Getting to Grips with “The Classics”

Covers of Barnes and Noble Classics

I’ve finally taken the plunge.

After much procrastination and promising myself I would, I’m finally getting to grips with the classics.

While browsing through some book blogs I stumbled upon The Oddness of Moving Things, Geoff is participating in a reading challenge by The Classics Club and it felt like just the push I need to get me started. The challenge can be spread over five years (that feels like forever right now!) so that should be plenty of time for me to read, or reread, my 55 selected titles… Shouldn’t it?!

I’ll be fitting these in around my regular reading and reviews (and all other aspects of life!), so lets see how I get on.

Are there any classics you love and would recommend?

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7 Responses

  1. Your list is really great!
    Maybe I would add some from books from Dostoevsky,Nabokov and Tolstoy,namely The Brothers Karamazov,Lolita and Anna Karenina. (The first and the last are regarded as the great novels in literature.)


      1. And do add War & Peace and Brothers Karamazov,which alongside Anna Karenina,are regarded as the best Russian novels.The problem with these 3 novels is that they are really huge,but there is no hurry to read them – I suggest that you read many other classics before giving a go to any Russian novel.

        By the way Lolita is not regarded as a Russian novel as it was written in English,like many other books from Nabokov.But it is a very very good book all the same! So great choice! 😉

        And Happy Reading! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the link! I’m not sure I realized you linked me until I saw traffic from this page today. Good luck with your classics, it looks like a great selection.


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