being released and everyone seems to favour physical copies = eats up the wallet. And Etsy prices are hit or miss imo even though I understand they’re crafts…


      2. Well good luck to you even though I’ll make an internal comment in my head about “I’ll give it three weeks.” before you cave in. Optimistic number, no?

        Geekchic clothes are all the rave. There can never be enough!


      3. … and I quote: “Challenge accepted :)” (re: 04/16/2014 at 10:02 am).

        Trying to get out of it already? Deals will sporadically come out of left field — the temptation is real.


  2. Cait

    Oh I absolutely love all the Hunger Games things here!! (I’m SUCH a fan of that series!!) I’m loving that Arwen necklace, and oh mugs! You know me now…hehe…I have a serious mug fettish too! Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

    Liked by 1 person

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