My reviews are very much what I would say to you about a book I’ve read if we were chilling with a cup of coffee. I try not to write overly long-winded posts about metaphorical symbolism or dramatic irony. I’ve studied English Literature, and in its own way that can be fun too, but when I read it’s usually for pure unadulterated escapism, and I don’t like crashing to earth afterwards by overly dissecting a story.

I hope you find a great new read, and I hope you will share your opinions with me on the books that have made you cry buckets, jump up and down with joy, or have made you throw your book off the wall because it was just too unfair (Allegiant, I’m looking at you…).

Books are displayed by their rating, and then alphabetically by title. Click an image to open the gallery, and then click through to the review. More ratings and DNF’d books can be found on my Goodreads page. Happy reading!










7 Responses

  1. david

    Hi Rachel. Thanks for the reviews, I am completely incapable of deciding what to read so look to heavy readers as my guiding light. You are my latest guiding light so I hope Cassandra Clare is good because I just ordered a 9 book set of her work lol. To be honest though another lady I respect also rates her books highly so how could both of you be wrong…………


      1. david

        Yes the infernal and mortal series. I would have read the 6 mortal books first so lucky you mention about a good reading order. I`m sure I will enjoy them, as long as I can follow what is happening then it should be fine. Books I dislike are generally very complicated, hard to follow or old fashioned. I will let you know how infernal goes……..


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