The Harry Potter Sequel!

Harry Potter Sequel Gif

I’m pretty sure the blogosphere is fully aware of this by now – but I haven’t seen very many people post about it – so in case you’re not… Good oul JK has released a 1,500 word sequel to Harry Potter styled as a Rita Skeeter Daily Prophet article in which our Harry is 34 (34?!). I was the same age as Harry when I was reading the books, so I keep forgetting that *technically* he’s older than me.

I’ve been ridiculously busy with exams today and tomorrow, so I haven’t read it yet. I intend to devour it this weekend. But I’m questioning what this means… is Harry having a comeback? As an adult? Will there be another book? Do I really want one, or do I want it to stay perfect forever??? (Sex And The City 2 is my case in point – I pretend it never happened!).

To view the original article you need to have (or sign up for) a free account on Pottermore. (Why would you not already have one??? I’m Gryffindor 😀 ).

What do you think? Have you read the sequel yet? (Don’t spoil it for me!!). Do you even want a proper sequel or are you a bit scared like me??



  1. I had no idea!! I think I will be spending my weekend doing the same – I just have to try and remember my Pottermore username and password now…


  2. I read it. In fact, I was at work, sneaked onto the internet and read it while making sure my boss was nowhere near me and wouldn’t catch me! I enjoyed it but felt like it didn’t elaborate on things I already knew. It’s just nice to be back in that world, even for a little while.
    I always forget Harry is older than me too!


    1. I’m so excited to read it! It is nice to be in that world but it doesn’t seem to elaborate much – I’ve seen snippets. And Malfoy isn’t mentioned, which I thought was a little strange. Also, because it’s Rita Skeeter it’s not reliable. I’m more wondering if it means there’s something in the works, why now? Why a short story?? It wasn’t a charity thing like she usually does… curious…


      1. I’m doing a HP movie marathon in celebration! Yeah, you have to read between the lines a little. Damn Rita! I thought it was odd that Draco wasn’t there, you’d think she would try to work in the rivalry somehow and heaven knows the Malfoys would be trying to suck up still.
        I honestly think I would cry if she announced she was writing a new book. I’d do terrible things for a Marauders series!


      2. Ohhh that sounds like a plan! I’d love to reread the books soon, but it will be a while due to my TBR. I want to know if the Malfoy family are all disowned and fallen from grace, or if HP and DM have a bond of some sort now, or what is happening?!


      3. I started earlier in the year but got distracted midway through The Order of the Phoenix. So do I! Is there any coming back from that, even with Narcissa saving Harry? I so want to know!


  3. That is so awesome, I read all the books with my daughter,she was 11 years when the first book came out,she is a great reader, so in order to do things together with her, we read the books together, and I remember being @ Barnes & Noble @ midnight waiting for the new books to come out, now she is going to be 24 years in Sept, we still talk about it!!! Love my daughter!!!!)
    Yes I will like to see a proper sequel!!!


    1. I’m the same age as your daughter and read them at the same time as you guys did! I’d love to see a sequel but I’d be afraid in case it ruined it too R x


      1. I understand what you said, but maybe it turns out to be a great sequel!!! ❤️❤️❤️


  4. I will forever cross my fingers and hope for a book dedicated to the time the Marauder’s were in hogwarts and James and Lilly met js. (That is a cash cow, right there)


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