We’ve Lost A Comic Genius

robin-williams patch adamsThis isn’t the type of thing I usually blog about, but I felt compelled to share the love and remember the late Robin Williams.

I was shocked and saddened to hear of his death, and was surprised to learn that he had suffered with depression and addiction. Maybe I had been living under a rock, but I wasn’t aware that these were issues in Williams’ life. I have experience of mental health problems, both personally, and from watching family members go through their own mental health difficulties, and as recently as June the book-blogging community came together to raise awareness by participating in Mental Health Awareness Month. I feel we learned more about each other during that time, and a lot of us were comfortable enough to share our personal stories and offer each other words of support. For me, Williams’ death highlighted that depression and mental illness do not discriminate – they can affect the successful, famous, unknown, rich and poor equally, and it is so sad that we have lost such a fantastic actor, whose abilities have made me laugh, cry and smile throughout my entire life.

In a kind-of tribute, I’ve compiled some montages and movie trailers that showcase my favourite Robin Williams movies and moments, of which there are many:


Genie, you’re free!



    1. Thank you for commenting! He will most definitely be missed by many, a legend who was often recognised in his time, which is something we sadly don’t see too often.


      1. He was an amazing talent, there’s no denying that. But I guess it’s proof that no matter how talented you are and no matter what you have achieved, if you’re unhappy or suffer from debilitating Mental Health problems, all of that stuff is irrelevant x


  1. So sad šŸ˜¦ Like you, I never would have thought he suffered from severe depression. But I was reading an article about it not too long ago and apparently comedians are more likely to experience depression than other people. They suspect it’s something about class clowns covering sadness with humour. At any rate, he was a brilliant comedic genius and he will sorely be missed. And you know, I think my favourite roles he has done have actually been the more serious ones..


    1. I’ve read that before too – celebrities are more prone to these sorts of conditions and the conundrum is – does their lifestyle promote/encourage these conditions? Or because they are creative types are people with these conditions more likely to end up in the spotlight? I know Jim Carrey, Stephen Fry and Steve Martin are all plagued with similar mental health problems, which really is a shame considering the joy they bring others! He was a fantastic actor, but similar to yourself, his more serious roles surprised me and I loved them because they showed just what he was capable of, he wasn’t just the funny guy, he was a great actor. R x


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