Stacking the Shelves & Wrappin’ It Up March & April 2018

Stacking the Shelves 2018

Insert obligatory time-flies-when-you’re-having-fun and OMG-where-have-I-been comments… It’s insane how quickly 2018 is going by, and I’ve been super busy with various work projects, BUT I was itching to write a blog post or two, so here I am. I know everyone says Beyonce only has 24 hours in a day too, but I genuinely don’t know how she does it. I need a clone.

What have you guys been up to lately? Let me know in the comments!

The Books

I haven’t been too bad with book-buying for the past couple of months, unfortunately, due to my workload I haven’t been great at actually reading books either. Going to start using a planner to try and get a better work-life integration (work-life balance is a myth!). In March and April I picked up:

Book Haul April 2018

  • Girls Will Be Girls: I’ve heard a couple of BookTubers talking about this text, and as I’ve read a few introductory feminist texts, I thought it would be nice to up my game a little. I’ve already read it, and it make for some really interesting reading. Full review to follow!
  • Why We Sleep: The Waterstones Buy One Get One Half Price strikes again! Sleep – I never seem to get enough of it, and I’m a night owl with a distaste for mornings, so this seems like an interesting read!
  • Hunger: I’m a big fan of Roxane Gay, having read and loved Bad Feminist, and watching far too many interviews with her on YouTube to be considered healthy. This memoir was poignant, intelligent, and packed with emotion. A great insight into a great person.
  • The Great Alone: The Nightingale is one of my favourite books of all time – so there’s no pressure on this one! Eek!
  • Almost Love: I really enjoyed Only Ever Yours, and loved Asking For It, so I was very excited for O’Neill’s latest release. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I’ve thought about it a lot since reviewing it. It’s a hard book to give a numerical value to, that’s for sure. Check out my review of Almost Love.
  • The Last Tudor: love Gregory’s The Cousin’s War series, and I think this is the last book set in it. I would love to fit in a re-read of the whole series sometime, but I had to own this one to complete the collection.
  • Boy On The Bridge: I surprised myself recently by reading and enjoying The Girl With All The Gifts. I haven’t managed to review it yet (coming soon!), but it’s a genre I don’t read a lot, and I’m interested to see where this story goes.

Movies and TV Shows

March was the month of the documentary, apparently. All highly recommended!

Seeing Allred – An insight into the life and work of women’s rights activist and Attorney, Gloria Allred.

The Final Year – A look behind the scenes at the final year of the Obama administration, with a focus on foreign policy.

Betting on Zero – This documentary focuses on the company, Herbalife, and the attempted take-down by Bill Ackerman, who accused the company of being nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

April, we went back to some regular (and much needed) programming. Though the documentaries persisted.

Shadowhunters – Back for Season 3, the acting and effects have improved, so I’m sticking with it, though I’m not fond of the bigger changes in the story-line…

My Next Guest – I’ve watched all of these so far, but Jay-Z and Obama have been the best.

Baby Driver – I finally got around to seeing this (tainted as it was with Spacey…) and I really enjoyed it.

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy – The second incarnation of this show on Netflix is AMAZING. I can’t wait for more episodes!

Wrappin’ It Up!

In Case You Missed It

Almost Love Louise O'NeillI managed to review one book in the past two months, but I’ve read a handful of good ones lately, so reviews will follow soon! In the meantime, check out my review of Louise O’Neill’s Almost Love (3.5/5*). I also wrote Books You Need To Read For International Women’s Day, which was in March, and hosted a giveaway on the blog for reaching my 4 year blogoversary! The winners have already been chosen, and the prizes will be on their way to you very, very soon!

My most popular post in March was 8 Reasons Reading Is A Superpower and my most popular post in April was eBooks vs Paper Books – The Facts. In March, my most popualr review was for the Noughts and Crosses series, and in April it was for Kiss Me First.

What are you hauling and reading, and what have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments!

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6 Responses

  1. So many of the books you mentioned are on my TBR! I really want to read something by Roxane Gay because I’ve heard great things about her work…. I’m guessing Bad Feminist is a good place to start?

    Also, thanks so much for mentioning my post! ❤


  2. I didn’t think The Great Alone was as good as The Nightingale, BUT it’s still a wonderful read. Go into it with low expectations, and I think you’ll enjoy it. 🙂


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