Divergent Four Gif

Four: A Collection of Stories

How excited am I??? Squee!

Tomorrow is the official launch date of the Four: A Divergent Story Collection! Veronica Roth has done an interview explaining why she chose to develop Four’s arc…

Top Ten Tuesday Characters I Love To Hate

Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I Love to Hate

Figuratively speaking, of course. I don’t advocate violence but I’m sure others have felt this way too – you can read a book and love it, but there will always be those annoying or horrible characters that we all love to hate, and who really need a good ole’ fashioned slap round the back of the head, you just itch to reach in between the pages and deliver them a head-smack.

Top Ten Most Unique Books I've Read

Top Ten Tuesday – Most Unique Books I’ve Read

It can’t actually be time for a Top Ten Tuesday again?! This week is all about unique books, and it’s times like this that I’m really thankful for Goodreads, or I could spend hours trying to put a post like this together! In no particular order, the most unique books I’ve ever read are…