Top Ten Tuesday – When Books Have Made Me Want To…

Top Ten Tuesday When Books Have Made Me Want To

Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do

As much as us Book Geeks read for escapism, there are times when we wish our favourite fictional tales would become our reality (though for some of these, the reality probably doesn’t live up to expectations – but isn’t that the great thing about reading? We can quasi-live different experiences from the comfort of our own sofas!).

1. Discover I have magical powers: It can’t just be me who thinks this, right? Any time I read a Fantasy novel with magic in it, I instantly want to have those powers! (I’m specifically thinking of Harry Potter with this one, but there are other books that have made me yearn for magical powers too). We all want a bit of abracadabra in our lives.

Matilda Flying Books Gif


2. Shoot a bow and arrow, and/or use weapons in general: We’ve all read those books about kick-ass females, whether it’s Katniss Everdeen with her bow and arrow from The Hunger Games, or Celaena Sardothien with her blades and fists from Throne of Glass, there have been times I’ve read these books and wanted to be kick-ass enough to take on the world too.

Katniss Everdeen Bow and Arrow Gif

3. Fall madly in love: I love me some young-adult/new-adult feels-inducing romance novels, OK? And some of those leading males?? They get hearts racing and temperatures soaring. Sometimes it’s nice to daydream about unrealistically being swept off your feet. It he happens to be a billionaire? So be it.

ariel swoon gif

4. Live in a different era, or be a historian: I’m obsessed with the Tudor time period, and enjoy some other periods of history, such as the 1920’s, 50’s and 70’s. Although I have incredibly romanticised ideas of what it was like to live during those times (especially the Tudor period, personal hygiene anyone?), I do think it would be pretty awesome to experience life then, so long as it was a rich and opulent life. On a more realistic level, I’ve always been fascinated by history, and wouldn’t mind being a history expert surrounded by historical artefacts!

The Tudors Gif

5. Go to a boarding school: This one dates back as far as me being around 11 years of age, reading Mallory Towers, and being amazed that an “old” book could still be so much fun. It was around this time I was watching The Worst Witch on TV too. Harry Potter did little to help this fascination. The Secret History and Dead Poets Society did make me think twice in later years though…

Harry Potter Great Hall

6. Go on a crazy road-trip: You know those books (and movies) that are completely unrealistic? A group of best friends go on a random road-trip to find themselves, even though no one has a job, so there’s not any money, but they can afford petrol and hotel costs, there’s no showers but their hair is never greasy, they wear skirts and shorts all the time but there’s no mention of where they shave their legs? One of the group (it’s usually a trio) falls in love along the way, one comes to terms with some serious family drama, and the immature one grows up. Yep, I wanted to go on one of these once upon a time…

Road Trip Gif

7. Learn a musical instrument, or just be a great singer: Books that feature main characters that can sing, or make their living from singing, like the Noughts and Crosses series (from book 2), or books that feature a cute cafe that has late night acoustic sessions (like in Boys Like You), really makes me want to pick up sticks, be a waitress with an apron, and sing/play my (fictional) guitar in the evenings.

Playing Guitar Gif

8. Journal/keep a diary: I read a LOT of diary-style fiction when I was growing up, from The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, to Not Dressed Like That You Don’t, and everything in between. I always started a new notebook with the best of intentions, but I rarely stuck at it for very long. I do still have some of them kicking about though, now that would make for some interesting reading!

Keeping a Diary Gif

I got stuck at 8… What did you list for today’s TTT? Leave me a link in the comments! Or, if you don’t blog, comment and let me know what books have made you want to do/learn.

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  1. OK so you need to take a road trip to your boarding school (it’s totally ok to eat all your tuck on the way!), fall madly in love with a billionaire on said road trip (he probably fell for your guitar skills). Then use your magic powers to do a little time travel, on which you get the chance to save his life with your amazing archery skills,. And don’t forget to keep a diary of it all.


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