If I Could Make My Dream Book Nook…

Perfect Book Nook

How often have we, as Book Geeks, perused Pinterest getting lost for hours having a good nosy at Book Nooks, Libraries, and Reading Rooms?

How often do we eagerly snap up Buzzfeed articles with titles like, “20 Beautiful Reading Spaces”?

How often do we dream of winning the lottery and building a personal library that Belle would be proud of? (Beauty and the Beast reference, people!).

If you’re anything like me, I’d say all of the above occur pretty often. In a burst of random creativity (and at an ungodly hour in the morning), I decided it was finally time to make my dream a (virtual) reality. **Drum roll, please!**

Dream Book Nook Library
Ta-Da! My dream book nook/personal reading space!

I’m not going to lie, I did not create this beautiful digital concept board alone. My original imagery paled in comparison, so my very talented sister (Anita Brown 3D Visualisation) helped make it come to life.

Love Letter Paper – I am OBSESSED with this paper (used as the background of the image), and definitely want to use it somewhere in my house, but it’s SO expensive.

Pendant Bulb – Vintage inspired, low hanging, pendant lighting is everywhere right now, so with a design-savvy sister, this obviously had to be included.

Purple Stripe Wallpaper – I have paper very similar to this (if not the same one) as a feature wall in my bedroom. I adore the colour purple, and have become very fond of a stripe.

Clover Wallpaper – My sister can take full responsibility for this one. I was content with the aubergine and striped paper, but she added a little more finesse and femininity with this.

Pebble Cushion – This cushion is absolutely out of this world, and worth every penny! I can vouch for it, I own this exact one! This “pebble” style is also available as a rug!

Lime Cord Cushion – Being the purple fanatic that I am, I often can’t see beyond it, so when redecorating my room (you guessed it, purple!), my sister begged me to break it up with another colour, and one that I previously never would have considered. Now, of course, I love this combination.

R Cushion – Another item I actually own (I’m like a fifth of the way to creating this space!), this is a small cushion that is currently positioned not on a chair, but in the actual shelves of my bookcase.

Grey Sofa – I usually read (and blog) in bed, or lying down in some way, so rather than a window-seat, which seems to be a popular book nook choice, or a statement chair, I decided I had to go for a big, squishy-looking sofa.

The Bookcase – Having recently gotten my own beautiful walnut bookcases built for me by my dad, I had to include a big statement bookcase that looks reasonably similar. I love a bookcase with a plinth!

Quote Poster – You can get all sorts of versions of these, and I own too many to fit on my walls, so some of them are just leaning up against my bookcases. From Harry Potter quotes, to inspirational quotes, from a simple white background to being printed on antique paper, you can find quotes and prints suitable for everyone, and every theme.

Ampersand – I’ve become really obsessed with the ampersand since getting this item, and have added a couple more to my collection already. Now, I’m on the lookout for a really nice ampersand necklace. It’s my new favourite thing!

Dining Chair – Of course, in this scenario the chair wouldn’t be used for dining, it would be used as a quirky bookshelf, of sorts. Most likely to store my “currently reading” pile, or my “to be read” pile.

Of course, my fabulous sister didn’t just give me a hand with the concept board, she used her 3D visualisation skills to create this rather amazing computer-generated image of how my perfect book nook might look in reality!

Book Nook 3D Visualisation

Hopefully, this post has given you another Book Nook to drool over! Let me know what would be in your dream book nook in the comments, and share links to any posts you’ve done on the subject!

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9 Responses

  1. Your book nook design looks so awesome! I love the purple and green theme, it just goes so well together! 🙂
    And I especially like that bookcase. I just have a plain white IKEA one, and all my books are now overspilling because it’s too small, so I’m hoping to upgrade it to something bigger and nicer looking soon! A whole library/book nook is the dream though! Great post 🙂


  2. Brandie

    This is so awesome – I love it!!! Purple is my favorite – I love the color combo and decorative touches. Cozy and perfect!


  3. This is a pretty cool looking book nook. I am digging the purple, although that may be because my room is purple so in my mind purple and reading are linked. And then the lime green accents! Yes! I love having colours that are pretty opposite together. I do love the statement bookshelf as well. I am a fan of cheap and cheerful when it comes to my furniture (hi Ikea, my old friend) but there are some things which deserve a splurge.


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