Crazy and Best Search Terms 2016


Last year, I brought you the Crazy and Best Search Terms of 2015 and I’ve decided there are some posts I like redoing as a bit of an annual review, so today we have the Crazy and Best Search Terms of 2016!

First up, lets check in on those unknown search terms. Last year I had a total of 6,089 unknown search terms, this year that figure has grown to 12,723, and as ever it still really, really gets on my nerves! Search terms are a fantastic way to figure out how people are finding you on the Internet, and all these unknown ones are completely useless. That being said, there were also some entertaining and humorous phrases…

Unknown Search Terms Image
“go set a watchman controversy”

While this isn’t very entertaining or humorous, it counts as one of the BEST search phrases of the year. I adore To Kill A Mockingbird, and I read and reviewed Go Set A Watchman. However, I also wrote a post about the controversy surrounding the book, as it was such an important topic last year.

“crying happy tears”

I get this feeling. When I buy new books, when I get a signed book, when I sniff books. I feel ya.


“is it normal to feel embarrassed if you’re caught reading something”

I imagine this lead to When You’re Ashamed of What You’re Readingthough taken in context, it’s strange to think of the things people type into Google. Sometimes, it really doesn’t have all the answers. Is it normal to feel embarrassed if you’re caught reading something? Probably, if that something is a raunchy erotica novel with one of those covers. But even then, embrace it!

“ereader at the beach”

Boys Like You Beach Read

“what do you do with your hands audiobook”

This is one of the mysteries of the universe. Previously, I’ve asked what you’re meant to DO when listening to an audiobook, and because I can’t find anything suitably productive, that also allows me to concentrate on what I’m hearing… I’m stumped.

“I love the way you are”

Just makes me think of:


“is pre-ordering a marketing ploy?”

HA! I’m not entirely sure that the word “ploy” is required, though it is likely part of the marketing strategy. In my case, it’s nearly always useless, as my pre-orders never arrive on time.

“harry potter books all of them”

Isn’t that the dream of Potterheads the world over? So many editions, so little shelf space.

“he spends she spends book”

Is this an actual book, or a book buying philosophy for a happy marriage?

 “Problem with instalove”

There is rarely anything right with instalove. Especially seeing as how it rarely happens in real life. Check out a post I reblogged a while ago called The Problem With Instalove.

ariel swoon gif

“get me thinking math book 2016”

Oh, no. You’ve definitely come to the wrong place…

“the cozy buddy joint wraps”

Guys, I Googled this to see if it exists. It’s like a heat pad for muscle ache, only for a joint. Why would that lead you to my blog?! Well, whoever you are, I hope your recovery went well and you had a nice time while you were here.

“she is fire”

I’m not sure what exactly you were looking for, but seeing as you’re here… My top fire-related women are featured in The Hunger Games, and the Throne of Glass series. Read, enjoy, you’re welcome.


“overwhelmed by too many books to read”

Story of my life. Grab a seat, and welcome to the club.

“sometimes loving just don’t make sense”

Ain’t that the truth. I’m sorry, did you come here for advice? My apologies. Literally every time I crush on someone, it makes zero sense. Nor does it typically end well…

Book Boyfriend Gif

“ugly love sex quotes”

No. Someone does not want quotes about ugly love sex. What I’m hoping they’re looking for are quotes from the book Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, which by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed. Sex scenes included.

“compare the nightingale with all the light we”

How very dare you. There is no comparison. All The Light We Cannot See is one of the lowest rated books I’ve read, on the other hand The Nightingale was easily a 5* read for me, and one of my favourite books (if not my absolute favourite book) of 2015.

“if you pre order a book that hasn’t been released yet does it get signed”

Nope. Not unless that is declared somewhere very clearly in the description. Based on my experience of preorders, I’m lucky if they arrive on time, never mind signed.

“cursed child not canon” and “you don’t have to accept cursed child as canon”

Abso-fecking-lutely. Check out my Cursed Child Review.

Harry Potter and the Curse Child

“pushing the limits spanking katie mcgarry”

Not only does this wonderfully showcase the importance of punctuation… I don’t remember any spanking in the YA novel, Pushing the Limits!

Do you get frustrated at “unknown search terms”? What are some of your favourite terms people have searched for when they ended up on your blog? Get sharing with me in the comments below!

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10 Responses

  1. I love looking at search terms, but like you so many of mine are hidden and it’s super frustrating! People search for some weird things…


  2. You had some great search terms. Its strange how they only show some of them isn’t it?
    I have a search which comes quite often from India for ‘hot Lily’, I reviewed a book where the main character is called Lily and there was quite a lot of sex talk in it, but I don’t think the searchers were looking for a book review!!


  3. I hate unknown search terms. I don’t have many terms each month that I know! Isn’t that weird? How do you not know, internet? It is very strange to think of the things some people type into Google. My students make fun of people who type in things like “what does lit mean” but when we do our Shark Week project, they type into database search bars things like “where do great white sharks live in the pacific ocean.”


  4. I’m still sitting here laughing about that last one. I guess I’ve searched for some odd things myself sometimes (trying to find the elusive best way to phrase something), but that one takes the cake!

    By the way, I feel like I’ve missed your blog lately, and I don’t know how that’s happened. I double-checked and you’re still in my Bloglovin’ feed, but I don’t keep up with it 100%, so I guess I just happened to have bad timing and missed your posts? Sorry, but I’ll be better about stopping by!


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